Hold the defenses! Man the ramparts!

Ever wanted the insights into the "professional" raid tanks? Wanted some pro tips to help you tank the harder bosses so your guild can advance further? Well, want no more! Cinderhelm has allowed us to post his fantastic guide on endgame raiding that is extremely in-depth . This is the first of a four part series by Ciderhelm, so check back soon for the more of this wonderful guide!

The 2.5 second heal is the root of the Stamina gearing theory. In almost every new boss encounter, before healers really get a chance to work out what's going on and the ebb and flow of a battle, they are going to be slamming you with heals... Whether you avoid the damage or not has literally no bearing on whether you receive heals or not -- you are still sapping the healers mana bars.

Learn to tank like a pro over at Hold the Line; An Endgame Tanking Reference!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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