In terms of objectives, Destiny's Crucible mode Clash is about as simple as they come. Two teams of six fight for points that are primarily gained by eliminating members of the opposing team. A standard kill will net your team 100 points, but there are many ways you can add a little flare and take home more points per kill. Headshots, grenade kills, melee kills, heavy weapon kills, multi- kills and more will all add to the amount of points you gain per kill. First team to get to 20,000 points wins the match.

Despite this simplicity there are some tips and tricks you can bring to the field that will give you and your team an edge over the competition. The most effective of these we go over below.

Picking the Right Special Weapon - Many players simply forget that they can change their weapon loadout before and during matches. Make sure and keep one of each variety of special weapon in your inventory so you have something for every occasion. Shotguns for close quarters matches, snipers for large open areas. Just remember, when you switch a special weapon out for another that ammo is lost and you will have to find an ammo crate to refill.

Powering Up - This one mostly applies to Hunters but is also applicable to the other classes. When you go to use your Super make sure you are safe to do so. All of the supers have a brief animation to them, which can leave you vulnerable if you choose to use it when you are low health or surrounded by enemies. Find cover and make sure you are topped up before unleashing that super.

Heavy Ammo is Key - Whether you're packing a machine gun or a rocket launcher, getting your hands on some heavy ammo can give you a significant advantage. Heavy weapons have the ability to quickly take out groups of enemy guardians and vehicles so when you hear the announcement that heavy ammo is incoming, head for one of the two spawn locations. These locations are always the same so be sure and make note of them on each map.

Sparrow Time - Destiny's sparrows are extremely useful in the Crucible. If you're caught in a corner and surrounded on all sides they can provide a quick escape. If your team is in need of support and you've just spawned on the other side of the map, pop out your sparrow and you'll be there in no time.
It's all in the Head - If you really want to be successful in the crucible you're going to have to get good at aiming for the head. It's a small target to hit but with practice it will pay off as headshots will kill an enemy guardian in half the time as shooting them anywhere else in the body. One trick you can try is aiming for the top of the chest and them moving your aim upwards as you fire.

Stick with the Pack - Instead of heading for the nearest red radar blip when you spawn, see where the rest of your team is and group up with them. This will not only significantly reduce the chances you get surprised by an enemy, those that you do see will have multiple guardians firing on them. Every guardian you are grouped up with greatly increases the chances you take down the enemy and stay alive yourself.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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