If you haven't heard yet, Twitter is coming to World of Warcraft. Set to launch in Patch 6.1, this new feature will allow you to send out Tweets directly to your Twitter feed, without ever closing the game! That's right ladies and gents, now you can share your incredible Warcraft moments (and inevitable selfies) with your Twitter feed with less hassle than ever before.

If you are one of the many that can't wait to share your in game accomplishments with your Twitter Followers, then you may already be wondering; how does it work? We were wondering the same thing so we headed into the PTR to check it out. Turns out, getting started and Tweeting in game is far easier than you might think!

WoW Tweets – Getting Started

Before you even log into game, the first thing you should do is set up your very own Twitter account if you don't already have one. Visit Twitter's website and follow the steps sign up if you haven't already done so! With Twitter account in hand, it is time to log into World of Warcraft!

To log into your Twitter account, bring up your Game Menu options by pressing escape or choosing the Game Menu option on your mini-menu bar. Once you have your Game Menu open, select the 'Interface” option. Choose “Social” from within this set of options and you will be face to face with the option to Enable Twitter Functionality.

WoW Tweets – Signing In

To turn on your access to Twitter, simply click the box next to Enable Twitter Functionality. Then select the newly highlighted “Sign In” button. A new screen will appear that will allow you to enter your Twitter username and password.

You will also be asked to agree to authorize the World of Warcraft app to use your account. Panic mode may set in here, as this authorization says it will allow WoW to see who follows you, change your profile, and more.

While this may seem ominous, it really isn't. In fact, chances are, the app will not use many of these features. Unfortunately, when it comes to access agreements, developers are pretty limited in choices and they must include all of these things, even if they aren't going to make use of them. Don't freak out, the WoW developers are not trying to spy on you.

If you accept the terms, click sign in to log into your Twitter account. Signing in will activate Twitter Functionality for all of your characters on an account.

WoW Tweets – Sharing Tweets

Now that you have the app enabled and are all signed in, it is time to get sharing your World of Warcraft moments on Twitter! Create a new Tweet by typing /share followed by your message into chat. Share Achievements and item drops by using the tiny share icon that will now appear next to them or add an Achievement or item directly to a Tweet with the Twitter UI open and shift+clicking on the Achievement or item.

Tweets can only be sent to your account by you. The game will never send out Tweets for you. It has also been made almost impossible for any Addons to access this feature, meaning you are the only one responsible for how much or how little your Twitter universe sees. Please note that this feature only makes posting to Twitter more convenient. While you will be able to post to Twitter, you will not be able to see your Twitter feed in game.

WoW Tweets – Signing Out

If you decide you would rather not have this feature enabled for any reason, simply go back into the Social Interface menu and sign out. You can also uncheck the box for good measure. This will disable Twitter for all characters on your account. You may choose to sign back in at any time.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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