Garrisons play a major role in your Warlords of Draenor experience. In fact, it is safe to say that you probably visit your Garrison at least once every time you log onto the game. However, despite the fact you visit so often, you may have yet to truly experience one of the coolest Garrison related challenges; Invasions.

Invasions are scripted events that can take place in your Garrison that require you to defeat attacking mobs for rewards. Invasions are triggered by your own actions in game. Invasions can be completed solo, but you should feel free to invite your friends. The better your performance, the better rewards you will receive at the end of the Invasion.

Causing an Invasion

All of us have experienced an Invasion early on in our Draenor game play. During the Shadowmoon Valley/Frostfire Ridge quest lines an Invasion of sorts takes place inside your Garrison. However, you may be wondering how to spawn more Invasions. As mentioned above, causing Invasions is totally up to you!

To trigger a Garrison Invasion, you need to kill level 100 mobs. These mobs can be found in the areas that you also complete your daily Garrison Apexis Crystal quests. Factions that participate in Invasions include: Botani, Goren, Ogre, Shadow Council, and Shadowmoon Clan.

As you are killing mobs from these factions, they can become very angry with you. So angry that they will eventually decide to launch a direct attack against your Garrison. The number of mobs needed to trigger an Invasion appears to be totally random, so if you haven't managed to trigger an Invasion, keep trying!

If you have successfully managed to trigger an Invasion, you will receive a notification via your Garrison report and the Sergeant (near your Town Hall) will have a quest available. This quest will remain available for an entire week, giving you ample time to complete it. To start the invasion, talk to Sergeant Crowler (Alliance) or Sergeant Grimjaw (Horde). They will prompt you to prepare for the Invasion and also indicated which faction you will be fighting against. New Invasions cannot be triggered until the current Invasion has been completed or expires.

Invasion Phases

Each Invasion will follow a set pattern. Phases of the Invasion go as follows:

  • Invasion – Follow the Sergeant.
  • Assault – Defeat the Garrison Assault.
  • Endurance – Hold out against the remainder of the Assault.
  • Anticipation – Return to the town center.
  • End Phase – Defeat the boss to end the Invasion.

Besides defeating the enemies that spawn inside your Garrison you also have to content with the following:

Building Assault

Sometimes the enemy assaulting your Garrison gets really ambitious and decides to cause even more havoc. The enemy pack turns it's focus to a building. To stop the assault on your building you need only to attack the enemies to take their attention away from their destruction.

Terrified Townspeople

Staying hidden safely isn't for everyone. Sometimes the townspeople in your Garrison will panic and run out of hiding. Of course, it it up to you to save the day. These NPCs will appear with a green arrow over their head. Simply run up to them to move them on their way.


Despite your best efforts an Infiltrator from the opposing faction has gained access to your Garrison. They must be stopped. Infiltrators are like mini bosses. With high HP, it will take some time to take these guys out.

To content with these threats, you will have a set of Garrison defenders to help you fend off the attackers. Not to mention your very own healing station (marked with a green + on the map) to regain your HP during the heat of battle. On top of healing and making us of your Garrison defenders you may also complete the Garrison Invasion in a group of three, improving your performance even more.

Invasion Points

During your Invasion you will be able to earn points. The amount of points you earn will intimately determine what level of reward you earn; Bronze, Silver, or Gold. The more points you earn, the better the reward. Points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Saving Townspeople
  • Killing Enemies
  • Killing Infiltrators
  • Saving Buildings
  • Defeating the Boss
  • Keeping Defenders Alive
  • Invasion Rewards

At the end of the Invasion points for your valorous deeds will be tallied. You will need 300 points to earn Bronze, 600 for Silver, and 1000 for Gold. These rewards can only be earned once a week. However, any additional Invasions you complete will earn you Garrison Resources. Rewards for each tier include:

  • Bronze Victory – 33 Apexis Crystals and Invader's Abandoned Sack
  • Silver Victory – 50 Apexis Crystals and Invader's Damaged Cache
  • Gold Victory – 75 Apexis Crystals and Invader's Forgotten Treasure

It should be noted that if you fail to get a Gold Invasion, you can complete a friend's Invasion later in the same week and still obtain the Gold rewards. Also, if you obtain Gold without having previously obtained Silver or Bronze that week, you get Invader's Abandoned Sack and Invader's Damaged Cache on top of Invader's Forgotten Treasure. All satchels contain gear, Apexis Crystals, and Garrison Resources.

Invasion Achievements

Several achievements are available for players to complete while doing Garrison Invasions. The achievements linked to Invasions are:

  • Save Those Buildings – Complete the Goren, Botani, Shadowmoon Clan, Iron Horde, Shadow Council, and Ogre Invasions without letting any building get destroyed.
  • Invasions Are Better with Friends – Complete and Invasion while in a party of 3 players.
  • Invasion? What Invasion? - Successfully complete 50 Garrison Invasions.
  • It's an Invasion! - Defeat a Garrison Invasion.
  • Bronze Defender – Defeat an Invasion with a Bronze rating or better.
  • Silver Defender – Defeat an Invasion with a Silver rating or better
  • Golden Defender – Defeat an Invasion with a Gold rating.
  • Master Defender – Earn a Gold rating in in each max-level Invasion.
  • Invasion Specialist – Successfully complete 10 Garrison Invasions.
  • Botani Invasion - Complete a Botani Garrison Invasion.
  • Goren Invasion – Complete a Goren Garrison Invasion.
  • Iron Horde Invasion – Complete an Iron Horde Garrison Invasion.
  • Ogre Invasion – Complete an Ogre Garrison Invasion.
  • Shadow Council Invasion – Complete a Shadow Council Garrison Invasion.
  • Shadowmoon Clan Invasion – Complete a Shadowmoon Council Garrison Invasion.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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