Halloween is out in Guild Wars and there is a lot of things to do! Get out there and start stocking up on holiday treats such as the Ghost-in-the-Box or try your luck at the Costume Brawl where you can fight as one of your favorite heroes or henchmen. Stay tuned as the holiday advances and more quests are released in addition to the Mad King Thorn's return October 31st.

Halloween is a spooky time in Guild Wars as it’s when Mad King Thorn makes his triumphant return to Lion’s Arch. Like all festivals in Guild Wars there is a lot of neat events happening and tons of special rewards only obtainable during the event. This year, currently, no quests are active but the costume brawl and as always, Mad King Thorns return on October 31st, are still a go.

Guild War's Halloween is now live on the servers. Get out there and get collecting!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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