Destiny’s Sparrow Racing League is not only a fun new game mode, it’s also another way to get your hands on some 320 light level gear. 320 gear is the best of the best in the Taken King, and could only previously be acquired through Kings Fall hard mode or Trials of Osiris runs.

Now with the gear becoming available through sparrow racing, those who either couldn’t find a raid group, or don’t like playing Trials can get their own set of top of the line gear. Of course it’s not so easy as starting up a racing and basking in the rewards, but we have to say it’s a lot less painful than the Raid or Trials in terms of skill required.

Ranking Up

The 320 gear wont even start dropping until you’ve gotten a high enough rank in SRL, specifically rank 3 or higher. Rank 1 and 2 will only award up to 300ish gear max, with rank 3 opening up the possibility of 320 level items dropping. Of course none of this is guaranteed, each drop will be a random light level, but the higher your rank above rank 3, the higher the chance of that item being a level 320.

The fastest way to rank up is to make sure you’re completing your daily SRL bounties. You can pick up the bounties from Amanda Holliday in the hangar. Apart from bounties, the only thing you can really do is complete as many races as you can, and try to place as high as possible.

It takes a total of 4500 reputation to get to rank 3 (the same as the crucible and vanguard rank 3). That’s no small amount, but you can make it go by faster by completing bounties and making sure you have the reputation boosting class item equipped each time you race.

The 320 gear that drops is part of the racing gear set. The set has some decent numbers, but even if you’re not looking to use the set, the 320 gear is a great way to light boost other items with better stats.

Three of Coins

Another bonus od the Sparrow Racing League is that they can activate your Three of Coins. When you complete a race and have the coins buff active, you will have a chance to receive an exotic engram, just like you would for defeating a raid/ strike boss.

Just remember to put on your highest light level gear when you turn in your engrams to avoid getting a low level exotic.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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