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These are the spaces outside of the main region map but
directly connected to it. This does not include instances that are part
of the epic books or other quest chains.

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These are private encounters joined via the Instance Join
panel. Currently, there is one instance set in Forochel: Sari-Surma,
the Glacier Fortress ruled by the Gaunt-lord Drugoth.

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Disco of Solitude, where Kale-El goes to boogie

Level Range: 65

Size: Fellowship

Description: An evil presence has descended upon the Ice
Bay of Forochel, inhabiting a large glacial iceberg. Having sent
several hunters to defeat the evil, the Lossoth have asked you to help
them destroy this evil once and for all....

Daily Challenge: Defeat the 4 Captains of Drugoth before
killing Osan (in one attempt)

& Tricks

This is a difficult instance that shipped with Update 2, and an
integral part of the In Their Absence questline. A full strategy guide
can be found here: href="">Echoes
of the Dead Instance Cluster, Part Three: Sari-Surma

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There is but one skirmish set in Forochel: The Icy Crevasse,
introduced with Update 3.

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rowspan="1">THE ICY CREVASSE
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alt="The Icy Crevasse"

are about to heat up in this icy crevasse

Level Range: 40 - 65

Type: Offensive (Control Points)

Size: Solo, Duo, Small Fellowship, Fellowship, Raid (12)

Description: A powerful sorcerer from Angmar seeks to
frive the frozen winds of Forochel south into Evendim, freezing the
lake and allowing a great army to march on Tinnudir....

& Tricks

This is one of the more challenging skirmishes
for solo skirmishers. The mobs here are tough, the counter-assaults are
brutal, and many of the enemies prefer to stay at range and murder
soldiers. The goal here is to move from canyon to canyon, capturing and
holding control points, and finally confront the Angmarim sorcerer who
is holed up in an ice cave at the far end. Each canyon seems to get
progressively more difficult, and the third one may prove to be a test
of your skill and patience. If you have a way to increase frost
mitigation, definitely use it.

each of the canyons, you will find steaming vents that provide an
incoming healing bonus while standing on them. When not standing on the
vents, you suffera penalty to run speed and damage. These effects also
apply to enemy mobs - they suffer the same debuff while not standing on
vents, and get the same healing buff when luxuriating in the steam.
Smart players will find a way to keep enemy mobs off of the steam vents
while receiving the steam benefits - watch your facing, and stand at
the very edge of the vents' area of effect.

Canyon number three
is a fairly large, open area with a bunch of snowdrift hills. Clearing
the mobs is not all that tough, but the counter-attack can get
extremely hairy. The counter-attackers - typically ranged Gauredain,
grims and dwarves, plus a lieutenant - come barreling out of the cave
and race around the capture point. Because so many of these mobs are
ranged attackers, it is very difficult to tank them all, and because
they are usually spread fairly far apart, it is very difficult to
simply tag them all with area-effect attacks. Herbalist soldiers will
almost certainly draw enemy aggro immediately, and the
challenge is to pull the aggro off from these ranged
attackers before they tear your soldier to shreds. Different soldier
types will see different results, but you can most likely expect your
soldier to be hamburger and red goo fairly early on, so plan
accordingly... and prepare to make several attempts when and if things
go badly.

The boss fight is interesting. The Angmarim sorcerer has
raised up a mammoth-wight as part of his diabolical plot.
There are steam vents in here also, and they may be used for the fight.
You will start out by fighting the undead mammoth, who will tag out
after taking a set amount of damage and call in the sorcerer. The
sorcerer drops green hot-zone circles on the ground which give him a
heal every time he hits you - you want to keep him out of those circles
and off the steam vents. After a few back-and-forth swaps, you will
face the mammoth and the sorcerer together. Keep your big skills in
reserve for this part of the fight. Use the sled when you kill them
both to leave the skirmish.

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These are smaller spaces entered via doorways in the main world,
usually tied to quests but available for exploration at any time.
Forochel has 2 such dungeons: The Piekko Cave and the Icereave Mines,
both located near Zigilgund.

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rowspan="1">PIEKKO CAVE
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alt="Piekko cave"

Location: 9.5N, 79.8W

Level Range: 46-47

Mobs: Snowbeasts

Description: An ice-cave packed with snowbeasts. The
matron is in here in the big room in the northeast.

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rowspan="1">ICEREAVE MINES
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alt="Icereave Mines"

Location: 8.9N, 81.9W

Level Range: 49 - 50

Mobs: Dourhands, Snowbeasts

Description: A refuge for outlaw Dourhands fleeing from
justice in Ered Luin, the Icereave Mines are just southwest of
Zigilgund. The Dourhands are hard at work digging in the tunnels for
precious ores and gems, and those not engaged in the digging are
dealing with the snowbeast infestation.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016