Storing your items can be fun and helpful for the team.

Managing a guild's inventory of items is a task that most guilds have to do at some point or another. We've got the first part of our two part guide to guild banks that describes in detail how to set a character up to act as a guild bank. Stay tuned for our second update in which we give detailed instructions on how to use and manage the new guild vaults introduced in patch 2.3.

To create an alternate character guild bank you must first choose a player who is both very active and very trustworthy. It's important to emphasis trust as the player who either controls and/or owns the account the alternate (alt) is on has complete control over the items given to it. There is rarely an instance of Blizzard intervening from someone stealing all of the items given to the character so trust must be emphasized.

Take a look at our Guild Banks Guide today and get your bank going!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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