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These are the spaces outside of the main region map but
directly connected to it. This does not include instances that are part
of the epic books or other quest chains.


These are smaller, public instanced spaces that can be entered
by anyone at anytime, with or without associated quests. The Lone-lands
has one dungeon, and it's a pretty good one.

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rowspan="1">Iorvinas alt="Iorvinas"

Location: Thorin's Gates, 14.6S, 104.9W

Level Range: 5

Description: A set of tunnels beset by orcs and
Shornbeard dwarves. There are a number of quests for this area,
available from NPCs inside and outside the dungeon.

Mobs: Orcs, Dwarves.

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These are private encounters joined via the Instance Join
panel. Currently, there are three Lone-lands instances: the different
wings of Garth Agarwen, which are all added to the Instance Join panel
upon reaching level 32. Completing challenges in these instances earns
the player Eglain Tokens, which may be redeemed at the the camp outside
the Outer Gate for really good level 32 weapons.

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rowspan="1">Garth Agarwen: Arboretum
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bark is exactly as grim as his bite.

Level Range: 32 (Not scaled)

Size: Small Fellowship

Description: This wing is the garden area of Garth
Agarwen, overrun with bog-lurkers and wights. Paths are obscured by
lowered branches, which snap up when approached.. 

Challenge: Grimbark, the angry-tree boss of this
instance, drops a bunch of beehives fight it. Kill Grimbark
without destroying any of the beehives.


  • Kill Wights
  • Find Tombs & Statues
  • Kill Gloom-waters
  • Kill Bog-lurkers
& Tricks

The mobs in here are tough - level 32 elites that tend
to attack in pairs. The weak mobs have around 1500 morale, stronger
ones around 3500, and the boss, Grimbark, has 11,000. If attempting
this on-level, bring your A-game, lots of pots and a good healer.

There are exactly enough mobs for the "kill-stuff"
quests, and they hide in concealed nooks behind obscuring trees that
snap out of the way when you approach. Keep the group together in case
of nasty surprises lurking behind unnoticed passageways.

Champs may have a hard time against Grimbark -
unleashing area-effect attacks during the fight may risk destroying the
beehives. Single-target attacks are the best approach here.

High-level characters can fairly easily solo this place.
The 11,000-morale mobs pose a bit of a challenge, but nothing
insurmountable when going in prepared.

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rowspan="1">Garth Agarwen: Barrows
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alt="Ivar the Blood-hand"

Ivar managed to capture Flava Flav. YEAAAA BOYYYY!

Level Range: 32 (not scaled)

Size: Small Fellowship

Description: Ivar the Blood-hand rules this wing. The
path to Ivar's crypt is guarded by Creoth goons and various undead.
Blogkritar, a wight with 11.000 morale, must be killed to unlock the
path leading up to Ivar's tomb. For extra bonus points, find the crone
Sara Oakheart and escort her to safety.

Challenge: Kill Ivar without killing his banner-bearing


  • Kill 30 Wights
  • Kill 19 Creoth
  • Kill 18 Decayed
  • Find 5 unmarked tombs

Tips & Tricks

This is a tough instance for on-level, particularly as
it is marked Small Fellowship. Again, bring lots of potions (fear and
disease in particular) and be prepared for some tough fights. 

Healing and healer aggro will be a concern here,
particularly during the fight against Ivar - a ring of ranged wights
attacks from around the crypt, and healers are almost guaranteed to
pull some fire from these adds. The group will need a solid tank with
loads of morale to handle this. Send the tank in first and have him
aggro everything in the room well before the group's healer starts

The challenge is to kill Ivar without killing his banner
guys, but the banner guys give him big buffs. Keep that in mind - that
11k morale will seem like a lot more when he is being constantly buffed
throughout the fight.

The Sara Oakheart escort quest is fairly easy (compared
to other Sara Oakheart quests, which can be excruciating). She hauls
ass in this one rather than plodding along, so make sure you keep up
with her and don't let her get too much aggro. She's not very tough.

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rowspan="1">Garth Agarwen: Fortress
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alt="Garth Agarwen Gate"

not exactly a welcoming site, but then again you're not exactly welcome
to enter.

Level Range: 32 (not scaled)

Size: Full Fellowship

Description: The fortress is a tad bit larger than the
other 2 instances. It is ruled by Naruhel, the Red Maid, and guarded by
a number of very tough minions doing her foul bidding.

Challenge: This one has 2 challenges. First, the group
must kill Dunlang, a Creoth zealot, without killing any of his adds.
Second, the group must battle Naruhel, the Red Maid, and allow her
Creoth underlings to sacrifice themselves to her.


