Terokkar Forest Leveling Guide

Welcome to Terokkar Forest for your next set of adventures. By now you should be well above the level of the quests here making most of them a trivial matter of smashing enemies up and moving on to the next objective. I highly advise that you have a flying mount by now to save even more time in both travel and questing.

If you’re not above level 64 at this point then I suggest hitting the battlegrounds up for some easy experience. You can run back to back Alterac Valley runs and get about a level every 2-3 hours. This takes a little big longer than questing, but provides a means to beef yourself above the quest levels making you take about half the time that you’d normally have to spend on them.

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There isn’t any particular items needed, but a large stack of food/water/bandages can help. You’re nearing the end of the Outland walk so you may want to make sure your tradeskills are getting close to 350/375 if you’ve been skipping on them.

One special note; if you see a quest turn in then go ahead and turn it in. There will be times when you’re picking up quests that you’ll be able to turn in the previous quests. We don’t know when you might finish something early or later, so turn ‘em in when you head back to pick up the follow-ups.

Let’s start by entering Terokkar Forest. It’s a hop, skip, and quick jaunt through Zangarmarsh to the western road that leads into Terokkar. Your first destination is the Cenarion Thicket which is east of Shattrath City. Here you’ll pick up the quests “Strange Energy,” “Clues in the Thicket,” and “It’s Watching You” from the quest givers near the road. Strange Energy is completed by killing the nearby moths while Clues in the Thicket is completed inside of the inn at (45,21). It’s Watching You is on top of the tower at (42,22). Turn ‘em in and get the follow up “By Any Means Necessary” which wants you to find Emoor.

Empoor wanders the road between Shattrath and the Blood Elf Village (basically the road in front of the Thicket). You’ll want to talk to him, fight him (he’s easy), and get the quest “Wind Trader Lathrai”. That was some pretty easy experience, right? Let’s keep the easy XP rolling in then.

Now here is where things get confusing. There are four major quest lines in Terokkar. The first line is out of Shattrath which involves a little of everything, the second is Stonebreaker Hold (the Horde city) which involves some nearby Orcs, and the other two are in the Bone Wastes. Each city has quests going all over the place so it can get really confusing really fast. Let’s try to take this as slow as possible while still getting the XP to flow in.

Let’s first hit up Shattrath City and get the quests “Rather Be Finishin’,” “The Eyes of Skettis,” “The Outcast’s Plight,” and you can skip anything the Scryer’s have going for you. There is also a lengthy quest that starts with A’dal, but you can honestly skip that unless you want to do the Scryer/Aldor lines. It takes about 9 minutes of following an elemental around and that’s not fast or fun.

Head to the lake northeast of Shattrath to complete “Rather Be Fishing” (the fish are in this lake, can’t miss it) and then head to Stonebreaker Hold near (45,45) and pick up all of the quests there except for the daily PvP one (it takes forever to trigger and doesn’t give enough XP to worry about it). Get the quests “Olemba Seed Oil,” “Wanted: Bonelasters Dead,” “Vestments of the Wolf Spirit,” “Magical Disturbances,” “The Missing Merchant,” “Speak with Scout Neftis.” These are a lot of quests! Shew. Alright, let’s get moving on.

Go south of Shattrath to Veil Reskk and do “The Outcast’s Plight,” “Stymieing the Arakkoa,” “Arakkoa War Path,” and “The Eyes of Skettis.” The two eyes are at (57,23) and (50,19). Then head to the Refugee Caravan at (37,49).Get the quests "Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terrok", "The Dread Relic", "Improper Burial", "Rilak the Redeemed", "Missing Friends", and "The Infested Protectors". The forest walkers are near the base (The Infested Protectors) and the mobs needed for Before Darkness Falls are at (38,60).

Now go to Veil Skith at (30,42) to complete “Darkstone of Terrok,” “Missing Friends,” and “A Personal Favor.” Go to Tuurem at (55,30) to do “Investigate Tuurem”  and “What are These Things?”. Pretty easy so far right? Well now head east of Tuurem to find a ton of wolves, warp stalkers, and olemba seeds. You’ll grind through these three for "Olemba Seed Oil", "Magical Disturbances" and "Vestments of the Wolf Spirit" in no time. Now head to Bonechewer Ruins for “An Unwelcome Presence.” It’s nearby and super easy. Just kill enough orcs and head to (63,42) to turn it in. You can get “What Happens in Terokkar Stays in Terokkar” and “The Firewing Liaison.” North at (71,37) you’ll be at Firewing point. You’ve got a good few quests to complete here. “Attack on Firewing Point” which involves killing a ton of blood elves, turn that in and get “The Final Code” which involves killing Sharth Voldoun (use the translocation orbs to get to him or just fly up and smack him around) and using the mana bomb in the center, and an easy escort that you can do if you want (I skip it for time).

Return back to the Stonebreaker Camp and turn in “The Final Code” and then fly right on towards Stonebreaker Camp. Here you’ll turn in a ton of quests and find yourself ready to go to (39,43) to speak to Scout Neftis. Get “Who are They?” and walk into the orc town (avoiding the agro mob) with your disguise on and talk to the required NPCs- they’re all around on the inside. Head back and get “Kill the Shadow Council!” which is an easy go into the town and kill a bunch of stuff quest.

Now let’s roll back down to the Bone Wastes. Kill Bonelashers that roam about the Bone Wastes. Head back to the Refugee Caravan and turn in/get any new quests. Do “The Shadow Tomb” at (30,52). “Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil” is at 28,56. Head back to the Caravan and turn in your quests before heading to the Sha’tar Outpost at (30,75). On the way you’ll find a few Veil Lithic quests you can do, if you want to finish up all the of the Arrokoa lines. I personally get tired of them quickly.

At the Sha’tar Outpost you can pick up an escort called “Digging Through the Bones” which has you escort the dwarves around. Stop there, skip the eilte, and get “The Dread Relic” and “An Improper Burial”. Head to (43,76) and loot the chest. When you do you’ll be surrounded by zombies! Make a dash for it or mount your flying mount and hit the air. You can also AOE them down as they’re weak, but there is a lot of them. Burn the corpses at (35,75) and you should return back to the camp.

Now, you may have a few quests left. If you’re level 66 (which you should be) then you can now move on to Nagrand. Nagrand will get you to 68 which lands you the frozen ticket to Northrend where the quests are more organized, the loot is better, and you can start grinding reputation for factions you’ll need at 80. If you’re not 66 then you have a few options. You can finish up whatever quests you have left (we never followed up on the bird people lines), you can move on to Nagrand anyway, you can grind Blood Elves at Firewing Point, or you can run Alterac Valley until you’re 66. Either way you should be able to reach that goal soon enough! 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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