Greenskin Leveling Guide: Chap.10 - 12

You've been smashin' and castin' and killin' through two tiers now and it's starting to occur to you that this is what being a Greenskin is all about. No strategy, no planning, just alllll attitude and plenty of WAAAGH!!! Every stunty you break brings you one step closer to Eight Peaks and da big WAAAGH!!! Tier 3 brings plenty more of what you've come to expect as a Greenskin, except now the forces of order are helping each other where needed. The Humans and Dwarves are working together now in Black Fire Pass, just as they did in the time before Sigmar became a Diety. So far, it's just been the stunties, but we here at Ten Ton Hammer are pretty sure you're not worried about bashin' a few Humie skulls too.

Moogz's Brawl

After colliding with Slayers, killing more stunties than there are Starbucks in Hollywood, and taking down an Ogre, you'd probably like a break to rest your weary choppa' arm. TOUGH LUCK, GRUNT! Grumlock wants you at da big WAAAGH!! and that means no slackin off... and the boyz at Moogz's Brawl are gonna keep you workin'! Moogz the Rally Master has been waitin' and waitin' for them Moonfang Gobbo's to show, but they still ain't here yet! It may have something to do with the humies and stunties that are guarding the gate where all the fighting's at. Looks like someone is gonna have to kill that Humie leader and that someone is you!

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Them dwarves ain't goin' nowhere wif 'dey's choppa smashed!

Kob the Gobbo is having a fit. Seems the stunties are attacking from their 'copters and not putting up a proper fight! That's no fun, so you're gonna make it fun for him by smashin' up some pilots for him! Speaking of a good scrap, there's better ways to have one than just walking in and smashing up the place. Kob decides he's gonna teach you another way to fight, one where you won't get hurt. Where's the fun in that though?! Kob's a good git though. He wants to help you get ready for the WAAAGH! in Eight Peaks and what's the best way to get your blood goin' for a WAAAGH!? Fighting of course! Kob's gonna point you in the right direction and you go and smash stuff! It's good to be a Greenskin!

Bruk is a bit of a braggart. He thinks that he's the best at smashin' things. Well, you can prove your better at it by heading to the stuntie town over the hill and smashin' it up! This'll bring you to your first Public Quest in Chap.10, Thardik Smashin'. If you thought that was fun, wait until your next task! Bruk wants you to head over to Da Gassy Mines, which turns out to be another Public Quest (and has nothing to do with "Me bum just spoke!"), and stop the stunties from leaving by smashing their copters. There's no fighting if there's no stunties, right? So get moving!

In a camp full of hungry Orcs, Grungy Snoutrot knows that you have to keep them busy so they forget about eating or else youz gunna get 'et! That's where you come in. First off, Grungy wants you to help start a fight between two orcs. So you're gonna steal a trophy from Fumpa and put it in Bruk's pile... and it only gets better from there as things don't go according to Grungy's plan once he gets Moogz involved! Grungy also thinks that you've been doing a lot of thinkin' and that thinkin' has made you soft. About time you got back to smashin' stuff he thinks. You start thinkin' you may want to head out and smash you some Humies! HEY! less thinkin' and more smashin'!

Gremgob the Kill Collector's a bit worried. Seems that the Thardrik Guards are spoiling all Bruk's fun and he's tasked Gremgob with killing them all or he's going to make a snack out of the gobbo. While Gremgob makes a batch of beer that tastes better than slop, you go kill the guards. That, plus the beer, ought to make Bruk happy.

Trug's Hut

After you kill that Humie leader for Moogz, he's going to send you to find out about what's keeping them Moonfang Gobbos. This will take you into the Badlands and to Trug's Hut, just past the big gate you killed the humies at.
Trug the Rally Master is happy to see you (a happy Orc just sounds odd), especially after you took care of that Humie leader who was guarding the gate. However, he doesn't have any idea where them lazy moonfang gobbos are, but hey, if they don't do what Grumlock told them to do? There's gonna be a lot of gobbo snacks at the WAAAGH!!

Mugnog knows that there's more to a gobbo's life than just staying out of the way, cause once those Big ‘uns get a hold of you life can get pretty exciting… in a bad way. Now, Mugnog's got his eye on a reward and he wants you to help him get it. Seems there's a group of nasty gobos in the nearby Mt. Gunbad caves causing trouble and Mugnog's thinking that poisoning the head git will solve everyone's problems. However, this was someone else's task before yours, and that lazy git, Grobbag hasn't been seen since Mebunt smashed his teeth out and sent him the cave to check on those lousy gobbos. Better see if he's been ‘et or not while you're in the cave.

