The Barn is an optional building that players may choose to build inside their Garrison. The Barn is a medium building that occupies a medium plot. The Barn is an extremely useful building, allowing for the capture and housing of creatures in Draenor that will provide you with leather, meat, and fur. Not to mention the potential for collecting Savage Blood from elite creatures after upgrading your Barn to Level 3.

Building and Upgrading the Barn

Level 1

Level 1 of the Barn will require a blueprint, however, it is easy to obtain. All Level 1 building blueprints become available to you as soon as you upgrade your Garrison to Level 2. After this happens, head to your Architect Table and select the location for your Barn. As mentioned above, it must occupy a medium plot. Once the location is chosen, you will need to pay 100 Garrison Resources and 150 Gold to start the construction. Construction of your Barn will take exactly one hour to complete.

Level 2

To upgrade your Barn, you will need to obtain the Garrison Blueprint: Barn, Level 2. This will require you to have reached level 98 or have completed the Spires of Arak Outpost quest. Once these conditions are met, the blueprint can be purchased from the blueprint vendor found inside your Garrison's Town Hall for 1,000 Gold. You may also get the blueprint for free from the blueprint vendor in Ashran if you still have an Outpost Building Assembly Notes hanging out in your bags.

Once the blueprint is purchased, head back to your Architect Table and select the Barn. An upgrade button should now be available. Shell out 300 Garrison Resources and 300 Gold to begin the upgrade process. The upgrade will take 1 hour, during which time your Barn will be totally unavailable.

Level 3

The final level of your Barn also requires a blueprint, however, it won't be so easily obtained. In order to purchase this blueprint, your character must be level 100 and have completed the Master Trapper achievement. This achievement is directly related to the Barn and requires that you place 125 Work Orders at the Barn.

After these conditions are met, the blueprint may be purchased for 1,000 Gold from the blueprint vendor inside your Garrison's Town Hall. Learn the blueprint then head to your Architect Table one final time. Select the upgrade button, pay 600 Garrison Resources and 500 Gold, and wait 1 hour for the upgrade to complete. Remember, your Barn will be totally unavailable during this time period.

Barn Perks

As you place and upgrade your Barn, different perks will become available to you for having this building. The perks are as follows:

Level 1 – Allows for the capture of Clefthoof, Wolves, Elekk, and Talbuk for the collection of fur and leather.

Level 2 – Can capture Boars and Riverbeasts for rare meat.

Level 3 – Allows the capture of elite beasts for the chance to harvest Savage Blood.

Barn Work Orders

Work Orders are unlocked as soon as you place your Barn. Completing Work Orders at the Barn will supply you with raw materials such as Leather, Fur, Meat, and even Savage Blood. This makes the Barn an extremely useful building.

In order to place Work Orders at your Barn, you first need to trap beasts from around Draenor. At each Barn Level you will be provided with a trap. As you level your Barn, the trap will become stronger, allowing you to capture different beasts within it. Each type of beast will provide you with a resource:

Level 1 – Iron Trap: Elekk (Leather), Talbuk (Fur)

Level 2 – Improved Iron Trap: Elekk (Leather), Clefthoof (Leather), Talbuk (Fur), Wolf (Fur), Riverbeast (Meat)

Level 3 - Deadly Iron Trap: Clefthoof (Leather), Elekk (Leather), Talbuk (Fur), Riverbeast (Meat), Boar (Meat), Elite Beasts (Savage Blood)

Trapping one of these animals is pretty easy. Simply throw the trap onto the ground and then drag one of the animals appropriate for that trap into it. The animal needs to be wounded quite a bit before the trap will spring. Once the trap has sprung and the animal is captured, it will stop attacking you and NPCs from your Garrison will appear to crate it for you.

These crated animals are what you turn in at your Barn to start a Work Order. Product will vary depending on which animal you turn in:

  • Furry Caged Beast – Produces 8 Sumptuous Fur.
  • Leathery Caged Beast – Produces 8 Raw Beast Hide.
  • Meaty Caged Beast – Produces 1 Savage Feast.
  • Caged Mighty Clefthoof – Produces 15 Raw Beast Hides and a chance Savage Blood.
  • Caged Mighty Riverbeast – Produces 2 Savage Feasts and a chance Savage Blood.
  • Caged Mighty Wolf – Produces 15 Sumptuous Furs and a chance Savage Blood.

Barn Followers

You may choose to assign a Follower to your Barn after it has reached Level 2. Assigning a Follower will boost the yield on your Work Orders and speed up production. Followers assigned to the Barn must have the Skinning trait. This trait may show up randomly on any Follower, can be specified at the Inn, or you may pick up one of the Followers guaranteed to have it in game:

  • Hulda Shadowblade (Alliance) – Acquired from Standing United quest.
  • Dark Ranger Velonara (Horde) – Acquired from Standing United quest.
  • Goldmane the Skinner (Both) – Acquired from Feline Friends Forever quest.

Keep in mind that only level 100 Followers will boost your Work Orders 100% of the time.

Pygmy Cow

An extra bonus from your Barn is the ability to earn a brand new Battle Pet; the Pygmy Cow. This little fellow can only be collected after your Barn has reached Level 3. At this point, a Glass of Warm Milk will appear on either the ground floor or top floor of your Barn.

If the Glass appears on the top floor and you are unable to reach it, don't panic. The Glass has the potential to move every time you reload your Garrison or any time you move the Barn to another medium plot location. The Glass appears as a normal metal mug and spawns in the following location on the bottom floor:

Horde – Inside the closed off pen next to the water trough, a small sack, and a pile of animal dung.

Alliance – On the shelf, atop a stack of boxes, near several piles of meat.

If the glass is not on the lower floor, it is likely on the top floor. While difficult, it is not impossible to get up to this location. Players have reported using various jump techniques, Engineering tools, and Aviana's Feather to reach this floor. What method you choose is totally up to you.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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