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The Halls of Origination contains four different achievements that are required towards your Glory of the Cataclysm Hero achievement. They are I Hate That Song, Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back, Faster than the Speed of Light, and “Sun of a …”. Three of these achievements are moderately hard, while one is extremely simple.

I Hate that Song

Difficulty: Medium

This achievement is a little bit harder than the normal achievements, because it requires the group to have two AOE players that can take a few hits. You also need to have everyone coordinated very well for time on this fight.

Because the Hymn will occur at 66% and 33% you need to time the fight around this fact. Ideally a few seconds (2-5% health) before Anhuur reaches either 66% or 33% health the two AOE players need to jump off the platform, one to each side. These players should hit and aggro all the snakes around each of the pillars with the levers and then start dragging them back up to the boss. As soon as the hymn starts the players that are assigned to channel the levers need to jump off and start channeling. The snakes will stay on the AOE players so you don’t need to worry as the channeler about being attacked.

The last player that stays up on the platform needs to have an interrupt, so plan accordingly. As soon as both switches have been activated the person on the platform can safely interrupt the boss. At this point the boss will re-aggro to the tank. If the tank is the person interrupting then this isn’t an issue, if the tank is down below then be aware that the boss will make his way to the tank so the healer needs to meet them someplace to start healing them again.

Once you have done this at the 66% health point, you need to rinse and repeat at 33%. It is all about the timing of the jumps off the platform and making sure everyone repositions to get heals afterwords so that the healer can keep up.

Straw that Broke

Difficulty: Easy

This is a very simple achievement and one that pretty much everyone should be able to get on their first attempt. There is no real trick to this achievement, all you need to do is mount up on a camel before the boss and then avoid getting hit by the ground spikes that Ptah summons.

You can fight normally while on a camel, and the only thing that will knock you off is the spikes. Luckily the spike locations are announced in advance by dust clouds. These dust clouds appear roughly 3 or 4 seconds before the spike comes up from the ground, giving you plenty of time to get out of the way.

This is an individual achievement, so you can get it even if other players in your group fail to.

Faster than the Speed of Light

Difficulty: Medium

This achievement is a DPS race, and as such will likely be one of the later ones that you accomplish while working on Glory of the Cataclysm Hero achievement. Even though the achievement states you have 5 minutes, you really need to allow about 25 seconds for the boss talking at the end as it eats into the time. This means you really need players that can turn out over 12,000 DPS on a consistent basis.

The fights are not any different than normal, however you need to do them much faster. As soon as the door opens, players need to rush to the first boss and down it quickly. Players should not stop for the Troggs and should avoid any and all groups that they can, only killing any that they aggro once a mini boss is engaged. Also, as soon as a mini boss is at about 25%, the tank should start dragging it towards the edge of its platform to get ready to move to the next.

The most dangerous mini boss is the water one as it can bubble a player and interrupt the flow of the fights. Make sure you have heroism (or similar) saved for this mini boss. For the other bosses players should stagger their cooldowns to ensure each boss goes down fast enough to get to the next boss in time.

It really isn’t that hard once your DPS players are geared though, and most groups get it done with plenty of time to spare.

Sun of a

Difficulty: Medium

The recharge phase mentioned in the achievement is when Rajh jumps to the center of the room and starts doing AOE damage to everyone. Many players do not understand the mechanic here though, and wrongly assume that he does this based on a percentage of health.

In fact he starts this phase when he runs out of the energy that he uses to cast his abilities. Therefore, to accomplish this achievement you need to prevent him from running out of energy for as long as you can. Since it is used only when he finishes casting a spell you need several interrupters on him each interrupting each spell in rotation. As a minimum you will need 2 players interrupting, and ideally 3 or more.

In addition, since the Rajh takes time to walk to the center of the room to then start channeling his recharge, the tank should pull him to a far corner of the room or out onto the top of the steps. This will allow players a few additional seconds as he walks back to the center. Also, as soon as you see that he is moving to recharge you should cast Heroism (or equivalent) and all DPS cooldowns. You will have roughly 10-12 seconds to finish him off.

As long as your DPS is well advanced in gear, meaning leave this for one of your later achievements, then it isn’t that difficult. If, however, you try it early when starting on the Glory of the Cataclysm Hero achievement it can be quite difficult and will require even more interrupts.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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