This daily quest is one of the random daily quests that will be available in your Level 3 Garrison. This quest will be picked at random out of a selection of daily quests. For the Assault on Stonefury Cliffs players are informed that Bloodmaul Ogre forces have been ambushing trade routes and they must be stopped! You are then instructed to launch a direct assault against the Bloodmaul Ogres at Stonefury Cliffs and rescue any prisoners in the area.


The Assault on Stonefury Cliffs takes place in northern Frostfire Ridge. This is very near to the Bloodmaul Slag Mines entrance, a 5-man instance in the zone. Horde and Alliance players should use the Bloodmaul Slag Mines flight path to quickly reach this location.

Alliance players without this flight path should take the road near southwest Gorgrond through Deadgrin and into Gorgrond Pass. Push onward and you will find yourself heading to Frostfire Ridge. From here you will pass the Bones of Agurak and go into Thunder Pass. Keep going forward until eventually you will find a large rock slide (78.9,56.0) with an opening in it. This is your entrance to Frostfire Ridge. Once inside, it is recommended you pick up the flight path mentioned above, it will make travel to and from this location much easier.

Stonefury Cliffs Progress

As with the other daily quests, once you enter the correct area, a bar will appear documenting your progress. This bar will start at 0% and the quest will be complete when you have reached 100%. There are several ways that you can increase your percentage:

Bury the Dead

Scattered on the ground of Stonefury Cliffs are the bodies of both Horde and Alliance heroes and spend slaves. It is up to you to see they are properly buried. Right click on the body of any corpse that corresponds with your faction to “bury” it under a pile of snow. Not only do you save the body from scavengers, but you earn a 2% percentage increase for each body you manage to bury.

Kill Mobs

Every mob inside Stonefury Cliffs has the potential to give you a percentage increase. All you need to do is kill them. Regular mobs will typically give you 1% while elites and rare mobs will give you a bit more. Mobs you may encounter that reward a percentage are:

  • Ogres
  • Rockworms
  • Boars
  • Giants
  • Icelings
  • Release Slaves

The Bloodmaul Ogres here have managed to collect a host of slaves of both Orc and Draenei descent. These slaves are either caged up in large wooden cages, are mining, or just generally standing around with iron balls attached to their legs. You can release these unfortunate souls by killing Taskmasters and Brutes who have a chance to drop Shackle Keys.

If you have picked up a Shackle Key, the slaves will have a glow around them. Right click on them to free them and gain 3%. You may only release slaves that correspond with your faction.

Open Crates

In the Stonefury Cliffs you will likely find small crates, better known as Bloodmaul Caches. These crates can be found inside buildings and scattered around in various outside locations. Open these crates to give yourself a percentage boost. Don't expect much in the way of loot, they are typically filled with junk the likes of which only Ogres would appreciate.

Food Buffs

Even Ogres have to eat. Thus, when you are running about the stronghold, you may notice several tidbits of food that you can interact with. There are three types of food found here, each of which will provide a different buff when eaten:

  • Toasted Roach Crunchies – Increases movement speed.
  • Pickled Rat Skewers – Increases Haste.
  • Charred Boar Chops - Decreases damage taken.

So keep your eye out for these Ogre delicacies. You may have multiple food buffs at the same time! Bon Appétit!!!

Related Reputation

As you are taking on the Bloodmaul Ogres, you may forget that you are also earning reputation. Taking place in Frostfire Ridge, players completing this quest will be earning reputation with the notorious Frostfire Orcs each time they kill a mob in Stonefury Cliffs. Only kills will reward you with this reputation, you will not earn any reputation upon turning in this quest.

Potential Garrison Invasion

As you defeat the Bloodmaul Ogres you are probably making them just a little angry. This leaves you with the potential to spawn a Garrison Invasion. In the case of the Bloodmaul Ogres, the invasion that spawns will be: Ogre Invasion!


Once you have reached 100%, the quest will be complete. Head back to your Garrison and turn it in for 800 beautiful Apexis Crystals. Not a bad haul. Not to mention all the Frostwolf reputation you gained while happily slaughtering Ogres.

Related Achievements

While you are taking on this quest, why not also earn yourself some achievement points? There are several achievements directly linked to this area/quest:

Breaker of Chains – Free 50 slaves from captivity in the Bloodmaul Stronghold.

Writing in the Snow - Find Bodrick Grey's tattered journal page in the Bloodmaul Stronghold.

Delectable Ogre Delicacies – Gain the well fed buffs from Toasted Roach Crunchies, Pickled Rat Skewers, and Charred Boar Chops at the same time while in the Bloodmaul Stronghold.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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