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Quick Lists

  • Hellfire Peninsula (Below)

Hellfire Peninsula Quick List


Open Book.gif

Through the Dark Portal (58,55): Accept this quest outside the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands. Walk through the portal to Hellfire Peninsula.

Closed Book #.gif

Through the Dark Portal: Turn in Through the Dark Portal at the nearby NPC at the Stairs of Destiny.

Open Book_0000.gif

Accept Arrival in Outland

Closed Book #_0000.gif

Turn in Arrival in Outland at a nearby NPC.

Open Book_0001.gif

Accept “Journey to Thrallmar” quest and take the flight to Thrallmar.

Closed Book #_0001.gif

Journey to Thrallmar: Turn this quest in once you arrive in Thrallmar.

Open Book_0002.gif

Accept Report to Nazgrel

Closed Book #_0002.gif

Turn in Report to Nazgrel to Nazgrel inside of the larger hut.

Open Book_0003.gif

Accept Eradicate the Burning Legion

Open Book_0004.gif

Accept Burn it Up for the Horde in Thrallmar

Open Book_0005.gif

Accept Bonechewer Blood in Thrallmar

Closed Book #_0003.gif

Turn in Eradicate the Burning Legion at (58,41).

Open Book_0006.gif

Accept Felspark Ravine

Walk to.gif

Walk to (57, 46).

Combat .gif

Kill Bonechewer Orcs for 12 Bonechewer Blood.

Combat _0000.gif

Pick up Wood and Metal for “I Work for the Horde”

Walk to_0000.gif

Walk to (63,36)

Combat _0001.gif

Kill four Flamewalker Imps, 6 Infernal Warbringers, and one Dreadcaller for “Felspark Ravine”

Walk to_0001.gif

Return to Thrallmar

Closed Book #_0004.gif

Turn in “Felspark Ravine”, “I Work for the Horde”, and “Bonechewer Blood”

Open Book_0007.gif

Accept “Burn It Up For The Horde”, “Forward Base: Reaver’s Fall”, and “Apothecary Zelana”.

Combat _0002.gif

Burn It Up For the Horde: Go to (55,53) and use the torch the first cannon. Then go to (60,52) and torch the second cannon.

Walk to_0002.gif

Walk to Reaver’s Fall (65,43).

Closed Book #_0005.gif

Turn in “Forward Base: Reaver’s Fall”.

Open Book_0008.gif

Accept “Disrupt Their Reinforcements” and “Spinebreaker Post”.

Combat _0003.gif

Disrupt Their Reinforcements: Gain 4 Demonic Rune Stones and blow up the portals at (70,45) and (74,38). Gain three and blow the first one up and you’ll usually get the last one while clearing the portal.

Walk to_0003.gif

Return to Reaver’s Fall.

Closed Book #_0006.gif

Turn in “Disrupt Their Reinfrocements”

Open Book_0009.gif

Accept “Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadrez”.

Combat _0004.gif

Complete the bombing run using the bomb on both portals. Click the bomb and then the ground and the quest should be complete.

Closed Book #_0007.gif

Turn in “Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadrez”.

Open Book_0010.gif

Accept “The Abysmal Shelf”.

Combat _0005.gif

Complete the bombing run in the same way. Take the flight around the Abysmal Shelf and use the bomb on the various enemies. Be careful to finish it, otherwise you’ll have to take the entire flight again.

Closed Book #_0008.gif

Turn in “The Abysmal Shelf”

Open Book_0011.gif

Accept “Return to Thrallmar”

Walk to_0004.gif

Walk to Thrallmar

Closed Book #_0009.gif

Turn in “Return to Thrallmar”

Open Book_0012.gif

Accept “Forge Camp Mageddon”

Combat _0006.gif

Go to (65,29) and kill 10 Gan’arg and Razorsaw. Razorsaw paths around the area. Just wait for him to come around and defeat him. He will drop the Burning Legion Missive.

Open Book_0013.gif

Accept “Vile Plans” from the Burning Legion Missive.

