The Halls of Reflection is the third of the three new instances that make up the Frozen Halls in Icecrown Citadel.  The Halls were added in patch 3.3 which added all of the Icecrown Citadel content to the game.  You can only enter the Halls of Reflection once you have completed the other two instances: The Forge of Souls and The Pit of Saron.  This is so that you see and follow the whole storyline involved with finding the Lich King himself.

When you enter the Halls of Reflection you get to see a conversation between the spirits and Jaina Proudmoore (if you are Alliance) or Sylvanas Windrunner (if you are Horde), before the Lich King comes out to confront them.  Your faction’s champion chases after Arthas leaving you to deal with a gauntlet type event while fighting two bosses. 


The first boss that you have to fight is Falric, one of Arthas’ old captains.  Before Falric activates and enters the fight you need to defeat four waves in the gauntlet.  The gauntlet consists of several different enemies.  The priority needs to be the Priests which heal, and the mages and riflemen who attack from range.  The others can easily be tanked. 

To deal with controlling the enemies as they come in, you can fight in the hallway or behind one of the bosses.  This ensures that the enemies can not see the whole group and funnel into a choke point where the tank can pick them up.

[protip]Crowd control like a Paladin’s Fear Evil, a Priest’s Shackle Undead, or a Hunter’s Ice Trap all work well to deal with the ranged targets as they close on your position.  [/protip]


Defiling Horror – Falric yells out occasionally during the fight causing players to run in horror.  It also deals shadow damage to all players for 4 seconds that will take most players to below half health.

Hopelessness – This is a stacking debuff that Falric places on players that reduces the damage and healing dealt by 20% (25% on heroic).  It will stack up to three times on players as sort of a soft enrage.

Impending Despair – This attack hits a random part member and stuns them for several seconds.

Quivering Strike – This strike deals damage and lowers the target’s dodge by 20% for 5 seconds.


The fight is fairly simple, with the only real complication being the fear and soft enrage.  As time goes by his fear and DOT will be harder and harder to heal through after due to his debuff.  After a fear players that can prevent damage or heal some of the damage against themselves should, especially once hopelessness starts to stack to higher numbers.


Marwyn is the second boss, and is encountered after fighting 4 waves once you have defeated Falric.  He is in essence the final wave of the gauntlet.


Well of Corruption – Marwyn summons areas called Wells of Corruption into the fight.  If players stand in them they will be afflicted by the corrupted abilities below.

Corrupted Flesh – This is a debuff applied to players that reduces their maximum health by 25% (50% on heroic) for 10 seconds.

Corrupted Touch – This is a debuff applied to players that increases the shadow damage you take by 30% (75% in heroic).

Obliterate– Just like a Death Knight’s ability this is a heavy damage attack.

Shared Suffering – This is an interesting DOT that is applied to random players in the group.  It inflicts a large amount of damage over 12 seconds to that player.  It can be dispelled, however if it does, the remaining damage that the DOT would have done is instantly divided among the whole party.


This fight a very easy fight for most groups, the challenge is getting through the waves of enemies to get to him.  Simply tank him and move him away from wells.  If a Shared Suffering is cast on a player and everyone is at full health, go ahead and dispel it.  If players are low then let it tick on the player and just heal them through it. 

Kill Marwyn and make your way down the hall to encounter the Lich King.

The Lich King

Once you have defeated both bosses the door opens up to allow you to follow on to find Arthas.  Once there you find that he is too strong and you must flee up the escape tunnel which forms the final fight in the instance.  This is another gauntlet type event where you must defeat several waves of undead as your faction champion clears the way up the tunnel allowing you to escape to safety.


Remorseless Winter – This is a debuff on the Lich King that slows him down significantly.  It also causes a swirling storm around him that does frost damage to anyone that comes within 10 yards.

Frostmourne – Arthas wields his deadly blade Frostmourne and will use it to unleash a furious attack hitting everyone for enough shadow damage to turn the mightiest tank to ash.  He only uses this attack if you are too slow and allow him to reach you.


This fight is a running gauntlet that requires you to stay ahead of the Lich King’s steady advance.  As you flee up the escape tunnel he will cast Ice Walls in your way and send waves of undead after you. 

The undead are nothing you have not seen or dealt with before in the expansion, so just tank them and kill them. Once the undead have been defeated Jaina or Sylvanas will destroy the ice wall and you can continue to move on until another is summoned to block your path.

This continues all the way up to a terrace on the side of the mountain.  The Lich King has cornered you.  Just as he is about to attack, an air ship comes to your rescue and seals the tunnel.

This ends the instance and you can board the airship to get your reward.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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