Are you looking for a guide to achievements? Click here for our Achievement Guide. Below is a list of the General achievements in the game along with the easiest way to obtain them. You'll want to reference our Guides Portal for some achievements that involve dungeons or items that may be difficult to obtain.

The name of the achievement is the name you'll see in the game. The next column describes how to obtain the achivement while the points column tells you how many points that achievement will award.

How to Obtain
Level 10
You just need to reach level 10.
Level 20
You just need to reach level 20.
Level 30
Reach level 30.
Level 40
Reach level 40.
Level 50
Reach level 50
Level 60
Reach level 60.
Level 70
Reach level 70.
Level 80
Reach level 80. Yay! You're done with leveling for now.
Master of Arms
You need to raise four weapon skills to 400. Doing unarmed gets you to the achievement below which leaves you to get four more. Casters can look into daggers (or maces for Priests), staves, swords, and wands while melee classes can choose from whatever their class can use. You'll get one or two weapon skills ot 400 by just getting to level 70, so it's not that hard. You'll need Wrath of the Lich King for this one.
Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich?
How do you get 400 skill points in unarmed combat? Easy! Just punch a lot of things with your fists and you'll get to 400 in no problem. Well, it's not that easy. Find some really beefy enemies that can't do a lot of damage to you and whack away with your fists (unequip any weapon that you have). Beat them senseless until they fall to your mighty blows and grab another to rough up. It'll take awhile, but it also helps the Master of Arms achievement. Do try to to throw in "fisticuffs" somewhere into chat while doing this. You'll need Wrath of the Lich King for this one.
Safe Deposit
Buy all seven of your bank slots. Not too expensive if you're high level.
Got My Mind On My Money
This one awards ten points for every milestone (100, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000). The game keeps track of how much money you loot so everytime you loot gold it'll save a running total. So just keep playing the game and you'll get the high numbers eventually. As a note, the name comes from Snoop Dogg's song Gin and Juice.
Giddy Up!
Get the apprentice riding skill for your first mount and you're good to go.
Fast and Furious
Journeyman riding for this one. Thats your epic ground mount.
Into the Wild Blue Yonder
Expert riding which is your first flying mount!
The Right Stuff
Artisan riding which is for epic flying mounts get you this one. Just need the skill.
Going Down?
Fall 65 yards without dying. Find a really big cliff, use Noggenfogger Potions or anything to slow your fall, and then jump off. Weeeeeeeeee! Be careful though! You can't die from the fall. If you turn into a ghost and don't get an achievement then you know you've done something wrong.
Shave and a Haircut
A free 10 points! Just get your hair cut at the barger shop.
Can I Keep Him?
Use a vanity pet and have it added to your mount page (shift-p).
Plenty of Pets
Collect 15 unique pets.
Plethora of Pets
Collect 25 unique pets. Pretty easy.
Shop Smart. Shop Pet... Smart
50 pets is kind of tough, but a lot can be bought, some gotten from Engineers, and some from quests. You'll get a Reeking Pet Carrier which is a pet skunk.Pet Smart is a chain of pet stores in America.
Obtain a tabard. Just buy one.
Ten Tabards
Collect 10 unique tabards. You'll need to start with your guilds (the easiest) and then get the reputation tabards. The easier tabards to get are the private/scout tabards from the Hall of Legends in Orgrimmar/Champion's Hall in Stormwind City for a few BG tokens and then all of the reputation tabards in Outland/Northrend. There is over fifteen reputation tabards and they all require Exalted. Battle of the Crimson Watch will reward one.
Twenty-Five Tabards
Collect 25 unique tabards. You'll get the reward Tabard of the Achiever.
Equip an epic item in every slot with a minimum level of 213. This is a tough one, since it requires at the very least raid epics of wrath season 2 gear from my understanding of item level. If you're raiding then this one will come naturally as you 'purp yourself out.
Epic a superior item to every slot with a minimum required item level of 80. You'll need a lot of blues...
Win a greed roll on a superior or better item above level 185 by rolling 100. Good luck...
Same as above, but on a need roll. Good luck...
My Sace is "Gigantique"
Buy a Gigantique Bag for 1,200 gold in Shattrath City.
The Keymaster
Obtain the following keys, Auchenai Key, Crescent Key, Key of Time, Key to the City, Shadow Labyrinth key, Shadowforge Key, Shattered Halls Key, The Scarlet Key, Skeleton Key, Workshop Key, and The Violet Hold Key. That's the key to Auchenai, Dire Maul, Heroic Caverns of Time, Stratholme, Shadow Labyrinth Door, the Shadowforge in Blackrock Depths, the Shattered Halls Door, the Scarlet Monestary Doors, Scholomance key, Gnomer key, and the key to the Violet Hold in Dalaran. You might want to check our guides portal to look into guides for each of these instances and how to obtain the keys.You'll need Wrath of the Lich King for the Violet Hold key.
To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before
/love all of the listed critters in the achievement. Just use the emote on 'em.
Friend or Fowl?
Kill 15 turkeys in 3 minutes. They're in Valgarde and Westguard Keep in Howling Fjord and should be one shotted by most 70-80s.
Well Read
Read every book in the game. A guide to this coming soon...
Higher Learning

Read more books in Dalaran.

It's Happy Hour Somewhere
Drink 25 different types of beverages. Easy, most can be bought form the vendors.
Tastes Like Chicken
If you have cooking then cook you up a ton of different things, easy things from the stories, Mage food, etc.
Armored Brown Bear
Buy an Armored Brown Bear in Dalaran.
Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
Buy a Taveler's TundraMammoth mount in Dalaran
Wooly Mammoth
Buy a Wooly Mammoth in Dalaran.
Get to the Choppa!
Obtain a Mekgineer's Chopper or Mechano-hog. Easy.
Stable Keeper
Obtain 10 mounts. Different colors work. You'll need to get epic/normal versions for your own race mount along with either two flying mounts or another race to sell you their mount.
Filling Up the Barn
Obtain 25 mounts. Colors work... racial mounts, flying mounts, and you might want to look into the PvP mounts.
Leading the Cavalary
Obtain 50 mounts. Luck, colors, and rare mounts are needed. You'll get an Albino Drake for this one. PvP mounts, class mounts, rare mounts...

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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