Guild Wars: Beyond, the ongoing series of updates to the original Guild Wars, is currently in the "War in Kryta" phase. The Shining Blade, rebels against the evil White Mantle, have declared war and are currently retaking their kingdom. Our guide goes over the history of this event along with how to participate, how to find the Shining Blade camp, and how to farm the valuable War Supplies to obtain your very own Royal Gifts.

The White Mantle is a group of religious zealots who worship the Unseen Ones (which are really the Mursaat, a race of evil humanoids who would have stopped at nothing to keep the Door of Komalie closed and prevent the return of the titans, a race that could utterly wipe them out. Yet, they failed, the door was opened and the majority of their race was destroyed and the Titans were resealed shortly afterward.

The War in Kryta Guide is an ongoing effort. Be sure to bookmark it and return.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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