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These are the spaces outside of the main region map but
directly connected to it. This does not include instances that are part
of the epic books or other quest chains.


These are smaller, public instanced spaces that can be entered
by anyone at anytime, with or without associated quests. Ered Luin has
several - most of them are mines around the Thorin's Gates area, but
Sarnur is rather more complex.

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rowspan="1">Mirkstone Tunnels alt="Mirkstone Tunnels"

Location: Thorin's Gates, 14.6S, 104.9W

Level Range: 5

Description: A winding set of tunnels tied to a quest
from Thorin's
Gate. Not really any reason to go here after that, but the place is
accessible afterwards.

Mobs: Young Cave-claw.

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rowspan="1">Silver Deep Mine alt="Silver Deep Mine"

Location: Thorin's Gate, 14.3S, 101.6W

Level Range: 4 - 7

Description: Another short series of tunnels related to
the epic
prologue quest, but accessible afterwards. Some goblins here, but not
really enough to be worthwhile.

Mobs: Cave-claws, Goblins

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rowspan="1">Rockbelly Pit alt="Rockbelly Pit"

Location: Thorin's Gate, the Berghold, 15.7S, 102.3W

Level Range: 5 - 6

Description: Another quest-related mine that stays open
completion. As with the others, there's really no reason to come back
here once the quest is done.

Mobs: Cave-claws, Bats

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rowspan="1">Skorgrim's Tomb alt="Skorgrim's Tomb"

Location: Thorin's Gate, 13.1S, 100.5W

Level Range: 45 - 50

Description: This is part of the Volume I Book 7 epic
chain. Chapter
6 takes you to this instance, and you can return after completing it.

Mobs: Level 47 Wights, Spirits

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rowspan="1">Sarnur - Great Hall alt="Sarnur Great Hall"

Location: Vale of Thrain, 20.6S, 103.3W

Level Range: 45 - 50

Description: The great gallery of Sarnur. The Dourhands,
and Cave-claws on the main floor are in the level 46 - 47 range, as are
the Trolls, Bears and Snow-beasts in the icy cavern below, though the
mobs on the lower floor are elites and much tougher than the ones
upstairs. Get comfortable here if you have any notion of completing the
slayer deeds - these deeds require a lot of kills, and the trolls take
a fair bit of work to bring down even at higher levels.

Mobs: href="">Dourhands,

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rowspan="1">Sarnur - Caverns alt="Sarnur Caverns"

Location: Room off the lower floor of the Great Hall,
southwest corner

Level Range: 48 - 54 

Description: Bring a group to this one. All of the mobs
here are
elites or stronger. Trolls and goblins at the top, trolls and worms
lower down, and not a one of them below 9000 morale. Ancient Dwarf-make
damage is needed for all mobs in this area.

Mobs: href="">Trolls,
Goblins, href="">Worms

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rowspan="1">Sarnur - Keep alt="Sarnur Keep"

Location: Room off the main floor at the northwest
corner of the Great Hall

Level Range: 48-54

Description: Ancient Dwarf-make damage is needed for
this area. The dwarves, goblins and wargs here are tougher than their
buddies out in the Great Hall. The pools of water on the lower floor do
around 1000 points of cold damage per 2 seconds, so try to avoid them
whenever possible.

Mobs: href="">Dourhands,

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There is currently one skirmish set in Ered Luin.

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rowspan="1">Siege of Gondamon style="width: 250px; height: 400px;" alt="Siege of Gondamon"

Type: Defense

Level: 20 - 65

Size: Solo, Duo, Small Fellowship, Fellowship, Raid (12)

Description: The central stronghold of Ered Luin is
under siege by Dourhands, goblins and other assorted miscreants and
ne'er-do-wells. Mathi needs your assistance to keep these villains at
bay. Waves of enemies assault the South, West and North gates in three
stages before staging an all-out assault at the top of the keep.


  • Thrastar
  • Hergill
  • Agi Gatebreaker
  • Ghashnakh
  • Sigurmar

Title: Gondamon Siege-breaker

Campaign: Eruilan


Make use of the NPCs when the fighting gets tough. When
tougher lieutenants charge in during the waves of assaults, get their
aggro and run them to the other two gates to get the NPCs stationed
there attacking. You won't need to do this for every fight, but it may
help the tougher lieutentant and encounter fights go a bit smoother.
The gate-guarding NPCs are pretty much expendable, so use them to best

Another reason to do things this way is to cut down on
travel time between one assault and the next. Fighting in the middle of
the courtyard, rather than at the gates, means less time spent running
to the next fight. When you are able to quickly get to the next fight,
you are better able to establish threat and aggro before the NPCs,
which gives you more control over the fight. Starting from the middle,
rather than having to charge all the way across the courtyard from the
opposite side, gets you to the gates quicker.

Mathi is pretty hardcore and can handle the trash mobs
during the final assaults just fine with little or no player
intervention. But the lieutenants that come charging up the stairs
should be contained by the player. Drag them over to Mathi after he has
finished off the trash that drops down from the roof, but don't let
Mathi get swarmed too badly.

When the boss and his pet enter the fight at the end,
Mathi can handle himself against the Dourhand guy long enough for the
player(s) to take out the drake. Kill the drake first - that
fire-damage aura is a nuisance.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016