Walk to_0005.gif

Return to Thrallmar.

Closed Book #_0010.gif

Turn in “Vile Plans” and “Forge Camp Mageddon.

Open Book_0014.gif

Accept “Cannons of Rage”, “The Assassin”, and “Falcon Watch”.

Combat _0007.gif

Return to the previous area (65,29) and kill the cannons.

Closed Book #_0011.gif

Turn in “Cannons of Rage”

Open Book_0015.gif

Accept “Doorway to the Abyss”.

Combat _0008.gif

Go to (53,27) and kill Arix’Amal and then use the item he drops on the nearby portal.

Walk to_0006.gif

Return to Thrallmar.

Closed Book #_0012.gif

Turn in “Doorway to the Abyss”.

Walk to_0007.gif

Walk or fly to Spinebreaker Post in the southern part of Hellfire Penninsula. A bird is available at(66,43) to fly you there.

Open Book_0016.gif

Accept “Boiling Blood”, “Make Them Listen”, “Preparing the Salve”, “The Warp Rifts”, and “Wanted: Worg Master Kruush”.

Combat _0009.gif

Go to (65,78) and kill the Unyielding Warriors until a Mysterious Tome drops. You should work at finishing “Make Them Listen”.

Open Book_0017.gif

Accept “Decipher the Tome” from the Myserious Tome.

Walk to_0008.gif

Return to Spinebreaker Post

Closed Book #_0013.gif

Turn in “Decipher the Tome”

Open Book_0018.gif

Accept “The Battle Horn”

Combat _0010.gif

Go to (55,84) and kill Lieutenant Commander Thalvos for the Unyielding Battle Horn.

Walk to_0009.gif

Return to Spinebreaker Post.

Closed Book #_0014.gif

Turn in “The Battle Horn” and “Make Them Listen” (if Make them Listen is not complete, finish it the next time you are in the armory).

Open Book_0019.gif

Accept “Bloody Vengeance”.

Combat _0011.gif

Go to (56,77) and use the horn. An enemy will spawn and the Unyielding Warriors will help you fight it.

Walk to_0010.gif

Return to Spinebreaker Post.

Closed Book #_0015.gif

Turn in “Bloody Vengeance”.

Open Book_0020.gif

Accept “Honor the Fallen”.

Closed Book #_0016.gif

Go to (56,77) to turn in “Honor the Fallen”. The armory should now be complete.

Combat _0012.gif

Go to (50,80) and use the Unstable Warp Generator to spawn voidwalkers for “The Warp Rifts”. Gain three essences to finish this quest.

Combat _0013.gif

Collect Spineleaf for “Preparing the Salve” located outside of Spinebreaker Post..

Closed Book #_0017.gif

Turn in “Preparing the Salve” and “The Warp Rifts”.

Open Book_0021.gif

Accept “Investigate the Crash” and “Void Ridge”.

Walk to_0011.gif

Walk to (49,74) (Goblin Encampment).

Closed Book #_0018.gif

Turn in “Investigate the Crash”.

Open Book_0022.gif

Accept “In Case of Emergency”. Skip “Ravager Egg Roundup”.

Combat _0014.gif

You should pick up spare parts on the ground as you complete the next parts.

Walk to_0012.gif

Walk to Zeth’Gor (65,70).

Combat _0015.gif

Kill orcs for their blood in Zeth’gor and boil it at (65,70) for “Boiling Blood”.

Combat _0016.gif

Kill Worg Master Kruush inside of Zeth’Gor in the large wolf pen.

Combat _0017.gif

Go to the Void Ridge at (77,68) and gain 40 shards from the voidwalkers there. Watch out for collapsing voidwalkers that blow up when they are nearly dead.

Closed Book #_0019.gif

Turn in “Worg Master Kruush”, “Void Ridge”, and “Boiling Blood” in Spinebreaker Post.

Open Book_0023.gif

Accept “Zeth’Gor Must Burn”, “The Eyes of Grillok”, and “From the Abyss”

Combat _0018.gif

Go to (81,68) and use the the item to spawn Baron Galaxis and his two adds. Focus him down and then worry with his adds.

