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Herbalism is one of the primary trade
professions available for training in World of Warcraft. With Herbalism
players will be able to gather the various herbs and flowers that can be
found scattered throughout the world. While Herbalists cannot directly use
the herbs they gather, they can be used by certain crafting professions,
such as Alchemy and Inscription. Due to their usefulness in other
professions, Herbalists will often find that their herbs are in high
demand and can provide them with a steady source of income.

Training Herbalism

Before you can head out into the world and
gather your first herbs, you first need to train Herbalism as one of your
two primary professions. Doing this is fairly simple, just seek out the
nearest Herbalism Trainer. These trainers can be found in all major cities
of both factions and can even sometimes be found in other more remote
locations. If you find that you are having difficulty locating a trainer,
simply speak to the nearest city guard who will point you in the right

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Once you have located a Herbalism Trainer, you
will be able to learn Apprentice Herbalism for a small fee. This first
level of Herbalism will give you a potential skill level of 75 and allow
you to gather many herbs found in the lowest level zones. As you skill up
this profession you will want to return to your trainer periodically to
learn the next rank in the profession. As you skill up you will be able to
pick higher level (and more profitable) herbs.

Check out the handy chart below for more
information on Herbalism skill levels:

Rank Skill
Apprentice 1-75
Journeyman 50-150
Expert 125-225
Artisan 200-300
Burning Crusade)

Using Herbalism

With Herbalism trained as one of your primary
professions you can now head out into the world and put it to use. Unlike
other professions, you need no special tools to pick herbs. Simply turn on
the “Find Herbs” skill found in the mini-map drop down menu and go. Any
herbs nearby will now appear as tiny gold dots on your mini-map. Move
towards these dots and you will ultimately discover the herb in question.

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To farm the herb, simply stand close to it and
right click. After a short channeling (which can be interrupted by damage
or movement), you will “pick” the herb. The herb you have picked will
either appear in a loot box, or in the case of auto loot go directly into
your bags. After being picked the herb will vanish and will not respawn
for some time.

Skilling Up Herbalism

To skill up your Herbalism all you need to to
is gather herbs. Every time you collect an herb it has a chance to award
you a skill point towards the profession. All herbs are not created equal
though. Each herb you collect will be color coded with one of five colors.
These colors will tell you what chance you have of earning a skill point
towards the profession after picking the herb. The chart below lists the
various colors and the skill-up chance associated with them:

Color Skill-Up

style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">Red

Unable to gather at this time.

style="color: rgb(204, 102, 0);">Orange

A skill point will always be gained.

style="color: rgb(255, 255, 51);">Yellow

A skill point will most likely be

style="color: rgb(0, 102, 0);">Green

A skill point will likely not be

style="color: rgb(102, 102, 102);">Gray

A skill point will never be gained.

As you level, herbs will chance color
depending on your skill. For example, at skill level one Peacebloom may be
yellow, but, at skill level 60 that same node of Peacebloom will now
likely be green or even gray. As you gain more and more skill in the
profession it is important that you seek out zones populated with herbs
that have the best chance of earning you points.

Herbalism Bags

Let's face it, with any gathering profession
the player is going to collect a lot of raw materials and naturally they
are going to wish for a place to put them. Herb bags are special pouches
designed specifically for the Herbalism profession and can make moving,
organizing, and viewing your herbs a breeze. Herb bags can only hold herbs
and any herbs you gather will automatically be placed there as long as an
empty space is available. Herb bags come in multiple sizes and are a must
have for any serious Herbalist.

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Herbalism Profession Perk

Every World of Warcraft profession provides
the player with a perk. In the case of Herbalism the perk granted is
called Lifeblood. Lifeblood uses the Herbalist's skill to absorb the
energy and nutrients from the earth around you to heal the player of minor
wounds and boosts haste for a few seconds. This handy perk can also be
used while the player is stealthed or invisible.

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Secondary Professions

As mentioned previously, there are two
professions that tie in nicely with Herbalism; Inscription and Alchemy.
Both of these crafting based professions take the raw herbs you are able
to gather using Herbalism and create a finished product.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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