There are guides on the Internet that tell you to throw down 20 to 40 real life bucks on how to farm lots of World of Warcraft gold in an hour. We're going to go ahead and skip giving us the cash and let you in on a few of the "secrets" to making gold quick. Our guide will give you the info on how to farm up 200 gold in roughly 2 hours (even quicker if you're well geared or once you get everything down). Why rely on gold farmers who sap away your real life cash (and ruin our game)? Use our guide and find yourself rolling in the gold as casually or hardcore as you want to take it!

So if you run all of the Isle of Quel’Danas quests (1hr, 140 gold), do the Kil’Jaeden quests (20min, 30 gold), hit up the PvP daily (20 minutes, 10 gold), and then do two more dailies from somewhere else (20min, 20 gold) then you’ll be done for the day with 210 gold after 2 hours. That's not including items that may drop or some of the quest rewards! As if that wasn't sweet enough the best thing is that you'll be able to break these quests up into smaller chunks throughout your day. You don't even have to spend it all in one session. As casual or hardcore as you want to take it.

Click here to liberate yourself of being broke in-game!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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