Combat _0019.gif

Kill peons for torches for “Zeth’Gor Must Burn”. Use the forge inside of Zeth’gor to ignite the torches and use four of them. One each at: (69,69), (69,70), (69,79), and (68,73).

Combat _0020.gif

Use the item “The Eyes of Grillok” on a nearby Eye of Grillok while inside of Zeth’gor

Closed Book #_0020.gif

Turn in “Zeth’Gor Must Burn”, “The Eyes of Grillok”, and “From the Abyss” in Spinebreaker Post.

Open Book_0024.gif

Accept “Grillok “Darkeye”.

Combat _0021.gif

Go to 64,70 for “Grillok “Darkeye”. Pull the two guards (they pull separately). Then pull Grillok.

Closed Book #_0021.gif

Turn in “Grillok “Darkeye” back in Spinebreaker Post.

Open Book_0025.gif

Accept “Apothecary Antonivish”

Closed Book #_0022.gif

Finish & turn in “In Case of Emergency” (49,74).

Open Book_0026.gif

Accept “Voidwalkers Gone Wild”.

Combat _0022.gif

Return to 47,83 and kill Uncontrolled/Rogue Voidwalkers for 10 essences.

Closed Book #_0023.gif

Turn in “Voidwalkers Gone Wild”

Walk to_0013.gif

Fly or walk to Thrallmar.

Closed Book #_0024.gif

Turn in Apothecary Antonivish at (52,36) in Thrallmar.

Open Book_0027.gif

Accept “A Burden of Souls”.

Combat _0023.gif

Kill 20 Shattered Hand orcs outside of Hellfire Citadel.

Closed Book #_0025.gif

Turn in “A Burden of Souls”.

Open Book_0028.gif

Accept “Demoniac Scryer”.

Combat _0024.gif

Go to (44,51) and use the item. A portal will open and send imps and orcs your way. Kill them as they come. When finished talk to the item you spawned and it’ll complete the quest for you.

Closed Book #_0026.gif

Turn in “Demoniac Scryer”.

Combat _0025.gif

Go to (33,43) and stand on top of the corpse until the quest “The Assassin” is complete. Turn the quest in.

Open Book_0029.gif

Accept “A Strange Weapon” from the corpse.

Closed Book #_0027.gif

Turn in “A Strange Weapon” back in Thrallmar.

Open Book_0030.gif

Accept “The Warchief’s Mandate”.

Closed Book #_0028.gif

Turn in “The Warchief’s Mandate” outside of the hut with the farseer.

Open Book_0031.gif

Accept “A Spirit Guide”.

Combat _0026.gif

Go to the corpse (33,43) and use the wolf item. Follow it to (32,26).

Closed Book #_0029.gif

Turn in “A Spirit Guide”.

Open Book_0032.gif

Accept “The Mag’Har”.

Closed Book #_0030.gif

Turn in “The Mag’Har” in Thrallmar.

Open Book_0033.gif

Accept “Messenger to Thrall”.

Walk to_0014.gif

Walk to Falcon Watch.

Open Book_0034.gif

Accept “Report to Zurai”, “The Great Fissure”, “Trueflight Arrows”, “Helping the Cenarion Post”, “Birds of a Feather”, “Arelion’s Journal”, “Source of the Corruption”, “In Need of Felblood”, and “Magic of the Arakkoa”. Turn in “Falcon Watch”.

Combat _0027.gif

Den of Haal’esh (26,73): Here you will complete “Birds of a Feather” (use nests until you see a female bird then use the cage). “Magic of the Arakkoa” which can be done during the escort (below) will also be done here. When you’re inside you should see a ? pointing a cage with a trapped bloodelf in it. Pick up the quest “Road to Falcon Watch”

Combat _0028.gif

Road to Falcon Watch: Follow the escort back to Falcon Watch. When the quest is done feel free to turn it in and get “A Pilgram’s Plight”

Combat _0029.gif

A Pilgram’s Plight: Go to 22,68 and pick up the bag. Return to the den.

