This continues our leveling guide from level 60 to 70. This guide is meant to show you the fastest way to level from 60 to level 70. This is from our experience and research and has proved to be very fast, however there is always room for improvement. So if you see spots for tweaks, please send them in!

The easiest way to follow this guide is to alt-tab to it from WoW after completing a batch of quests. You can also print it out and follow it that way, but ink these days is just too expensive.

Level Sixty Eight to Sixty Nine


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In the Eco-Dome Midrealm you should be able to find the Mid-Realm Post just as you enter the dome at 46,56. When you get there pick up the following quests: "New Opportunities", "Keeping up Appearances", "One Demon's Trash", "Run a Diagnostic" and "Rightful Repossession".
You can do the next few quests right around the area. "New Opportunities" and "Keeping up Appearances" can be done together collection the flowers and drops from the Lynx throughout the dome.
"Run A Diagnostic" can also be done in the dome at 48,54 and then its follow up "Deal with Saboteurs" at the small lake in the dome.
Turn these three quests in and get the next steps: "To Stormspire" and "The Dynamic Duo" and then head to 50,58 to complete "One Demon's Trash" and "A Scrap with the Legion".
Go back to the Eco-dome to turn it in and get the next part "Declawing Doomclaw", head back to 50,58 to finish it.
Head south east to Manaforge Duro to finish "Down with Daellis", "Rightful Repossession" and any faction quests you have there.
Continue east to Cosmowrench at 66,66 and get the flight point there and the single quest "Bloody Imp-ossible". Complete the quest just north of Cosmowrench and then turn it in.
Turn in "Declawing Doomclaw" for "Warn Area 52!" and then head north to the Stormspire, which can be found in the next eco-dome at the top of an elevator at 43,34.
Once you get there grab the flight point and turn in the quests you have and get the following quests: "Flora of the Eco-Domes", "Surveying the Ruins", "Diagnosis Critical", "Retrieving the Goods" and "The Minions of Culuthas".
The first quest to do is the flora mini chain as it is all right there. Finish "Flora of the Eco-Domes" right around Stormspire, then turn it in for "Creatures of the Eco-Dome". This can be done right around there as well. Turn it in for "When Nature goes to Far" and head to the lake to the east to complete it near 44,28.
While there head a little north east to 47,26 to complete "Diagnosis: Critical" and then head back to turn them in.
Go north to the next Eco-Dome for "Testing the Prototype" at 45,15 and then its follow ups "All Clear!" and "Success".
Run to the Ruins of Farahlon to the south east to complete "Surveying the Ruins" and "The Minions of Culuthas". Both are centered around 53,22.
Return to Stormspire to turn in all your quests and to get "Fel Reavers, No Thanks!".
Complete the Fel Reavers chain by doing the first part at the Forge Base: Oblivion near 36,26, the "The Best Defense" at Forge Base: Gehenna at 40,20. After that get "Teleport This!" which is done right between the two previous quests by mind controlling the workers there, which is lots of fun!
You are almost done in Netherstorm now. The last quest hub area to visit is the Protectorate Watch Post to the East, just north of Manaforge Ultris neat 58,30.
When you get there collect the following quests: "Electro-Shock Goodness", "A Not-So Modest Proposal", "Recipe For Destruction", and "Captain Tyralius".
Run south and up the hill to the manaforge to find the voidwalkers and shriekers for "Recipe for Destruction". While there you can continue south to the cave at 60,45. Get the quest "The Flesh Lies..." from the Ethereal at the door and then enter the cave to complete it and "A Not-So Modest Proposal". Inside the cave you can also find an NPC for another quest called "Arconus the Insatiable" which can be completed while there.
Once out of the mine head east to complete "Electro-Shock Goodness" at the slime pools.
Continue east and head down the ramp into the Celestial Ridge to find the turn in point for "A Not-So Modest Proposal" at the teleportation pad near 70,38. Then talk to the NPC right next to the pad for "Getting Down to Business".
Head north to turn this in for "Formal Introductions" and then "A Promising Start" and "Troublesome Distractions".
Head back to the watch post and turn in "Recipe for Destruction" and get "On Nethery Wings" which is a fun and simple flying quest. Complete it and get "Dimensius the All Devouring".
Complete "Troublesome Distractions" by talking to and then killing the Trader in the watch post. Get "The Ethereum" quest chain.
Head south west into the Ethereum Staging grounds to find Captian Zovax near 57,35 and the various MOBs around him for "The Ethereum" and then turn it in at the transporter found at 56,38.

The area with all the Ethereal's is another excellent grinding spot, since there are many MOBs all packed into one small area. As a bonus they drop decent amounts of gold, cloth and items.

Get "Ethereum Data" and get the object from 55,40. Turn it in for one of my favorite named quests "Potential for Brain Damage = High!". Complete this quest around the same area and then turn it in for "S-A-B-O-T-A-G-E".
Finish the quest by killing MOBs until the wrappings drop and then get "Delivering the Message" and then "Nexus-King Saldahaar" which requires a group. If you can find a group, complete it if not leave it for whenever you can.
Return to the Celestial Ridge to turn in "Troublesome Distractions" and get "Securing the Celestial Ridge". This can be done solo with some difficulty at the south end of the ridge near 72,42 or you can leave it for later.
At this point you likely have accessed quite a few small group quests. You could have left them unaccepted or picked them up. If you have them and have access to a group, feel free to complete them. If not, its time to head to the last zone in the Outlands, Shadowmoon Valley.

Once you have hit 69 several more instances come into play. While technically level 70 instances you can get into The Shattered Halls, The Steam Vault and The Shadow Labyrinth. Finding a group to take anyone under level 70 is sometimes difficult, but it can be done and the rewards are great.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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