It's been a wild ride for you in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. So far, you've killed some ghosts, stopped a diseased dude from infecting your whole tribe, taken orders from an Orc who "talks to God", and killed a whole bunch of stunties in the process. Life is pretty good for you as a Greenskin... and it gets better! Moving into Chap.7 and Rottoof's Mugz gives you even more chances to kill things (especially stunties), eat stuff, and get more loot for your pile! Of course, we here at Ten Ton Hammer are always trying to make your life easier and to the end we give you the Greenskin Leveling Guide: Chap.7-9!

Squim's a small gobbo located around the trash pile on the otherside of Gut Rippa's shack. Squim is concerned for Gut Rippa's health and doesn't want him to be stressed any longer so he sends you to fix up some of them lazy One Tusks with some magic mushrooms. Not those kind of mushrooms, you git! Those are only for Grateful Dead concerts!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016