Combat _0030.gif

Den of Haal’esh Part Two: Continue using nests working your way up to the second level. At 25,75 there is a named enemy called Avruu who drops an orb which gives the quest “Avruu’s Orb”.

Combat _0031.gif

Avruu’s Orb: Go to 29,81 and clear around the orb. Use the orb to spawn Aeranas. Fight him until he gives up and turn the quest into him. If you have yet to finish the female bird quest do that now.

Combat _0032.gif

The Great Fissure (30,63): Outside of the den is an area with Stonescythe Whelps. Kill 8 Whelps and 3 Alphas. Stop attacking when they turn red and look for Alphas up on the hilly areas.

Walk to_0015.gif

Return to Falcon Watch and get the quest

Open Book_0035.gif

Accept “Marking the Path”.

Combat _0033.gif

Use the beacons at West (29,60), Central (34,59), and Southern (36,65). Each time whelps will spawn to attack you, so be ready for them.

Walk to_0016.gif
Open Book_0036.gif

Cenarion Expedition (15,52): Go to the Cenarion Post and get the following quests: “Demonic Contamination”, “Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!”, “The Cenarion Expedition”, and “Colossal Menace”.

Combat _0034.gif

Colossal Menace is a soloable elite quest for some classes. Go north of the post and see if you can’t solo it. There is a Crimson Crystal Clue that drops that will give you more XP from the enemies. If you can’t solo it then skip it.

Combat _0035.gif

Kill Hulking Hellboars ((23,54) is a good spot) outside of the post until you have six blood

Closed Book #_0031.gif
Open Book_0037.gif

Turn in the quest and get “Testing the Antidote”.

Combat _0036.gif

Return to where you were killing Hellboars for this quest. Use the item on a boar and fight it. Simple kill.

Combat _0037.gif

Trueflight Feathers (21,42): Go to (21,42) and kill Bonestripper Vultures for 8 tail feathers. They come in clumps if you’re not careful so be sure to keep your distance.

Combat _0038.gif

Pools of Agganor: Here do the three quests you have. Kill Terrorfiends (10 of them), get 5 blood (drops from Terrofiends), and pick up Arelion’s Journal from the slimes. It does drop from the smaller slimes.

Combat _0039.gif

Source of the Corruption: Go to 15,58 and kill Taskmasters for 5 Demonic Essences. The little dudes deaggro once the main guy is dead.

Open Book_0038.gif

Nearby where the Taskmasters are is a quest giver who will give you Naladu. Sneak past Arzeth the Merciless (he does path out) and go up to 16,65. You will get the quest “A Traitor Among Us” Go to 14,63 (in front of the stairs) and get the quest.

Combat _0040.gif

A Traitor Among Us (14,63): Go to 14,63 and get the key. Return to Naladu and get “The Dreghood Elders”.

Combat _0041.gif

The Dreghood Elders: (15,58) for Akoru, (13,58) for Aylaan, and (13,61) for Morod. Return and get Arezeth’s Demise.

Combat _0042.gif

Arezeth’s Demise: Use the item on Arezeth (who paths in front of the stairs) and he will be “the powerless” Kill him and return to end this questline.

Combat _0043.gif

Keep Thornfang Hill Clear! (13,51): Kill the critters here and return and turn in all complete quests.

Combat _0044.gif

Arelion’s Secret (followup): This quest is optional and the followup isn’t worth it. Go out of the road to Falcon Watch towards Zangarmarsh until you see Aledis. Talk to him, take him down, and turn the quest in. I always skip the followup.

Combat _0045.gif

The Cleansing Must Be Stopped (39,40): The is a followup to all of the pools quests. Go to 39,40 and use the item there. A real difficult encounter will happen. 3 enemies will spawn and you only need one dead, but the other two heal and they bubble. So try it out or just skip it.

Combat _0046.gif

Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!: I always skip this quest UNLESS I need the XP. If you need to do it go to (42,85).

