Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion is live and players are already clambering to get their hands on the latest and greatest Exotic gear in the game. While complete details on the new weapons and how you can acquire them are still trickling in, we’ve compiled a guide on the Exotic weapons confirmed to be in the game, and the steps you can take to make them your own.

347 Vesta Dynasty (Scout Rifle)

This high powered scout rifle has perks that increase accuracy while in mid air and a choice between either the David or the Goliath perk which will increase your agility or armor by 15 on any non-headshots respectively.

This a great weapon for fast moving medium range combat because of its high power and high stability.

Source: Purchased from Xur / Possible Drops (???) / Engram Reward


  • Icarus: “Improved accuracy while airborne.”
  • David: “Precision kills temporarily increase Agility stat for 15 seconds.”
  • Goliath: “Non precision kills temporarily increase Armor stat for 15 seconds.”

Lord of Wolves (Shotgun)

This exotic shotgun is a team player as it’s main perk will grant all nearby allies with +3 recovery on each successful kill. Apart from that it is a top quality shotgun with very high impact, stability, and a 30 round magazine that will keep the shells flying during even the longest firefight.

Source: Purchased from Xur / Possible Drops (???) / Engram Reward


  • Hip fire: “Increased Fire Accuracy from the Hip”
  • Devils Touch: “Kills with this weapon rally nearby allies with +3 recovery for 30 seconds”

Dreg’s Promise

Dreg’s Promise is unique in that it is the first weapon type of its kind, a sidearm. The weapon has an extremely high rate of fire, and a very low impact but its upside is in the perks, especially in the Crucible.

Source: Purchased from Xur / Possible Drops (???) / Engram Reward


  • Reserve Ammo: "This weapon always has ammo on respawn."
  • Grave Robber: “Melee kills (while equipped) have a chance to refill the magazine.”
  • Shock Rounds: "High ricochet shock rounds with enhanced target acquisition."

Queenbreakers’ Bow

A high-powered Fusion Rifle, the Queenbreakers’ Bow has the highest range of all current Fusion Rifles and a perk that gives “Increased target acquisition”. You can also swap perks for lower range and faster charge time, with one that provides increased range but a slower charge time.

Source: Purchased from Xur / Possible Drops (???) / Engram Reward


  • Marksman Sights: Long-range. Slower charge, more damage. "Ammo & charge displays."
  • Combat Sights: Low-zoom. Faster charge time, less damage. "Ability energy display."
  • Hidden Hand: “This weapon gains better target acquisition”

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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