by: Odysseus

Lamna Armory is a weapons testing and storage facility that the Bane are utilizing to develop new weapon technologies. The armory houses storage for standard Bane weapons as well as a research section where new prototype weapons are developed. The enemy in the instance are levels 33-36, and there are four bosses to take down (two of which respawn).

Before heading to the Lamna Armory, make sure you have the “Weapons Trafficking” mission from Amee Corman at the Retread Camp in Pools. The object of that mission is initially to bring back one prototype weapon from Lamna Armory, but, as we’ll see, the objective expands to bring back more than that. If you haven’t picked up the mission “A Cult Divided” from the Hermit in Pools, you may be wondering: “Why would a Corman want a prototype weapon?” Without spoiling the whole story line, it seems that not all Cormans are nonviolent. Specifically, there are a group of Cormans called the Retreads who have abandoned their peaceful heritage.

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Is it Radioactive? Mouthwash?

With the “Weapons Trafficking” mission in hand, the next order of business is getting to Lamna Armory. The closest control point is the Bane Comm Center, but it is rarely in AFS hands. So, that means you will need to run. Of course, you can run directly to the instance, or, if you are interested in not drawing any attention, you can try a bit of stealth. If you opt for the stealth path, we recommend beaming to the South Listening Post. From there, head towards the lake (Lake Morass). On your way to the lake you will probably pass some hunters and their pets engaged with a maw or two; however, we left them there to talk and work it out. While running to the lake pick up the logos “When” if you don’t already have it. It is at 13, -492.

Once you are swimming in the lake, exit at the southwestern part of the lake (just to the south of the stream that feeds the lake). Head up a little hill, and then cross the stream above the small waterfall that feeds into the lake. Go up the hill to the large spikes that are commonplace in Bane architecture. As you approach the spikes, you will see two mortars. These mortars are on the top of the entrance to Lamna Armory. Run between the mortars, drop down, turn around and run into the tunnel to enter the armory.

Once inside the armory, talk to Scout Bromfield, who will give you the “Operation Overlord” mission, Captain Arimoro, who will give you the “Bane Battle Plans” mission, and Colonel Herring, who will give you the “Blow Them All Up” mission. As the point of “Blow Them All Up” is to destroy twenty weapons lockers, immediately after accepting the mission, turn to your left and blast the first one (it’s right next to the medic in the instance).

As the laser gate is locked at the beginning of the instance, go through the round doorway and clear that room. There is a Level 1 Access Terminal in this room (312, 25), and it unlocks the laser gate at the beginning. At this point, you could double-back and take that laser gate, or you could continue on this path. This guide will continue along this current path.

Head up the ramp to collect the three hard drives that represent the Bane Battle Plans. While collecting these hard drives (and blowing up weapons lockers along the way), you will meet the level 36 grenadier Thrax boss named Gaite. He will drop the Security Chief’s Key. Gaite will respawn, so you likely will have to kill him twice (or more).

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I Just Need Directions!

Go through the laser gate in this area, clearing Bane and weapons lockers, and then drop down from the walkway. You could go through a laser gate and clear the large room (the one you could see while looting the hard drives), but since you will be back in that room for other missions, let’s save that room for later. Go down the spiral walkway to Research and Development. Go into the room with the green tint and a large staircase in the middle. You will note that there is another Level 1 Access Terminal at the top of the stairs in the middle of the room, but, no matter what we did, we couldn’t activate it.

Go left into the round doorway leading to another green room. This one has a stasis chamber that you can shoot, but we didn’t find that shooting it affected any mission or the armory. On one side of the room is a staircase. Go up the staircase and around to the left to destroy more weapons lockers (which should take you to twenty by now). Before heading back down the stairs, note that there is a walkway that leads back to the mission givers and the medic. If you want to turn in two missions and/or see the medic for ammo or healing, now is the time to do it. Also, if you do not want to use a personal waypoint after you’ve completed all of the missions, this is the only path back to the beginning of the instance.

Return to the green tinted room with the tall staircase in the middle. Go up the ramp to the next room where you’ll meet the level 36 boss rifleman named Kewl. As always, boss fights go much faster (and safer) if you dispose of his minions first. Kewl will drop the Weaponsmith’s Key. This boss does not respawn.