Open Book_0039.gif

You should be at level 61 and if you started at 60 you should be a good half way into 62. With rested you could possibly be up to 63, but don’t expect that. Continue on to our Zangarmash guide from here.



Horde Outland Leveling Guide




Zangarmarsh Quicklist


Click here to return to the main guide.


Head to Zangarmarsh through the west exit in Hellfire.


Go to the Cenarion Refuge.


Turn in The Cenarion Expedition.

Pick up Plants of Zangarmarsh, The Umbrafen Tribe, Leader of the Darkcrest, Leader of the Bloodscale, A Warm Welcome, Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake, and The Dying Balance


Go to Swamprat Post (85,54).


Get the flight point.


Pick up Report To Shadow Hunter Denjai, Thick Hydra Scales, News from Zangarmarsh, There’s No Explanation for Fashion, ‘No More Mushrooms!’, and Menacing Marshfangs

Go to (85,50) and kill ten Marshfang Rippers.


Go to (23,78) and kill Boglash.


Go to (83,85) and pick up the escort quest.


Do the escort.


Go to (83,85) and complete The Umbrafen Tribe. Kataru is in the tallest building. Kill 8 Umbrafen Seers, 6 Oracles, and 6 Witchdoctors.


Walk or fly to (65,68) and attempt the elite there.


Kill naga in the area for 30 Naga Claws.


Loop around Umbrafen Lake (stopping at (72,58) for Disturbance at Umbrafen) kill Hydras and Eels and finish any Naga for their claws. You need 8 eel meat and 12 Hydra Scales.


While looping around kill any Umbraglow Stingers for their Diaphanous Wings.


Attempt Raji at (64,41).


Return to Cenarion Refuge and turn all of your quests in.


Pick up As the Crow Flies and turn it immediately in after you finish it (use the amulet given to you in your inventory). Now pick up Balance Must be Preserved, Saving the Sporeloks, Blessing of the Ancients (complete that one now by talking to the two large tree guys), Safeguarding the Watchers, Watcher Leesa’oh, and What’s Wrong at Cenarion Thicket


Return to Swamprat Post.


Pick up A Job Undone, Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like a Big Stinger, and Searching for Scout Jyoba.


Go to (70,80) and use the seed on the steam pump controls.


Go to (77,92) and kill 10 Marsh Dredgers, 10 Marsh Lurkers, and follow the right fork inside of the cave to get the belongings.


Kill Lord Klaq at the bottom of the cave.


Go to (62,41) and use the seed on the controls.


Go to (63,64) and use the seed on the controls.


Go to (49,59) and kill Blacksting.


Go to (32,50) and get the flight point for Zabra’jin.


Go to (25,43) and use the seed on the controls.


Go to Zabra’jin and fly back to Swamprat Post.


Turn in all of your quests at Swamprat Post and Cenarion Refuge. Skip Joyba’s Report.


Fly to Zabra’jin.


Turn in Report to Shadow Hunter Denjai.


Now pick up Spirits of Feralfen, Stinging the Stingers, Wanted: Boss Grog'ak, Angling to Beat the Competition, Burstcap Mushrooms, Mon!, and Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki.


Pick up Burstcap Mushrooms outside of the city while walking to (25,52)


At (25,52) kill Marshlight Bleeders for Stinging the Stingers.


Go to (22,66) and turn in Watcher Lees’oh.


Accept Observing the Sporelings.


Go to (19,62) and accept The Sporelings’ Plight and Natural Enemies.


Go to (15,60) to finish Observing the Sporelings.


Kill Bog Lords in the area for 10 Tendrils.


Loot 10 Mature Spore Sacs in the same area.


Return to Fahssn and turn in both quests, skipping the followups.


Return to the watcher’s camp and accept A Question of Gluttony.


Go to (28,60) and loot 10 Discarded Nutrients.


Turn in A Question of Gluttony.


Accept Familiar Fungi.


Go to (42,61) and get 10 totems for Spirits of Feralfen.


Go to (34,34) and kill Boss Grog’ak.


Farm enough mushrooms off the nearby Ogres.


