In this guide we present to you how to go about crafting an Ascended weapon. In this example, we demonstrate how to construct a single sword. I will pre-warn, Ascended Weapons take a long time to craft and a great deal of money. In terms of Attribute gain versus cost, it probably isn't worth it (around 10%) however, if you want to future proof your character you should aim for the best there is. 

The Process

First and foremost, you're going to need to be 500 in almost all crafting disciplines in order to complete the construction. 

Constructing an Ascended weapon works no differently to that of any other, you simply need 4 components: 1 inscription, 2 parts and a unique material. In most instances the recipes for Ascended weapons (and inscriptions) can be purchased from the appropriate vendor, though they will cost you around 3 gold and some laurels.


Unlike traditional approaches to crafting, the refinement of materials to forge Ascended weapons is quite length and there are significant quantities of materials involved. To make things easier, we've summarized in a table below what each process requires in terms of raw materials, how to refine it and what it actually takes to refine it. I would like to thank @thevalliants for his amazing job over on the excellent Dragon Season, for being kind enough to let us use it (it really is a life saver!).

Please be aware that some of the items needed will cost you skill points and karma (for the Obsidian Shards) so be sure to have banked enough.


  Source Raw Material Refined Material Cost To Refine/Create  
Ascended Materials Champion Loot Bags Pile of Bloodstone Dust Brick of Bloodstone Dust 100 Piles of Bloodstone Dust; 2 Obsidian Shards; 10 Catalysts Obsidian Shard Refinements
Temples, Mega Bosses, Towers and Keeps Dragonite Ore Dragonite Ingot 100 Dragonite Ore; 2 Obsidian Shards; 10 Catalysts
Dungeons, Mini-Dungeons, Jumping Puzzles, Towers and Keeps Empyrean Fragment Empryean Star 100 Empyrean Fragment; 2 Obsidian Shards; 10 Catalysts
Exotic Item Salvaging Glob of Dark Matter      
Master Crafter Thermocatalytic Reagent (AKA - Catalyst)   14s 98c per 10  
Ascended Quality Items Miyani Angur's Stone   20 Skill Points  
Craft Vision Crystal   5 Bloodstone Bricks; 5 Dragonite Ingots; 5 Empyrean Stars; 1 Angurs Stone  
Common Materials Foraging Elder Wood Log Glob of Elder Spirit Residue  50 Elder Wood Planks; 1 Glob of Ectoplasm; 10 Catalysts Ectoplasm Refinements
 Mining Mithril Ore Lump of Mithrilium 50 Mithril Ingots; 1 Glob of Ectoplasm; 10 Catalysts
Foraging Soft, Hard and Seasoned Wood Log Spiritwood Plank 20 Soft Wood Planks; 20 Hard Wood Planks; 10 Seasoned Wood Planks; 1 Glob of Elder Spirit Residue  
Mining Iron and Platinum Ore Deldrimor Steel Ingot 20 Iron Ingots; 10 Steel Ingots; 20 Darksteel Ingots; 1 Lump of Mithrilium  


  • Refining Ectoplasms is limited to a 24 hour timer, allowing only 1 refinement per day, per account. 
  • Obsidian Refinements can be undertaken at any time but the refined materials are account bound and therefore cannot be sold or traded. 
  • Ascended Quality items are, similarly to the above are also account bound, however “Common Materials” can be traded.

Crafting The Weapon

Simply follow the corresponding colors in the image below. Please note that you will need to salvage (for the Inscription) the appropriate exotic weapon, based on the attributes you want your weapon to have. In addition, there are minor variances to the recipes of each Ascended weapon with the image below only showing the process for the Angchu Blade. 

Image Version

Text Version

Acquiring the recipes (Master Crafter NPC)

  • Ascended inscription recipe: 21,000 karma
  • Ascended weapon recipe: 5 Laurels & 3 Gold

Ascended Mystical Item (Miyani)

  • Angur’s Stone: 20 skill points

Ascended Inscription craft

  • 10 Globs of Dark Matter  (Salvage Exotic Items)
  • 1 Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel

3 Deldrimor Steel Ingots

  • 20 Iron Ingots
  • 10 Steel Ingots
  • 20 Darksteel Ingots
  • 1 Lump of Mithrilium
  1. 50 Mithril Ingots
  2. 1 Glob of Ectoplasm
  3. 10 ‘catalysts’

3 Spiritwood Planks

  • 20 Soft Wood Planks
  • 20 Hard Wood Planks
  • 10 Seasoned Wood Planks
  • 1 Glob of Elder Spirit Residue
  1. 50 Elder Wood Planks
  2. 1 Glob of Ectoplasm
  3. 10 Catalysts

1 Exotic Inscription

  • 5 Orichalcum Plated Dowels
  1. 3 Orichalcum Ingots
  2. 2 Ancient Wood Planks
  • 5 Globs of Ectoplasm
  • 5 Tier 6 Materials (this depends entirely on the weapons statistics)
  • 10 Piles of Crystaline Dust

Craft Weapon Part 1 (Sword Hilt)

  • 3 Deldrimor Steel Ingots
  1. 20 Iron Ingots
  2. 10 Steel Ingots
  3. 20 Darksteel Ingots
  • 1 Lump of Mithrilium
  1. 50 Mithril Ingots
  2. 1 Glob of Ectoplasm
  3. 5 Piles of Crystaline Dust
  4. 50 Catalysts

Craft Weapon Part 2 (Sword Blade)

  • The same as crafting Weapon Part 1

Crafting the Vision Crystal

  • 5 Dragonite Ingots
  1. 100 Dragonite Ores
  2. 2 Obsidian Shards
  3. 10 Catalysts
  • 5 Empyrean Stars
  1. 100 Empyrean Fragments
  2. 2 Obsidian Shards
  3. 10 Catalysts

5 Bloodstone Bricks

  1. 100 Piles of Bloostone Dust
  2. 2 Obsidian Shards
  3. 10 Catalysts 

1 Angur’s Stone

I would like to thank @Dragonseason and @thevailliants for their permission in utilising their fantastic table.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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