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Guide to Daily Quests - Maximizing Profit while Minimizing Time

Welcome to our first installment on how to best optimize your time while doing Daily Quests! As you know, 2.4 introduced a wealth of Daily Quests you may do, and while many will give reputation and some rewards, most people do them for the easy gold they can obtain from them. With that in mind, we have compiled the best way to get gold in a day, the fastest way possible.

Daily Quests generally yield anywhere from 8 gold to 14 gold, depending on the complexity of the Quest and the location of the same. A great start for your day is within the Isle of Quel'danas - this zone has the most daily quests in the game and all require different simple tasks around the island. This guide will assume your server has completed all of the Quel'danas stages of attack and has all Daily Quests unlocked for the area.

Isle of Quel'Danas

First of all, as you zone into Quel'danas, take all the Quests you are able to, namely...

Know your Ley Lines

Keeping the Enemy at Bay

Crush the Dawnblade

The Battle Must Go On

The Airstrikes Must Continue

Don't Stop Now...

Disrupt the Greengill Coast

Further Conversions

Arm the Wards

Open for Business

Also, make sure to pick up "Ata'mal Armaments" and "Rediscovering Your Roots", for Outland later.

Once you have them all listed, it's best to start at the Greengill Coast, so head east to it. Here, you will kill any Naga in sight and you will be possibly obtaining Quest Items for the Murloc Control Orbs and Darkspine Coffer Keys. Make sure to work your way down to take your Ley Line reading at the Naga Shrine as well.

After 15-20 minutes or so, provided there's not much competition for the Naga, head over to the central stage of the Island. Here, you will kill Demons near their portal for your Battle Must Go On quest, and take your Ley Reading from the Portal. After 10 monsters have been slain, your reading taken and your flag set, move over westward once more, and complete "Crush the Dawnblade", killing Knights, Summoners and Marksmen, as well as taking your final Ley Line reading from the Blood Crystal.

Remember to pick up any and all Bloodberries in the Area to complete your Open for Business Quest.

Finally, head behind the buildings and into the westernmost part of the island, where the Wretched and Sentries are - these may take a little bit of time to obtain, but upon obtaining your Mana Remnants and activating 5 robots, you will be done with the mainland. Immediately head over to the flight master, and undertake "Keeping the Enemy At Bay", bombing the Dawnblade Reinforcements and killing 6 of them in their boats, and later bombing the Demons in the Dead Scar.

Sunwell Island, and its Quest locations

You are now done with Quel'Danas - depending on your class, gear, and competition, you likely had anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour here, for the amount of roughly 110 gold.


In Shattrath, pick up the Quests:

Sunfury Plans

Maintaining the Sunwell Portal

The Multi-Phase Survey

You may pick up the other quests if you can ( Gaining the Advantage, Fishing Daily, Cooking Daily, however, you may do those at your leasure and take more time )

First of all, fly up to the Razorthorn Ridge and complete Discovering Your Roots, this should take no more than 20 minutes as the Quest isn't too demanding. From here, head on down all the way to Shadowmoon Valley, and hunt the Shadowmoon Warriors at the Black Temple until you get 5 Ata'Mal Armaments.

Our next zone will be Nagrand, doing the Multi-Phase Survey the best you can, taking no more than 10 minutes to complete - next, head over to Hellfire Peninsula, and complete the Quests Magistrix Seyla gives you at the Throne of Kil'Jaeden ( Blood for Blood, and Blast the Gateway )

Next up, head over to Netherstorm, past the Twisting Nether, landing in the Manaforge B'naar, closest to Blade's Edge. Kill a few Blood Elves here to obtain your Sunfury Attack Plans - with some luck, it will be fast.

Finally, head over to Blade's Edge and kill the Ethereals at the Bash'ir landing in order to phase out with their device and complete your Maintaining the Sunwell Portal Quest.

You will be at 18 out of 25 Quests for the Day - you may now undertake Quests like the Daily PvP Fights, Cooking, Fishing, Instance Dailies, or Ogri'la / Sha'tari Skyguard / Netherwing Lines to round off your day. The reason we picked the newest Dailies is simple - Shattered Sun Supply Bags. Yielding green items and possibly Badges of Justice, this is the best way to gather money if you have time to kill during the day.

Overall times recorded for this guide to be followed to completion:

3 hours - Warrior in PvP Gear / Epic Flying Mount

3 hours 45 minutes - Rogue in Blues and Greens / Normal Flying Mount

2 hours 40 minutes- Warlock in PvP Gear / Epic Flying Mount

Times may vary with your luck, dedication, and competition in the areas. Below is a table that illustrates average times to complete certain Quests in this guide, provided you are in its area.

Quest Name
Estimated Time To Complete
The Air Strikes Must Continue ~3 Minutes (Bombing Run Pre-Set)
Disrupt the Reinforcements ~3-7 Minutes (Bombing Ships, 6 Kills)
Disrupt the Greengill Coast ~3-5 Minutes (100% Droprate Orbs)
Don't Stop Now... ~8-15 Minutes (Darkspine Key Droprate Low)
Know Your Ley Lines ~8 Minutes (Dedicated), ~20 (Combined)
Crush the Dawnblade ~10-12 Minutes (Many Kills)
Further Conversions ~10-20 Minutes (Robot Spawns)
Arm the Wards! ~10-20 Minutes (Low Mana Remnant Droprate)
The Multi-Phase Survey ~4-5 Minutes
Rediscovering Your Roots ~8-12 Minutes (Low Droprate on Gland)
Maintaining the Sunwell Portal ~12-25 Minutes (Low Droprate Item, many Mana Wyrms)
Sunfury Plans ~3-15 Minutes (Luck-based drop)
Ata'Mal Armaments ~10-25 Minutes (Low Droprate)
Blood for Blood ~10-15 Minutes (2 Objectives)
Blast the Gateway ~5-20 Minutes (Depending on Fel Spark Spawns)
Gaining the Advantage ~20-40 Minutes (Depending on Profession and low Droprate)
Open for Business ~10-15 Minutes (Competition Based)



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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