If you have been following this guide from level 70 then you’ll be somewhere about one third of the way to level 80 with rested experience (a near must at these levels). We last left off at Warsong Hold with the quest “Magic Carpet Ride” at the ready. If this isn’t the case then use the “CTRL-F” function of your browser to find a quest that you’re currently on to catch up. You can click here to return to the front page.

You’ll turn in Magic Carpet Ride ...

and it’ll end as you land. Tank Ain’t Gonna Fix Itself will have you talk to Mobu who is nearby (you may notice that he’ll ramble about deserting the Horde). It’s time to pick up a good deal of quests. Get every quest in the area: Mobu’s Pneumatic Tank Transjigamarig, Into the Mist, and Horn of the Ancient Mariner. Northward will be a massive dense fog area. There is an area to the north and to the south of here, so if at any time you find yourself unable to find any enemies to kill then try the southern area. Most non-kill quests take part in the northern section, so we’ll start there. Walk northward into the mist. You’ll enter into a phased area (a non-changing phased area) that you can “escape” from by leaving the mist. If you leave the mist then the enemies, which are Kvaldir, will stop chasing.

The quests “Into the Mist” and “Super Strong Metal Plates!” can all be done near 31,53. Relics drop from Kvaldir and the metal plates are on the ground. However, I highly suggest farming for them now. They’ll come naturally. Walk to the tower at 31,52 grabbing any metal on the way. Once inside of the tower you should notice a yellow exclamation point at the top. Go ahead and walk to the top.

At the top will be a quest Escaping the Mist which is a generic escort quest. I suggest being careful since there may be times when you pull more than three Kvaldir. Just follow the NPC around as she wanders about until she leaves the mist. Grab relics and metal plates as you advance through. As a small note, the Kvaldir can use abilities to throw you around.

When you leave the mist for the escort quest you can go ahead and turn in any quests, but I suggest resting then hopping right back into the fray. Now walk to 32,49 (a hut in the far north) and use the item inside of it. With that done finish up your relics and look for “Mistweavers” until they drop a horn. Keep at it until you have all the plates, the relics, and a horn.

Return to town and pick up the quests Burn in Effigy, Orabus the Helmsman, and Tanks a lot… then turn in Tanks a lot… which then becomes The Plains of Nasam. The following quests are a little bit more difficult, but let’s go burn us some boats first.

There are three boats to the north and one to the south, so go ahead to the south and burn the boat at 29,62. Back to the northern area, go to 31,48 to burn both the Kur Drakkar and The Serpant’s Maw and 29,52 to burn Bor’s Hammer.

With all of the boats on fire you can now proceed to slay Orabus. Go to 26,54 which is at the end of a jetty with a tower on it (you can walk there, you don’t have to swim) and use the horn. A few waves of NPCs will come at you and finally Orabus himself. If there is someone else in the area go ahead and group with them to avoid any conflict on who gets Orabus.

Now return to the encampment and turn those two quests in. You only have one quest left here so let’s do it. Hop into a siege weapon (just right click it) and ride out. If you’ve never used a siege weapon before then see this guide. Now about this particular siege weapon: you have a ranged attack, a close attack, a spread bomb attack, a saw attack, and a button to rescue a few nearby shamans. Drive up northward into the plains where Kel’Thuzad is at. Rescue the three Horde members first as they’ll help you later.

Now drive around Kel’Thuzad laying down bombs and using your saw to ram into enemies. Kill 100 scourge and you’ll be done. If you run out of mana you can eject out of the siege weapon back in town and get a fresh one since the mana regen is really low. Once you’ve completed the quest then ride to Warsong Hold and eject somewhere nearby (be careful not to hit anything or else you’ll ruin your parachute and fall). Go inside and turn in to get Hellscream’s Champion (IF and only IF you’ve done all of the quests so far).

We have three options right now: Amber Ledge, Karuk, and the D.E.H.T.A. Encampment. With DEHTA and Karuk you’ll probably hit level 71 and be ready for Amber Ledge. So let’s take out Karuk first since it’s a simple and straightforward quest line.

Head to 47,75 to find Karuk and he’ll take “Seek Out Karuk!” and give you Karuk’s Oath. Jump down into the mist and kill raiders and longboat men until the quest is done. Return and you will be given Gamel the Cruel.

Gamel is at 45,77 inside of a cave. Return again to get A Father’s Words which leads to a shrine on the coast with a single naga on it. Just head there and turn it in to get The Trident of Naz’Jan.

Go to 54,88 (right island, northern tip). You’ll need to swim up away from the actual location. Find Naz’jan and slay him (but be careful, there is a lot of aggro around). Return to the naga who will send you after Leviroth. Easy… swim to 59,87 then swim under the giant floating glacier. Under it will be Leviroth. Use the item on him and then slay him and return, turn the quest in, and begin going north.

All right, we have a few choices at the moment. We can go to Amber Ledge (which contains a TON of quests) or we can go to Arch Druid Lathorius at the D.E.H.T.A. Encampment. It’s probably better to get that camp finished before Amber Ledge. Ride out to 57,44 on the dot. DEHTA is a lot like PETA in that they’re all about conserving and protecting the animals. Let’s get started with the quests.

First things first, accept and complete A Mission Statement in one go. That’ll open up the rest of the quests. Next go around and get all of the quests. Ears of Our Enemies, Help Those That Cannot Help Themselves, Ned, Lord of the Rhinos… (if you can solo elites), Unfit for Death, and finally Happy as a Clam. Shew, that’s a lot of quests and yes it’ll be a ton of experience.

Go south to 56,47 and use the Pile of Fake Furs on the traps. If you want, you can kill poachers here for ears. We’ll get them down below though.

Go to the lake whose center cords are (51,44 Happy as a Clam and Ears of Our Enemies) and fight Loot Crazed Divers until you’ve got ten of them slain. Cool thing about the lake is that it has camps of Loot Crazed Hunters that surround it. They, along with the poachers near the DEHTA camp. Just watch out for Harold Lane, the Fur Baron, who might give you some trouble. Not going to lie though, ears do drop in doubles sometimes but they’re not the most reliable sort. You can put these off until later since you might aggro some as you walk about.

From the lake walk north to the area around 54,40. In this field you’ll find Wooly Mammoths that are trapped. Try to avoid the bulls and use the trap smasher to free them. If you kill a bull, DEHTA will hate you for 3 minutes unless you take a dip in the water.

Near 46, 40 (and a patrol southward) you’ll see “Lunchbox” who will be housing Ned, Lord of the Rhinos. This is a difficult fight if you’re not prepared. For me it was easy, since I had my pet to be able to tank. If you can’t do it, it’s ok to put it off.

Return to 57,44 and turn in all of your quests picking up The Abandoned Reach, The Culler Cometh and Khu’nok Will Know. Head to 59,30 to turn in Knu’nok Will Know and pick up Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer. Nearby you can turn in “The Abandoned Reach”, but right now it’s break time. You should be about 3 bubbles to level 71, if not level 71 right now. Some may even recommend that you grind out the last of this level. Anyway, we’ll continue this quest line soon with the next update to our guide.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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