Greenskin Leveling Guide: Tier 1

Grumlok and Gazbag cannot revel in their victory at Karak Eight Peaks for long. Maintaining the momentum of the WAAAGH! is a priority. Without a specific goal, preferably one involving lots of things to fight with, the WAAAGH! may sputter out as infighting from boredom destroys it from within. Guided by an unseen hand, Grumlok decides to direct the WAAAGH! at the Dwarf capital of Karaz-A-Karak, a target which has never before fallen to a greenskin Warlord. What better way for Grumlok to prove his prowess as a leader than to destroy the stunties most prized city?

The Bloody Sun Boyz put the word out to every greenskin tribe in the Old World: Come to Karak Eight Peaks and join the WAAAGH!, or face the wrath of the Bloody Sun Boyz.

Skarzag's Warcamp

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Skarzag wants YOU!

Oi! You 'dere! Youz wants ta be a Bloody Sun Boy, eh? Part of the biggest, baddest WAAAGH!! 'dat's ever been? HA! Youz can't just walk on to 'da Bloody Sun Boyz gang! Youz gots ta prove yerself. No, not to me you stupid git! To HIM! This 'ere is Skarzag's Warcamp, see? An' da first ting youz gotta do, is talk to da Big Boss 'imself! Dat's Skarzag right 'dere, sitting on the Wyvern. Youz talks ta Skarzag and he'll get you started! He'll send ya out ta kill you some stunties straight away and show you how tings work around 'ere. That little gobbo right 'dere is Scribbiz. Scribbiz'll show you howz ta open dat book, uhhh... 'Da Tome of Knowings, or some such. Reading ain't fer us Orcs anyways! We wants ta SMASH STUNTIES!! When youz go out 'da camp and down 'da hill to kill stunties, you'll meet up wit' another gobbo, Crankz. He's a funny little git, 'dat one is. Gives youz a chance ta pound on some nekkid stunties on 'da beach! HAR! 'Dat gobbo over 'dere is Wobna Slipsquig, see? Wobna's wot we 'ere call a kill collector and he gives youz money fer killing tings... which we would do fer free cause we's is ORCS! HAR! Stupid little git!

Lobber Hill and Snouts' Pens

Now, ya does every'ting dat Skarzag tells ya ta do, and youz'll be sent down 'ere, ta Lobber Hill! It's down 'da hill from where youz started, past 'Da Slop pond, you Snotling brained git! Don't ask so many questions! 'Urts me 'ead! Lobber Hill is where youz'll meet Dregrot! 'Ol Dregrot will want ta send youz to da top of 'da stuntie fortress over 'dere, but I'll let youz figure out how ta get 'dere. It ain't called Lobber Hill 'cause we lob worthless garbage like youz into 'da slop now, is it? When ya gets yer lazy bum ta da top of da stuntie fortress, youz is gonna talk ta Mugrush Gutsticka and he's gonna explain how 'dem nekkid stunties gots 'demselves onto 'da beach in 'da first place!

When you get done wit' him, find yer way back down 'ere and Skarzag will send ya over ta Snouts' Pens, where youz gonna meet the gobbo Snouts. He'll want youz ta go an' fix 'dem stunties in da camp behind 'da pens. He'll also sendz youz out ta get rid of 'dem annoying squigs wot are bothering Ugrog. 'Dis is your first Public Quest, Ugrog's Rage. Since youz is gonna want some'tin ta keep stunties from cuttin' on youz, you'll want ta help get Ugrog movin! 'Den youz talks ta Maggut, da Rally Master an' he'll get you some armor. See 'dat Dark Elf over by 'da boar pens? 'Dats Sar Kernith an' he talks real purty, but I's don't trust 'im. See 'dat Orc over 'dere on 'da boar yellin at 'da gobbo wot is sittin on dat wolf? Da Orc is Rotgar an' da gobbo is Grubgob, an' dey's arguin' over wot is better fer mounts, wulfs or boars! 'Dey's gonna try an convince you da other is right. An' of course, youz can't be a Bloody Sun Boy wit'out talkin to da Bloody Sun Warmaster and clearin dem stunties out of 'da Gates of Ekrund! Youz can find him in da hut by 'da tower

'Da War Maker

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Where are 'dem stunties at?