Go to the middle of Serpent Lake (anywhere in the bottom) and kill Fenclaw Thrashers.


Return to Zabra’jin and turn in all of your quests.


Accept A Spirit Ally?, Impending Attack, Message to the Daggerfin, The Biggest Of Them All, Have You Ever Seen One of These, Pursuing Terrorclaw, Us or Them. 


Return to the watcher’s camp and turn in Familiar Fungi.


Accept Stealing Back the Mushrooms.


Go to (22,46) and kill Terrorclaw.


Go to (42,40) and kill Mragesh.


Return to Feralfen Village and use the totem at (44,66).


Head to (19,27) and get the attack plans.


Then go to (26,22) and use the murloc carrier.


Kill Mummaki at (24,26).


Turn in all of the quests and you should now be done with Zangarmarsh.




Terokkar Leveling Guide

Quick Guide for Terokkar Forest




Enter Terokkar Forest and go to the Cenarion Thicket.
Pick up the quests "Strange Energy," "Clues in the Thicket," and "It's Watching You"
Complete Strange Energy by killing nearby moths.
Go to (45,21) for Clues in the Thicket.
Killing the moth at (42,22) in the top of the tower.
Turn all the quests in and get the followup "By Any Means Necessary"
Find Empoor who wanders the road between Shattrath and Firewing Point. Talk to him, fight him, and get the quest "Wind Trader Lathrai" from him.
Go to Shattrath City and get the quests “Rather Be Finishin’,” “The Eyes of Skettis,” and “The Outcast’s Plight.”
Go to the lake NE of Shattrath to complete "Rather Be Fishing".
Go to Stonebreaker Hold (45,45).
Pick up all of the quests are Stonebreaker Hold: “Olemba Seed Oil,” “Wanted: Bonelasters Dead,” “Vestments of the Wolf Spirit,” “Magical Disturbances,” “The Missing Merchant,” and “Speak with Scout Neftis.”
Go south of Shattrath to Veil Reskk and do “The Outcast’s Plight,” “Stymieing the Arakkoa,” “Arakkoa War Path,” and “The Eyes of Skettis."The two eyes are at (57,23) and (50,19).
Go to the Refugee Caravan (37,49)
Pick up the quests "Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terrok", "The Dread Relic", "Improper Burial", "Rilak the Redeemed", "Missing Friends", and "The Infested Protectors".
Kill the forest walkers near the base for The Infested Protectors.
Do Darkness Falls at (38,60).
Go to (30,42) and do “Darkstone of Terrok,” “Missing Friends,” and “A Personal Favor.”
Go to Tuurem at (55,30) to do “Investigate Tuurem”  and “What are These Things?”.
Grind east of Tuurem for "Olemba Seed Oil", "Magical Disturbances" and "Vestments of the Wolf Spirit".
Head to the Bonechewer Ruins for “An Unwelcome Presence.”
Turn in that quest at (63,42).
Pick up "What Happens in Terrokkar Stays in Terrokkar" and "The Firewing Liaison"
Go to (71,37) do the quest series here (killing blood elves) then turn that in and get "The Final Code" which involves killing Sharth Voldoun up in a tower and using his item on the bomb in the middle.
Return to Stonebreaker Camp and turn in any of your quests. Mount up and fly right towards Stonebreaker Camp.
Speak to Scout Neftis at (39,43) and do the questline at Stonebreaker Camp"Who are They?" involves walking around the camp and "Kill the Shadow Council!" is an easy kill quest.
Head back into the Bone Wastes.
Killing Bonelashers inside of the Bone wastes.
Go to the Refugee Caravan turn in your quests and get the ones.
Do “The Shadow Tomb” at (30,52).
Do “Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil” at 28,56
Turn in those quests then go to the Sha'tar Outpost at (30,75).
Do "Digging Through the Bones" and skip the followup (just escort the dwarf).
Get "The Dread Relic" and "An Improper Burial".
Do "The Dread Relic" at (43,76).
Go to (35,75) and burn the corpses.
Turn in the quests and you're now done!

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