Hellfire Peninsula Reputation Guide!
We have added a new reputation guide to our listings, this one detailing the information you will need in order to start bumping your reputation up with Thrallmar or Honor Hold as you reach Hellfire Peninsula, the game's first Burning Crusade zone!

Thrallmar and Honor Hold are the first outposts you will be reaching upon entering the Dark Portal. As you may know, they're the first 'quest hubs' and will provide you quests and rewards for all of Hellfire Citadel. While you may start doing quests right away for them and gaining the appropiate reputation, you will be wanting to (ideally) hold off and kill some Fel Orcs for awhile until Friendly, if you want to skip one or two dungeon runs by the end to get Exalted.

Check our new guide out by clicking here!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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