On yer way to 'Da War maker, youz gonna pass through another PQ in Sharpthorn Wud, an' yer gonna need ta help out 'da boyz in clearing 'da forest of sprites. Don't worry, when youz gets to 'da War Maker, you talk to Rally Master Grokk under da sawmill and he'll set you up wit' new gear... provided youz proved yerself an' have 'da influence. Youz is gonna talk ta Taskmaster Pidgush too. He'z got some lazy gobbos he needs whipped into shape, and yer a big Orc, so youz'll do. Tuffgit da gobbo is waiting fer ya in front of 'da merchant. He's got 'imself a hummie problem, an' yer 'da solution. After youz cracked a couple of hummie skulls, you can talk to Sneakfang an' he'll give you a little some'ting fer yer trouble. Yer gonna needz ta travel into 'da valley over 'dere and help get some more lazy Ironclaw gobbos back ta work at 'da War Maker in 'da Ironclaw Camp PQ.

Komar and Wulftoof Wud

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Get in some extra killing in Kron Komar Gap

When Grokk and Pidgush get through wit ya, youz is gonna follow 'da road into dat stuntie city we's took over. I t'ink its called Komar. Before ya do 'dat though, youz is gonna need ta help our boyz in the Kron Komar Gap. Dey is fightin' dem bloody stunties right in front of Komar. When youz gets done doin' dat, youz go talk to Rally Master Splinta. He'll get ya set up with some more good sunties smashin gear! While yer 'dere, talk ta Bruza, he's da leader of 'dat camp and he's got stuff fer youz ta do. Youz is gonna be pretty busy 'cause Gilkor Smashjaw wants yer help with his homage to Mork for 'da WAAAGH!!

Seems 'dere's some Orcs wot think dey's too good to join up wit' Grumlok's warband. Bruza wants youz ta show dem 'dat dey's wrong, Orc style. Since this'll take ya to Wulftoof Wud, youz is gonna want ta talk ta 'da gobbo, Flemrot. Flemrot will get you introduced to trolls, propah like. On yer way back, cleave a few more stunties in the Kron Komar Gap an'den talk ta Virrik, who likes ta 'ear about dead stunties an' he rewards fer 'em too. Then youz is gonna wanna head up 'da hill, cuz now it's time to do wot greenskins do best.

Screeb's Stuntie Killin Camp (RvR Warcamp)

'Dis is where youz is gonna make 'dem stunties wish dey was never born! By now, youz should be a right nasty greenskin an' Screeb and da boyz got plenty of 'tings fer youz ta do, from takin' some of 'dem stuntie outposts ta killin' lots 'dem fer fun! Cuz nuthin's more fun than smackin' a stuntie around! HAR! After youz done spent sum time beatin up 'da hairy little stunties, youz should talk ta Lootboy Gimplegz an' Lootboy Rogrog. 'Dem little gits'll get you set up wit' gear fer wot youz need. Tofuz Gutsticka can 'elp you train new Renown Tactics so's youz can bash stunties better! And since 'dere's more fightin in other places, youz should talk ta Gleazadug Urts, the flightmaster. He can get youz over to bash stunties AND 'dem's friends for even more fun!

Gorgor's Smash

Now listen up, git face! Gorgor's the Rally Master around 'dese parts an youz gunna listen to wot he says! An wot he says is ta kill 'dem rotten Broketoof's wot t'ink deys better than us Bloody Sun Boyz! Over 'dere ya can find Xobz the Kill Collector. Xobz ain't been 'appy in awhile. Dem stuntie guns been givin him a 'eadache wit all dat boomin! Youz could 'elp 'im out by killin dem stuntie Thunderers and stop ‘em from thunderin'!

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Uh oh. Is Rokgar drooling when he looks at you?

Oi, Rokgar's lookin a bit 'ungry he is. Might be youz can 'elp 'im out wit dat... he tinks Sheemz the shaman is lookin kinda tasty!  He'll probably ask ya ta 'elp out wit da stuntie problem in dat pit behind us too. His big idea, thouhgh, is fer youz ta 'elp him out showin' dem Broketoof scum wot's wot an' teach 'em a lesson fer not joinin' wit Grumlock and da Bloody Sun Boyz. Youz gots ta keep some of 'dem alive though, or we ain't gonna have enough Orcs and Gobbos fer da big WAAAGH!

Brootus is a bright little git, he is. Before youz go smashin' up Dagesh Dreadbelch's Broketoof camp, youz is gonna need a charm. Brootus'll send youz out to get 'im some tings ta make it. While youz out 'dere, you can grab him a wolf cub fer him to raise, so's he can ride him when he gets all big. Jus' be careful. Brootus is tinkin' about takin over an' he may try and get youz ta 'elp. Gorgor finds out an 'e'll be right pissed off, he will.

Dat dere is Sheemz. Now Sheemz ain't no snotling, dat's why he's a shaman! He's been noticin' how Rokgar is lookin' at him wit dem hungry eyes. Sheemz'll tell youz ta find sumptin else fer Rokgar ta eat!

Now get out 'dere and WAAAGH!!!



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016