What good first person shooter doesn't have a prison level? Tabula Rasa provides us all the fun and excitement of assaulting a prison facility and rescuing hundreds of AFS detainees. Join Ten Ton Hammer as they journey through Torcastra Prison explaining each objective, offer successful strategies, and even provide the ingame video briefing. Don't be a prisoner to failing strategies, take a look at our guide.

In the southern portion of Concordia Divide, beyond the heavily defended Bane base, is a detention facility filled with AFS POWs Torcastra Prison not only serves to control soldiers taken prisoner but is the center of unspeakable experimentation on Humans and Foreans alike. AFS high command has decided it's time to free these tortured souls and has planned a daring rescue which you and your squad will participate in. The task will not be easy, but the fate of hundreds rests in your hands, so you know, no pressure.

Help orchestrate the great escape by checking out our guide!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016