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  • Overview

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  • Quests and Quest Starters

  • Soloing Opportunities

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Not much is know about The Caves. Lore wise, it's difficult to even ascertain
where they are since you can only get their by boat. Now that I think about it,
you don't see any way in or out. Maybe you go by submarine. Yes, that's it. A
magical submarine takes you to the lightless cave where you'll find all types of
gnolls and spiders and other stuff to beat on.

The caves has a variety of quests and creatures which will provide content
for at least a level or two, not to mention a decent amount of collection quests
if you can beat other people to the shiny.

Minimum level:

There is no level restriction for this zone, but it is recommended for solo
and groups between the levels of 5 and 15. At the lower levels of 5-10, your
going to be able to kill gnolls and spiders near the beginning and maybe some of
the early camps. The later levels you will be able to fight heroic golems near
the top level as well as a few nameds for quests and loot. The creatures
difficulty progresses as you go deeper in the zone so don't rush into anything
you aren't prepared for.

Quest Starters:

  • Normal quests:

    • The Gnollish Menace:   style="FONT-WEIGHT: normal">Leiutenant Delsun gives this quest at the cave
      entrance. He wants you to kill 30 Gnolls of any kind, 2 Dustpaw Armorers
      which can be found on the second level, 5 alabaster behemoths which are on
      the third level, and 5 Rockpaw Guards also on the third level. Return after
      doing this to be rewarded with your choice of a nice leg armor piece.

    • A Lack of Information:   style="FONT-WEIGHT: normal">This is the first of a series of progressive
      quests in the cave. It is given by Consul Bree near the entrance. You are
      required to grab the book of Gnollish Orders. You can find the book around
      (20, -68). After getting it you'll be required to kill a few gnoll guards
      for an update. Return to Bree and this will open up two new quest paths: Hit
      Them Where it Hurts and An Explosive idea.

    • An Explosive Idea:   Initiate this quest by
      talking to Emma Torque after doing A Lack of Information. She will ask you
      to gather 15 powdered minerals. These are harvested from random spawns
      throughout the zone. Return to Emma when you are done to receive your

    • Destroying the Foundation: The last of Emma Torque's
      quests, this one requires you to take explosives up to the third level.
      You'll find two clickable objects one at -10, 76 and one at 51, -83 which
      activating both will update the quest. You'll next need to kill Fulkoir the
      Haggleton a named gnoll at the Rockpaw camp (45, -109). The reward for this
      quest is a choice of foot armor.

    • Hit Them Where it Hurts: Consul Bree will give you
      explosives to place on the armory forge on the second level, and on various
      mechanical parts throughout the zone. Return for your reward

    • Elements of a Ritual: Consul Bree will now instruct you
      to speak with Emma Torque who will give you a drawing ray. You'll need to
      kill 5 albion pythons on the third level, collect incarnation dust from the
      Rockpaw Camp, and kill a River behemoth also on the third level. Use the
      drawing ray on his body and then return to Bree.

    • High Shaman of the Rockpaw: This one is pretty straight
      foward but you'll need a group if you are the appropriate level. Bree will
      give you a staff to place in the dragon skull on the second level. One you
      click on the skull and place the staff, it will summon a heroic High Shaman
      Zen'Durath. Kill him and return to Bree for your reward which is a choice of
      chest armor.

    Soloing Opportunities:

    There are plenty of solo creatures around the entrance in the form of
    fishies, spiders, and some gnolls. In fact, most of the zone is soloable if you
    are the correct level. As I said earlier, as you move up to higher levels, the
    creatures will get progressively harder, so make sure you don't go deeper than
    you need to.

    Grouping Opportunities

    My personal opinion? This zone really
    isn't designed for a group. There are some heroic targets, but they seem pretty
    conducive to a duo or trio of people working on quests. Grab a buddy and get in

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