Gnomes- Racial Quest Guide

By: Kiara

As if it weren't humiliating enough for a Dark Elf to have to play a Ratonga or all the rest of those things... Now I've been ordered by the evil pink pantseded one to look at the Gnomes. GNOMES!!! I'm playing FOOD. It's almost too much to bear... I swear if he makes me do Erudites next I'll... I'll... I'll shave off his beard is what I'll do!


You step off the boat into The Baubleshire. There you meet Neezer Grund. Remember this name.

Quest One

The first thing little mister gnomey britches asks you to do is collect him some scrap metal from around town. It's all just lying there on the ground waiting to be picked up, so grab it and take it back to Neezer. He gives you about 1s and a hunk of scrap metal. Isn't that nice?

Quest Two

Neezer now needs you to collect him some rat guts. Okay, okay, he calls them reactors disguised as rats... either way, you need to smoosh the rats that are by the entrance to the Catacombs. When you've gotten them all, you get a collector's pouch and about 1s.

Quest Three

Neezer asks you to run around town and ask a few people some questions. Record the first word they say to each question and bring him back the information. Read his list of questions before you run off. The answers are a hoot. When you're done, go back to Neezer and give him your findings. For some strange reason he's VERY excited about this and has to go change his pants. Before he goes, he gives you about 1s and a tinkerdoodley thingie. Don't ask me, I have no idea.

Quest Four

Neezer asks you to take his findings to Poko Zing in the Forest Ruins.

(Insert link to Forest Ruins here)


So you step off the boat into Temple Street, and you run into Neezer Grund... Ummm, okay, this is where you do the double take and look around to make sure you made the Freeport gnome and not the Qeynos gnome. Noper, definitely the Freeport gnome. Odd. Oh well.

Quest One

Neezer (version F.P.) wants you to collect him some volatile powder so that he can blow things up. This is located in little powder kegs around Temple Street. Get it and bring it back to him. He then asks you to place the blasting cap in his translation device. Since he's a gnome, you should be able to guess what happens next. You reward is a stack of some volatile chow and about 1s. I'd be careful with the chow, since, once again... made by GNOMES. Yeah.

Quest Two

Neezer (the other Neezer, not the one in Qeynos) decides he might do better with higher quality parts. Being the nice little gnomey that you are, you volunteer to go get them for him. When you get the parts, go back. Put the blasting cap into the new translator. Wow! It works. Holy poo! Now, Neezer needs a pig. Go get him the piggie and then come back. Follow his instructions and brace yourself. Your reward for this is about 1s and an arcanic tracer.

Quest Three

Help Neezer (Freeport, not Qeynos) figure out to whom he can sell his new device. Go to Malyk first, and then to the people he sends you. Once you've told everyone about it, go back to Neezer. He gives you about 1s and a backpack.

Quest Four

Seems the piggie has escaped and needs to be found and possibly eliminated. Yeah, you're doing that too. Good job. Go talk to the guy who gave you the piggie the first time. He tells you where you look. Return to Neezer and get your 1s and a spiffy necklace.

From here, Neezer directs you to the Sunken City and Inquisitor Thorson if you are still looking for work.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016