The Herb Garden is one of the many buildings you will find inside your Garrison. Unlike other buildings, every player will have their very own herb garden. Also different from other buildings, the Herb Garden has a fixed location inside of your Garrison. The Herb Garden is an important part of your Garrison because it lets you gather Draenor quality herbs, even if you do not have the Herbalism profession.

Unlocking the Herb Garden

Your Herb Garden will not become available right away. Instead, players will need to wait until they hit level 96 and have upgraded their Garrison to at least a level 2. At this point the quest Clearing the Garden will become available from either Naron Bloomthistle (Alliance) or Tarnon (Horde). Both NPCs can be found at the future location of your Herb Garden. Opening your Herb Garden is totally free.

Upgrading the Herb Garden

After you have unlocked your Herb Garden it will be considered to be at level 1. There are two additional levels that you may obtain for this building. Each level will bring new benefits.

Level 2

To upgrade your Herb Garden to level 2 you must first have level 1 of the Herb Garden unlocked. If this is complete, seek out Sparz Boltwist (Alliance) or Rezlak (Horde) and purchase the Garrison Blueprint: Herb Garden, Level 2 from him. Both of these NPCs can be found inside your Garrison's Town Hall near the Architect Table. The blueprint will cost you a total of 1,000 Gold.

After learning the blueprint, head to the Architect Table and click on the Herb Garden. An “Upgrade” button should now be available. Dish out 300 more Gold and 50 Garrison Resources and your Herb Garden will begin to upgrade. The upgrade process takes approximately 1 hour.

Level 3

Upgrading to Level 3 will be a bit more tricky. You will need to purchase blueprints for the Level 3 version of this building from Sparz or Rezlak for 1,000 Gold. However, there is a small catch. Before the blueprints are available for purchase you must complete the Achievement: Draenic Seed Collector. This achievement requires you to collect 500 Draenic Seeds from your Herb Garden or, if you are an Herbalist, from plants found around Draenor.

Earning this achievement grants you the ability to purchase the blueprint to upgrade your Herb Garden. After learning the blueprint, head to the Architect Table and click on the Herb Garden. An “Upgrade” button should now be available. 500 Gold and 100 Garrison Resources later and your Herb Garden will begin to upgrade. The upgrade process takes approximately 1 hour.

Herb Garden Perks

Each time you upgrade your Herb Garden new perks will become available. The perks at each level of Herb Garden are as follows:

  • Level 1 – Grows Draenic Seeds into herbs each day and herbalism nodes become available inside the garden. Allows you to place 7 Work Orders.
  • Level 2 – Allows Followers with the Herbalism trait to work here, allowing you to choose the herbs you wish to grow. Also increases the amount of herbs available to be harvested. 14 Work Orders can be placed.
  • Level 3 – A unique Draenor fruit tree is now growing in your Herb Garden that grants food buffs. 21 Work orders can be placed.

Gathering Herbs

At the Level 1 stage, between 6 and 7 Herbalism nodes will appear in your Herb Garden. Simply right click on the node to harvest it. Each node will produce 2 to 4 pieces of a certain herb, as well as 1 to 3 Draenic Seeds that can be used to place Work Orders.

Herbs that can be harvested from the Herb Garden include:

  • Fireweed
  • Frostweed
  • Gorgrond Flytrap
  • Nagrand Arrowbloom
  • Starflower
  • Talador Orchid

As you level up your Herb Garden, more Herbalism nodes will become available and more Work Orders will be able to be placed. Herbalism nodes reset every day, at the same time as daily quests do. Harvesting you Herb Garden every day will ensure that you have plenty of herbs at your disposal.

Occasionally, while gathering Herbs from your Herb Garden, a Disturbed Podling will spring forth from the ground. These vermin can be killed and herbs can be collected from their corpse. Be sure you do enough damage to these, if they are killed by an NPC you will not be able to collect loot from them.

Choosing Your Herbs

When you have a Level 2 Herb Garden you will suddenly be able to assign a Follower to work here. This Follower must have the Herbalism skill. Assigning a Follower to your Herb Garden has a major benefit, you can now choose exactly which herbs you which to grow. Also, you will now gather up to 8 herbs each time you harvest. To assign a specific herb, simply speak to Naron Bloomthistle or Tarnon. If no herb is specified, random herbs will continue to be planted.

Currently, only two Followers in the game are guaranteed to have the Herbalism trait:

  • Fiona – From the Alliance quest Fiona.
  • Shadow Hunter Rala – From the Horde quest Oath of Shadow Hunter Rala.

Besides these two Followers, you can use the Inn to ensure you get a Follower by specifying that specific trait. For any other Followers you will have to wait and see if they randomly get it when they upgrade.

Work Orders

Starting a Work Order will cost 5 Draenic Seeds, which are collected from Herb nodes. Work Orders take 4 hours to complete and reward you with 5 random herbs. Occasionally you will also be given Apexis Crystals as a reward.

At Level 1 7 Work Orders can be queued up. At Level 2, Work Orders increase to 14 and Level 3 to 21. You may increase the number of Work Orders by also having a Storehouse in your Garrison. This will up the orders you can place by 15.

Assigning a Follower to your Herb Garden will increase the rewards you get from completing Work Orders. A level 90 Follower will give you 6 herbs per Work Order, while a Level 100 Follower will produce 8.

Herb Garden Food Buffs

At Level 3, you Herb Garden's tree will start to produce fruit. The fruit your tree can produce is varied and each day you will find a different type of fruit scatted on the ground around it. Each fruit will five you a buff when it is consumed. Fruits respawn on the ground after the are picked up, however, your character can only carry 10 of these fruits at any given time.

Fruits from the tree include:

  • Fuzzy Pear - +75 Critical Strike for 1 hour.
  • O'ruk Orange - +75 Versatility for 1 hour.
  • Giant Nagrand Cherry - +75 Hase for 1 hour.
  • Ironpeel Plantain - +75 Multistrike for 1 hour.
  • Greenskin Apple - +75 Mastery for 1 hour.

Each time you loot a fruit, you have a small chance to receive the Perfect version of one. The buff given by a Perfect Fruit is the same, but it will last for 2 hours instead of just 1. The buff from a Perfect Fruit will also last even if you die.

Herb Garden Vanity Items

Naron Bloomthistle (Alliance) and Tarnon (Horde) offer up a variety of items for sale, mostly for transmogrification purposes. These items can be purchased with Draenic Seeds and Gold. Items for sale include:

  • Crazy Carrot – Pet – 1,000 Draenic Seeds
  • Garden Hoe – Transmog – 500 Draenic Seeds and 2,500 Gold
  • Garden Shovel – Transmog – 1,000 Draenic Seeds and 5,000 Gold
  • Garden Sickle – Transmog – 500 Draenic Seeds and 2,500 Gold
  • Garden Pitchfork – Transmog – 1,000 Draenic Seeds and 5,000 Gold
  • Garden Scythe – Transmog – 1,000 Draenic Seeds and 5,000 Gold

Another pet, Nightshade Sproutling, can also be obtained from killing the vermin that sometimes appear when you gather herbs inside your Herb Garden.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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