Hats, Pwnage and More!

by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

It's that wonderful time again, where new content rolls around. What does Game Update 31 have in store for us? SOE has tossed us a few bones from Test notes, Dev posts, and a special post on EQ2 Players. As always, the update notes are numerous, way too much to talk about, but we'll hit some of the high points.

- The The ring events in Kaladim have been adjusted to no charm and respawn rates were increased.

If you've done the Brell deity quest you know exactly what this is referring too. Kaladim has a number of ring events designed to keep groups busy with stuff to do like killing stuff, and killing more stuff. One ring event in particular is required to be completed for the final Brell quest. The problem is, you have to wait a very long time if the spawn isn't completely up. Take into account someone might've charmed one of the mobs, and it spells annoyance.

- Wandering minstrels have arrived in Freeport North to entertain and excite bar goers.

I'm not sure exactly what this means. I'm surprised I haven't seen Qeynosians demanding equal rights (like they can't wander over to Freeport or anything), and the same amount of trash in the streets. Do I detect the faint aroma of a new series of quests? Surely, they will have some significance which will reveal itself in the future. If nothing else, it'll give me a great excuse to head to North Freeport and taunt the epic guards again

- Items that will not accept adornments now have an 'ORNATE' flag on them.

And we all rejoiced! A number of adornment changes are being made, mostly closing inconsistencies (exploit might be a bit extreme) in the way the system works. This change in particular, will allow us to know exactly when an item can or can't be adorned. No more experimentation or wondering. No more "Is it repaired, is it imbued, is it just odd?" just clear cut answers. This is by far one of the best changes I think they put in this GU.

- Pets no longer have problems attacking while on the stairs.

What can I say to this? I can't quote my Necromancer friend Tallika directly, but let's just say he was really happy and had to change his shorts. No longer should elevation restrain a pet from his target. Pfftt Necromancers are getting spoiled. "Wahhh my pet won't attack stuff like it's designed to and should've done a long time ago." Definitely an exciting change for anyone with a pet.

- Warlocks, Furies, Necromancers, and Warlocks are getting profession hats

Considered long overdue by many, these hats which came for many in the Kingdom of Sky expansion are making into the live game. The benefit of waiting so long, these appear to be really well done. The Warden and Fury are wreaths, and the Necromancer and Warlock appear to be war helmets that would make even Darth Vader proud.

- Enemy Mastery

Arguably one of the largest changes coming in the Game Update, is the change to how enermy mastery works. Previously, at certain levels, you were given choices of which monsters you wanted benefits against. While it worked in the early game, creatures that were previously high level, now have low level counterparts which would see no benefit. Also, there are so many it's cumbersome to remember which ones you have and use it. What will replace it is one ability which will work on all creatures you have mastery for. Here is the catch, you'll no longer select it, it will be based on which Lore and Legend quests you've completed. Should be interesting to see.

- PvP Miracle Changes

There are too many to list. It appears to me the power of the deity miracles was underestimated a little in regards to use against players. Everything from damage to fears to stuns has had effect timers reduced, and damage scaled back 40-60%. Sorry PvPers, you are going to have rely more on skill than your gods now.

- Broker Changes

While perhaps considered a little on the fluffy side, these are all changes we can appreciate. First, the advanced search will actually remember your changes now which will save me countless minutes of sighing. Enhancements provided by adornments can now be searched! No more sifting through 100 screens when you want an agility adornment or buying an adornment for a slashing weapon when you want it for a piercing one (not that I've ever done that...).

- Erollisi Day

Ahh it's that time of year again, where love blooms and credit cards are maxed. EverQuest 2 will be helping everyone celebrate with new items, and I'm sure a quest or two. You can go check out the preview here but it appears we'll have fireplaces, flowers, chocolates and more. What better way to celebrate this Hallmark holiday than in game, instead of with a loved one! I know I'll be there.

As you can see Game Update 31 will be full of content updates and changes. If you haven't taken a look at the test notes, this will at least give you the highlights of what we can expect in the next few weeks. If you had issues that weren't addressed in this GU, well, there is always GU32.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016