Wintersday is the Guild Wars universe holiday event. It started December 16th and runs until January 3rd (with the finale running January 1st to January 2nd).  During the holiday various towns are decorated, amazing quests with unique holiday themed loot are available, and much more as Dwayna and Grenth battle it out for control.


Lion’s Arch, Ascalon City, Droknar’s Forge, Kamadan, and the Eye of the North are all decorated during the event. In addition, special holiday themed weaponry is available through crafting and questing along with some holiday themed items that can summon snowmen and even turn you into an elf. The main features are a series of quest chains using the snowball fight mechanics and of course, snowball fighting.

The event concludes with an epic battle between Grenth and Dwayna where players can obtain a unique hat only available this season.

In some cities, Enchanted Snowmen are available as henchmen. They are your generic Elementalist henchmen with water spells.

Snowball Fight

In the Snowball Fight you’ll be pitted against other players using the Snowball Fight skillbar. The objective is to return 5 presents in random gameplay or 10 presents in tournament gameplay before the other team does. Your skillbar will include the following skills:

  • Snowball: A thrown snowball that does 50 damage and gives 1 strike of adrenaline.
  • Mega Snowball: A bigger snowball that does 75 damage and knocks down the opponent.
  • Snow Down the Shirt: A hex that causes a player to be interrupted whenever they take damage.
  • Hidden Rock: A glyph that makes your next snowball knock down a foe and cause Daze for 10 seconds.
  • Avalanche (red team/Dwayna): Cripples nearby foes for 7 seconds. | Yellow Snow (blue team/Grenth): Removes one condition and makes your next snowball cause disease for 10 seconds.
  • Primary Profession Skill: This skill is dependant on your profession.
  • Ice Fort: Makes you immune to knock down, condition and damage for 10 seconds or until you move.
  • “Mmmm. Snowcone!” Heals you for 300 Health but disables your skills for 10 seconds.

The goal of the Snowball Fight is to return 5 or 10 presents before the other team (or get more presents before the time runs out). Snowballs can be easily dodged by strafing, but it becomes much more difficult whenever multiple people are trying to pelt someone with a Snowball. The best strategy is to focus on running the presents and not so much on killing the opposing team, since you only get Gamer points and Candy Cane Shards from winning.


Lion’s Arch

Both quests start from Old Nickoles in Lion’s Arch.

  • The Greatest Snowman Ever: This lengthy quest will net you a Gingerbread Shield and Focus. Start by talking with Joy, nearby in Lion’s Arch followed by Scrappy Jhim and finally Magi Malaquire (for the magical hat). Then go to Droknar’s Forge and talk to King Jalis for the pipe. Then go to Ascalon City and speak with Vanguard Kyle for the coal. Return to Scrappy Jhim and deliver the items to him and head out to Nebo Terrace (north of Bergen Hot Springs) and clear the city of Humbugs/Grentches. You can then return to Joy for your reward.
  • A Very Grentchie Wintersday:  Speak with Vehemus in Lion’s Arch to get the quest started off on the right note. Then move to Fisherman Finnius, north of Lion’s Arch. Head southeast out of the Temple of Ages to find Gunk Farmer Urme. Head north out of Beetletun to find Necromancer Skorzena. Return to Vehemus then exit Lion’s Arch and go to the Ascalon Settlement with Grentch to destroy 7 Wintersday Gifts. Return to Vehemus for a Peppermint Shield and Gingerbread Focus.

Lion’s Arch & Kamadan

You get to pick to either assist Grenth or Dwayna. Only one quest can be completed at a time.

Both of the following questlines come from the Rift Warden in both Lion’s Arch and Kamadan:


  • In Grenth’s Defense: Talk with the Rift Warden to accept this quest and zone into the Underworld. Your skillbar will be the Snowball Fight skillbar with Yellow Snow as your special ability. Snowmen will spawn and your goal is to essentially stop them from stealing presents. This will continue for about 10 minutes until Freezie spawns, after you defeat him you’ll have won. A bonus is available where you’ll need to fight six waves of six snowmen which will award you a Candy Cane Shard.
  • Straight to the Heart: A very simple quest. Speak to the Rift Warden when you are ready. You again have the snowball fight skills and need to walk from the bottom of the map to the top. You’ll have a small army of Grentches to assist you.


  • You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grenth:  Enter the Underworld and follow the quest markers recovering the gifts. You’ll have the Snowball Fight skillbar with Avalanche as your special ability. The bonus is to take on six ways of six Grentches.
  • The Strength of Snow: A very simple quest. Just walk around helping defeat the Grentches eventually making your way to Freezie. Hold your ground with him and you’ll eventually be rewarded with a Wintersday Chest. The snowmen will resurrect if they are slain after a little bit.

Other Quests

  • Operation: Crush Spirits: Simply go to the Temple of Ages or Chantry of Secrets and turn the quest in. It’s a breadcrumb quest essentially.
  • Fighting in a Winter Wonderland: Introduced in 2010, this is a quest that leads you to the new Snowball fight arena in the Temple of Ages or Chantry of Secrets.


There are two questlines, one for Dwayna and one for Grenth, and you can only complete one at a time.

Dwayna (Grandfather Kringle)

  • Save the Reindeer: Speak to the Frost Maiden in Fahranur, the First City which is west of Jokanur Diggings. Then follow the quest markers to kill all of the Grentches around the Reindeer. Return to the Frost Maiden (don’t worry about the Reindeer, they won’t get attacked) and head to Kodlonu Harbor. Head east out of the Harbor to find the packs of Reindeer there. Return to the Frost Maiden and then Grandfather Kringle for your reward.
  • Find the Stolen Presents: Speak with the Frost Maiden outside of Kamadan then move around finding the stolen presents. They’re easy to spot as they have Grentches surrounding them. Then go to Beknur Harbor and head east out into Issnur Isles. The presents are at the SW, SE, and NE corners.
  • Spreading the Wintersday Spirit: This quest involves escorting the Festive Moa to a city, targeting it and doing a music emote (like /drums or /flute), and then returning back to the Frost Maiden. One city is in Zehlon Reach (northwest of the Astralarium) and the second is in Issur Isles on the east side.

Grenth (Elder Skruuj)

  • White Mist: Extremely simple, go out of the city and follow the quest markers to kill the Freezies.
  • How the Grentches Stole Wintersday: Head out of Jokanur Diggings and head south and kill the enemies at the objective markers.
  • The Gift of Giving: This quest involves giving “special presents” to certain NPCs. The easiest way to complete this quest is to just follow the quest markers.

Eye of the North

There is just one quest chain here.

  • The Three Wise Norn: Easy enough quest, leave out of the Eye of the North and follow the quest markers.
  • Charr-broiled Plans: The Charr will begin attacking; simply take out the nine groups of them.
  • Snowball Dominance: You have to snowball fight against NPCs, don’t die and be the victor in order to win.

That’s everything to this year’s Wintersday! Come by our Ten Ton Hammer community forums and discuss what you love about Wintersday or how you think it’ll be in Guild Wars 2.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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