Greenskin Leveling Guide: Chap.7-9

So far, you've killed some ghosts, stopped a diseased dude from infecting your whole tribe, taken orders from an Orc who "talks to God", and killed a whole bunch of stunties in the process. Life is pretty good for you as a Greenskin... and it gets better! Moving into Chap.7 and Rottoof's Mugz gives you even more chances to kill things (especially stunties), eat stuff, and get more loot for your pile!

Rottoof's Mugz

Gut Rippa is your classic Orc. You've just met and he sends you strait into a fight! There's these stunties and they're firing cannons (Boomas as Gut so eloquently puts it) and your job is to stop them! There's also the matter of getting them One Tusks back on track and headed to the WAAAGH!! Of course Gut's hungry, so he needs to eat first and you look like a decent chef. The last thing Gut needs is for you to find some of his boys that ran through the wall and are on the other side. Make sure they're still breakin things like good Orcs

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Hey, that's a big wall... let's tear it down!!

Squim's a small gobbo located around the trash pile on the otherside of Gut Rippa's shack. Squim is concerned for Gut Rippa's health and doesn't want him to be stressed any longer so he sends you to fix up some of them lazy One Tusks with some magic mushrooms. Not those kind of mushrooms, you git! Those are only for Grateful Dead concerts! Squim's also found a new way past the wall. This underground path involves trolls and darkness, so it hasn't been all that successful yet, but that's where you come in!

Reezel the Kill Collector isn't what you would call "bright" amongst the Orc community, and that's saying something. He has decided that what the Big Bosses need is... a CAPE! Yeah, you heard me. He wants you to kill Beastmen so he can use their hides to make this thing and give it to Rottoof. Hey, even an Orc needs to dress fancy-like every now and again.

Rottoof the Rally Master's the leader of this here camp and he's been working hard to get them lousy stunties to fight and he thinks that the best way is to take their gold! They hate it when you do that. So get out there and get some gold and kill some stunties! Then you're on your way to the second part of Chap.7, Hantcha's Lookout, which is past the dwarven wall and up the road from Foultoof's Warcamp.

Hantcha's Lookout

Vorgnish Bloodspitter is the first Orc you run into at Hantcha's Lookout. He seems to think the Gobbos are stupid for trying to get that burning rock the stunties use to blow things up. Vorgnish has seen something better and he wants you to get it for him. Since you're pretty tough, Vorgnish also thinks that you ought to go and relieve some of the stunties of that shiny stuff they been mining and add their pile to our pile! Finally, you're gonna be one the first of many Greenskins sent over to help Nogaz beat on stunties in the stunty cave! It's the little things that make life worth living.

Seems Low Boss Hantcha was getting an earfull from Rottoof before he and his boyz broke through the wall at Barak Weald and set up camp behind enemy lines. There's this Dwarf who's been killing all the Orcs sent to the gate who needs killing and you seem like you're a tough enough git to make that work and bring back a piece of him so that Rottoof will get off of Hantcha's back.

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Boats? but I'm just a little git!I can't swim

Malgrog's Breach

Malgrog the Rally Master, is the head Orc of this little camp and he has one thing on his mind. Stuntie Smashin'! He wants to see this cave and all the stunties in it smashed and dead and he doesn't want to have to wait to see it happen!
Sneaks the Kill Collector has aspiration of greatness! To help him dream the impossible dream, he needs you to kill as many stunties as you can lay your claws on. then Sneaks will rule all as 'da Boss!

Skitz is the gobbo hanging out in the corner. Skitz is a simple Goblin who likes the simple pleasures in life and he wants to share them with you. So, your first task is to smash them stunties brains out of their tiny heads! Because honestly, is their anything better in life than beating on dwarves? Along those lines, it seems that a bunch of those stunties have holed up in a beer hut guarding their precious ale. Skitz wants you to clear them at and grab some of that brew while you're there so he can give it to Malgrog. That way, he might forget about eating some unlucky gobbo like Skitz! While you're at it, it's time to take over this cave and to do that proper like, the leaders need to be killed, so you'll be helping with that too. Most importantly, them One Tusks is getting a bit uppity. Nogaz wants to take over the WAAAGH!! and thinks he's better than them Bloody Sun Boyz! You need to find the One Tusk boss here in the caves and show him that it ain't nice to fool with the Bloody Sun Boyz!

Mugrot is a sensible git. He knows that part of taking over places is the phat lewtz! However, none of his subordinates seem to know what good loot is and we're gonna need a pile of good loot to keep Grumlock and Gazbag from being angry that you're all late to the WAAAGH!!! Mugrot also wnats you to keep them stunties from high tailing it outta there on the boat! Ya can't loot something that ain't there, right?

Chap.9 - Mobash's Place

Mobash the Rally Master is either seeing things or there's some bad mohjo coming. He's talking about a stuntie barge north of the camp that has light coming from it, but is full of nothing but green... which happens to be your favorite color!
Moozle the Kill Collector thinks that there's something even more fun than killing Beastmen, and that's killing giant lizards on the beach! Hey, at least you'll get a tan...

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Mobash's. When you just want a nice, sit down stuntie smashin' place with an ocean view.

Litl' Bash is just a gobbo trying to get ahead in the world and you're going to help him along. There's a Bray Shaman who has some magical bones. Litl' Bash gets those and he's a shoe in for the Bloody Sun Boyz! Being that he's a One Tusk, he doesn't get much respect and all. So when he told them abou the giant wolf, they laughed at him. They wouldn't treat him like a runt if he had proof... so guess what you get to do? Aside from all that, the One Tusks have a new boss now and they want to WAAAGH!! but they need a banner to show their viciousness. You killed Nogaz, you get to find a new banner. Seems fair, right?

Mobash has been all over Ugra to get the boyz ready to fight the stuntie boss. Problem is, the boyz are getting killed. Ugra tells you to kill some of them Beastmen roaming about and then the boyz might turn up. Thinking like a true Orc, Ugra wants to add things to his pile too, and there's some stunties out there that's got some first rate shiny thngs! Sure, there's a stuntie boss guarding the pile, but hey, that's why Ugra has you now, isn't it? Speaking of using you, Ugra has something else for you to do. You're going to head down to the beach and kill him some of those big lizards. It's good to be loved, isn't it? Finally, you'll be doing the whole camp a favor by smashing that bright rock those stunties have over yonder. No one knows how the stunties make the light, but everyone knows there ain't nothing an Orc can't smash!

Shaman Heem has got a task for you. You're going to go up to that there tower and blow it up for Mobash. why? Because he's a Bloody Sun Boy, that's all the reason you need! There's a couple of way's to go about it, the Orc way and the Gobbo way. First, run up to the cannon and... on second thought, it's best for you to do it the Orc way. WAAAGH!!!!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016