Betraying Gorowyn


Guide By: Savanja


Betrayal for Gorowyn seems to be a bit different than the other betrayal quests. We aren't sure if this is a temporary way of doing things or truly how the residents of Gorowyn will have to always betray. I'm hoping that this is just a solution until they get their own actual betrayal quest line.

To start the process, speak with Ambassador Godwin (loc 2417, 23, 1279) found within that cavern (Timorous Maw) just inside from the Gorowyn docks. Just like the other quests, you need to be at least level 10 before you can betray.

Speak with Ambassador and indicate that you'd like to move to Freeport. Yes, Freeport. You need to do this regardless of where you intend to end up. You then need to take the papers to the Ambassador at the Freeport Militia House found in West Freeport. The quickest way to get there is to take the Sinking Sands Carpet on the Gorowyn docks, then take the carpet from Sinking Sands to Freeport. Ambassador Zrelach is right inside the Militia House on the first floor.

Viola, you now are a citizen of Freeport!

If this is where you desired to be then congrats, you've completed the easiest betrayal quest ever! If you have dreams of moving on to another city, then your only option is to betray Freeport and that guide can be found right here. After that it is just a small matter of gaining faction with your chosen city.

Good luck!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016