Take the spiral walkway up, and you will be heading towards the Storage area of the instance where the prototype weapons are located. One trick we found to clearing much of the storage area was to run up the first set of stairs, hang a right, run past the Bane, turn around and crouch. Many of the Bane came running at us through the narrow hallway. With them funneled into a small space, it was time for the shotgun. We love a strategy that is not only tactically sound, it is also cost efficient as each shot damages multiple enemies.

The next boss is a level 36 lightbender named Fearce. He will drop the Quartermaster’s Key. Fearce and his minions do respawn. While you are looting the footlocker (102, -194) to get the prototype weapon for Amee Corman, you will likely find yourself under fire from the respawned boss and his helpers. Also, note that the three keys for the Overlord mission and prototype weapons don’t stack in the Mission tab of your backpack. You will need at least eight free slots in that backpack tab.

After looting the first prototype weapon, the “Weapons Trafficking” mission will expand and require you to get a second prototype weapon. That’s okay, because it’s in the same room where you will use all three keys to access the Overlord. Head back to the large room with the laser gate entrance (the one you could see while looting the hard drives), and loot the second footlocker (194, -15) for the prototype weapon. You will now be prompted to find the third prototype weapon, but first you will need to get past the Overlord boss.

To access the room with the Overlord use the three consoles (184, -85) to insert the three keys. Then turn around to activate the switch. Go towards the smaller room to your left. The Overlord’s level 35 Kael pet will not appreciate your visit, but electric weapons make short work of him. Commander Vanduahl, a level 36 shield-less hunter, is the Overlord. His armor comes off easily, but he has fast health regeneration. If you’re running this mission solo, you will need something with big hit points (i.e., blade or staff), or something with high damage per second (DPS) like a pistol or several turrets.

After the boss fight, loot two footlockers for prototype weapons and then get the logos Distance. This logos can be turned into Vogren’s Hologram (located at Vogren’s Tomb in Plateau).

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How Bad Could This Place Be?

Go back to the Storage area to get the final prototype weapon (-25, -216). Once the last prototype weapon has been retrieved, use a personal waypoint to go back to the beginning of the instance, or use the walkway at the top of the stairs in the green room containing the stasis tank that was described earlier.

After leaving the instance you might get lucky and run into Natrinx, the Bane supply master from the mission of the same name. He runs between the Thrax barracks and the armory. If you meet him, make sure he sticks around long enough to kill his entourage. He won’t talk until his staff is dead, and he’s in a hurry to slip into the armory.

After you leave the tunnel from the armory, turn left and look at the cool missile launchers. You can shoot them, but they respawn. There is also a crate to loot that had some good gear for us. It was all gray weapons, but you can’t beat free gear.

Make your way back to Amee Corman to turn in that mission. She will then give you a mission to complete in Marshes (the next zone after Pools).

Several Oddities to Note:

There are numerous Camera Monitors that cannot be used throughout the instance even though they have the “T” symbol on them.

You finish the instance with about sixty looted Lamna Security Cards that seem to have no purpose. Be sure and drop the Lamna Security Cards after you leave the instance to free up valuable space in the Mission tab of your backpack.

We tried running the instance without using the Level 1 Access Terminal (312, 25) that unlocks the laser gate near the mission givers. Without a personal waypoint we were trapped in the instance with no way out. Since we had completed the missions, we simply exited the game, restarted the game, re-entered the instance and turned in the missions.

A List of the Rewards Per Mission:

Weapons Trafficking: AccuMax Incendiary Blade, Chitech Conical Healing Disc, Teleract Cryogenic Shotgun, Vitalius Virulent Staff.

Operation Overlord: Eclipse Cryogenic Injector Gun, Teleract Pulse Chaingun, Vitalius Electric Rifle, Animatics Rocket Launcher.

Bane Battle Plans: Dynamo Conical Repair Tool, Shinobi Electric Pistol, Vitalius Virulent Dispenser, AccuMax EMP Torqueshell Rifle.

Blow Them All Up: ChiTech Chaingun, AccuMax Incendiary Net Gun, Vextronics Exothermic Polarity Gun, ChiTech Shotgun.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016