  • Kill 7 Darkwaters plus Raugzdrok, their boss
  • Kill 25 Wights
  • Kill 25 Creoth Hillmen
& Tricks

There is actually a lot to do in this instance, putting
it on par, content-wise, with some of the late-game instances and raids
when tackled on-level. The fights are very challenging, and this is a
good instance to benchmark your skills at mid-levels.

The first major fight is against the twins, Esyld and
Edan, guarding the Garth Agarwen Gate at the top of the stairs past the
Creoth training yard. Their platform is lined with a row of wights, and
you may want to take all of these out before engaging the twins to gove
your group some manouevering room. In particular, take out the three
pathing mobs patrolling the middle - throwing them into the mix when
fighting the brothers can cause a wipe.

Keep Esyld and Edan separated when fighting them. They
have proximity-based buffs, making them tougher when they stand
together. Keep a tank on one while the rest of the group burns the
other, then kill the second one when the first one dies.

The second big fight is one of the challenges: Dunlang.
He is encamped deeper within the fortress through a minor labyrinth of
stairways and mob-filled rooms. This fight is... not cool. The
challenge is to kill Dunlang without killing any of his adds, which is
particularly brutal because Dunlang doesn't join in the fighting for a
good long while. The adds, which you must not kill, will beat on the
group mercilessly for a couple of minutes before Dunlang activates.
Make sure you have a good, rugged tank for this fight - he will grab
the aggro and kite them around the small room, not attacking. When
Dunlang finally joins the fight, kill him quick. He's not that tough -
3500 morale or so - so once he starts fighting the battle ends pretty

The third big fight is against Vatar, who guards the
doorway into the Spring of the Red Maid. Vatar is a talker and wants to
show you how badass he was back in the day with a little dramatic
re-enactment starring some ghosts. Once the show is done, kill him
quick. He will fall and call in a bunch of crawlers, which are nothing
special and shouldn't pose much of a problem. Vatar will then rise up,
fully healed, and resume fighting, calling in more crawlers during the
fight. Kill him again and loot the chest at the back of the room.

After Vatar falls, the way to the Spring of the Red Maid
opens. Take the bowl of water from the chest and run it to the altar
inside, which activates Naruhel. She is slightly less talkative than
Vatar, but her disciples love her anyway, and will throw themselves
upon her altar during the fight, which gives her massive buffs and
makes her difficult to damage. This fight is one of the most
challenging in the game for an on-level group, so either go in prepared
or take a high-level helper with you.

This fight can be difficult for tanks and anyone with
long skill inductions. She does several big knockback attacks and will
root characters in place, both of which are problematic for tanks and
healers. Naruhel will buff and heal repeatedly during the course of the
fight, making this one an endurance match. Conserve power early on and
save it for as long as possible.

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There is currently one skirmish set in the Lone-lands.

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rowspan="1">Stand at Amon Sul
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alt="Candaith at Amon Sul"

will be too busy kicking ass to light the fires. That's your job.

Type: Defense

Level: 25 - 65

Size: Solo, Duo, Small Fellowship, Fellowship, Raid (12)

Description: Candaith is expecting a showdown at the
peak of Weathertop, in the ruins of the ancient watchtower known as
Amon Sul. This is a night-time attack, and the enemy is empowered by
the darkness - keeping the watch-fires lit will help ensure that
Candaith's stand is not his last one.


  • Golnauk
  • Bloodwing
  • Gugaw's Arm
  • Laimbenn
  • Mokum
  • Gwandir
  • Norgol
  • Gwathrengor
  • Urkflagit

Title: Stood at Amon Sul

Campaign: Eruilan


Lighting the watch-fires around the outside of the
staging area takes 2 trips - the torch will go out after you light the
first 3 and you will need to go back for another to light the remaining
2 fires. Establish a pattern for this early on, and stick with that
pattern throughout the skirmish. The fires will burn out in the order
in which they were lit, so when the first fire goes out you know which
ones will be next.

At low levels, Candaith can handle himself fairly well.
When soloing this skirmish, the player only needs to really worry about
keeping the fires lit and pitching in for the Cargul boss at the

When running this one with a group, have one designated
fire guy. Everyone else should focus on keeping Candaith alive and
burning down the enemies.

The encounters spawn in at the outside fringes of the
"arena." Best practice is to bring them into the light and have
Candaith help with the fighting, but occasionally they will aggro on
soldiers just outside the walls and not come inside. Try to deal with
encounters between waves of enemies so that this is not a fatal problem
when it occurs.

One encounter will only activate when the fires burn
out. This one is tricksome - allow the fires to burn down just long
enough for the encounter to activate and the mob to enter the middle,
let Candaith get his aggro and then get the campfires lit ASAP.

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