The Desert of Flames "Carpet Quest"

So you want a flying carpet? The 25% bonus to movement is handy, though you can do better with horses. If you played beta, note that option to right click on the quested carpet and be able to fly off to select locations has been removed, sadly.

However, floating around on your new threads without paying outrageous amounts of plat at guild level 30 is the real reason why folks do the quest. But it's not going to be easy, and you'll need a number of high powered (Level 50+) friends for the latter stages of the 4-part quest. El'Khazi, Purveyor of Fine Carpets is the NPC questgiver you'll need, and unless you're level 47 he'll make light of you when you hail him at the "Croc Hunter Camp" (located to the northwest of where you first landed on the Sinking Sands).

Part I: "Threads of the Desert "

El'khazi first wants you to kill a "Rujarkian highwayman leader," a level 49 solo ^ mob that spawns along the orc highway in the Sinking Sands (-367, -108), the only helmeted orc around. A skilled level 48+ can beat him handily, but if you're of the minimum level you might want to bring a small group.

When he's down, return to El'khazi for a ~9g reward and a promise that he'll talk to you again soon (give him about 7 hours real time to realize what an asset you are, and he'll offer you part 2).


Part II: "Scouring the Sands "

For the next part, El'khazi gives you a shopping list:

  • 10 pieces of Dune Tarantula Silk. These big spiders are 48 Heroic 3-ups and cover a lot of ground near the -750, -425
  • A dye from the shores of the dead tear- Click an Exotic Plant at (-360, -1,125) inside the Twin Tears
  • A thread from the cap of a banished titan- An Exiled Kromtorr 50 Heroic, not very tough if you've got a small group
  • A perfectly-shaped chitinous needle: kill a Dustwhip Scorpion at (-196, -685)
  • An ethereal fragment of the servant of the god-king: kill a Sentinel of Anuk (wanders the dunes near -870, -1,400) 52 Heroic ^^^
  • A wisp of air from the highest dune (-950, 840). When you're at the top, bear north and click the gusting wind for an update.

When you've finished the list, return to El'khazi, Purveyor of Fine Carpets and recieve 13g. Again, another 7 hours must pass before you can get part 3. Rest up and put a group together; it's gonna be a doozie.


Part III: "Rocky Correspondence"

I believe you have to be level 50 to receive this step. He sends you to kill Kwi'the Il'zhe in Maj'dul to "deliver a message." The message turns out to be bad news for you and your sizable group (catch the hint there, please!) as when you hail him, he becomes an angry lvl 55 3-up heroic mob. Kwi'the casts Ice Comet for 12-15k damage, so having someone that can keep him stifled improves your chances tremendously. Return to El'khazi, Purveyor of Fine Carpets and recieve ~13g.

Roughly 7 hours (Real Time) he will talk to you again.


Part IV

Kill a Djinn, get a carpet. It's that simple! Except that a genie-like Djinn isn't willing to grant that kind of wish so easily.
Abz'harri the Djinn Lord, the mob you must slay, is at the top of a little isle in the middle of the Bay of Anuk.

He's lvl 58 heroic triggered spawn with 2 lvl 62 Elemental pets. This is no cakewalk, whatsoever: you'll need a full, balanced group of 50+, and perhaps a few healers on the side to join in (since you're not fighting an epic mob here, you can gang up). Return to El'Khazi and the carpet is yours!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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