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Stupid Moonfang gits! Get ta 'da WAAAGH!! already!

Gobsnik's been hearing that those Moonfang gobbos don't think they need to go to the WAAAGH!! Stupid gits that they are, he doesn't think they decided that on their own. He thinks its those Night Gobbos that put the idea into their head. Well, the Bloody Sun Boyz is the strongest and it's time that you help prove it! After you deal with the Night Goblins, you'll need to scare the Moonfangs into coming back. Gobsnik has a plan and for that, he needs some things. Things that you're going to help him with. Before you can get those Moonfangs back in line though, you're going to need to take care of a little dwarf problem. Not that that matters, smashin' stunties makes life fun! Gobsnik's a bit peckish though, so bring him back a little something to eat. As a matter of fact, you should go out and find some eatin' Squigs!

Gnobble-Hide is having a hard time keeping his mushrooms fresh, an issue he didn't have to deal with when he had his trusty Squig hide pouch! The pouch got pilfered by them Moonfangs and he's been too busy to make another one. Looks like you're gonna help him out. Now, the missing Goblins seem to be of much interest around the camp. Grulk thinks that the rotting Humies took the gobbos for eatin' and he's none too happy about it. Especially since his best Gobbo, Badzag was taken. Grulk is getting hungry and he wants Badzag back to get him something to eat! With the WAAAGH!! Coming, Grulk needs to get him some war paint! None of that cheap stuntie blood either, something GOOD!

Skogrut's tired of taking orders from the Orcs! He's hatching a plan that will require you kill some dead things and bring back their bones for a bone beast! Actually, there seems to be a major ghost and ghoul problem around these parts. Lots of boyz are falling to some things that just won't stay dead and being eaten! Hey! No one eats the Bloody Sun Boyz… except the Bloody Sun Boyz! You're going to have to put a stop to that! While you're smashin' them dead things up good, you can grab a few bits and bring them back to Skogrut for a potion he's brewing! Yeah, this little git is two parts short of a full Public Quest alright

Drok's Fist

Once you've proven yourself as a notable Greenskin by excelling in the skills killin', eatin', and passin' gas, you'll be sent over to find out more about them Moonfang Gobbos at Drok's fist. Drok Gurnash the Rally Master, who leads these mooks, has a pretty sweet deal going on here. There's rat things to beat on over there, there's stunties to whack over there, and there's the Moonfang Gobbos running about that either need to come into line with Grumlock's plan or they need to be smashed. With so much stuff to smash around here, it's a wonder anyone keeps heading to the WAAAGH!!!

Stupid Moonfang gobbos came through here, but according to Grimzag Uruhar, they picked up a few friends in the process. Of course, more friends mean more things to smash and if there's one thing you're down with, it's smashin' stuff! First, you need to get Grimzag (what else?) a little something to eat and right now he wants some Squig! Not any old squig will do either, he wants some of them Gunbad squigs that have never seen the light of day! Makes 'em all juicy like. Mmmmmm MMMM!

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Smash 'em all and let Mork sort 'em out!

Them Moonfang gits is on everyone's mind it seems. Kurbog wants you to teach those Moonfangs what it means to defy Warlord Grumlock! And of course, that means smashin' stuff (seems to be a common theme when playing a Greenskin)! You're gonna head down to the pile that belongs to Bloodgutz and you're going to put a Bloody Sunz banner in it! That ought to make him pretty mad! When you're finished up with that, you'll be heading up to the tracks them stunties are protecting. Seems they have a big metal car they want to get through, but the Moonfangs are trying to stop them. This will get you into the contested Public Quest, Grimbeard Station. Kurbog, in his infinite wisdom, thinks you ought to just bash everyone there for good measure.

Apparently, there's some nasty rumors flying around about you. Some snotlings saying you didn't clear out the Redeye Gobbos like you said you did! Well, Boss Dimmush is a forgiving kind of Boss, so he's going to give you another chance to head into Mt. Gunbad and kill you some Redeye gits. While you're down there, you'll be on the look out for a new type of squig them Redeye's is breeding. In return for Boss Dimmush being so nice and all, you're gonna help him with a problem. He's tired of hanging around, fighting these gits. Dimmush wants a proper fight with stuff wot fights back! You're gonna have to whip these Moonfangs into line once and for all so Dimmush can head to the real fighting!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016