Goldensun Essence is one of the main items in the game that players are seeking. It provides no statistical benefits but does offer a permanent item. When you use the item, you glow gold for 30 minutes. Considering the item also has a 30 minute cool down, it means you can keep yourself permanently glowing. The only caveat to that is if you die, the items glow will be lost and you’ll have to wait until the item cooldown resets. Although the item is popular, it’s without doubt one of the best looking effects in the game and makes any character look amazing (especially if you pursue a gold or yellow colour scheme on your armor). Thankfully the item is super easy to obtain and all you need is a Scientist, access to Whitevale and an ability to tell the time.

Firstly, the Scientist. If you haven’t chosen the Scientist path yourself, you’ll need to rope in a friend or random person to help you out. To obtain the item you have to scan the Goldensun Dawngrazer. Once he has been scanned, you can loot the item that he drops.

If you’ve found a Scientist (or are one) the next thing you’ll need to do is head to Whitevale at a specific time. The Goldensun Dawngrazer spawns every 4 hours, with the first spawn at 11:00am BST, the second at 15:00 BST, the third at 7pm BST  and so on.

Once the Goldensun Dawngrazer arrives, simply scan it and collect the item from the ground. Do not kill it. If you kill it, it only has a chance to drop the Goldensun Essence while scanning it is guaranteed.

You’ll now have the Goldensun Essence in your inventory and will be the talk of the town!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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