Reaching Destiny’s new light level cap of 335 can be done in a several different ways, so if you don’t particularly enjoy one method give the other a try. Of course if you want to get to light level 335 quickly, then pursuing all of the available methods will get you there the fastest.

Exotic Engrams

Bungie has confirmed that decrypting engrams now has a chance of giving an item with above light level 20 values, and in some cases light level 335. To make this work, you’ll want to have your best gear equipped, as the higher light level you are, the higher the odds the light level of the engram you are decrypting will be in the 330’s.

You can get your hands on more exotic engrams by running the weekly heroics and nightfall strikes with the 3 of coins equipped for each boss. The crucible also has a chance at dropping exotic engrams, albeit at a slower rate than strike playlists with the 3 of coins.

Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner

The trials rewards now have the chance of containing light level 335 items. Like the challenge of the elders however, you’ll need to be skilled in PvP combat and have a team of your own creation if you’re going to max out your scorecard for the shot at the best gear.

The iron banner now also carries light level 335 gear. You’ll receive light level items at rank 3 and 5, plus you always have the chance of getting something as a drop at the end of each match. When you’ve gotten your rank 3 and 5 rewards you may want to head for a more regular source of gear/ weapon drops like strikes, trials, or challenge of elders.

Lord Shaxx

If you’re a fan of the crucible, you’ll want to complete the Lord Shaxx quest line that was given when the taken king released. After you complete it you will be able to pick up new weekly bounties from Shaxx that have a chance at rewarding you with light level 320+ gear and weapons.

Get these bounties before starting your iron banner run to maximize your gear farming efficiency.

Challenge of the Elders

The PvE version of the trials of Osiris is a challenging way to get your hands on some light level 335 gear, but if you can match the high score for the week you’ll be guaranteed to get a light level 335 weapon and a 335 piece of gear.

King’s Fall Raid (Hard mode)

The King’s Fall raid on hard mode now offers up 335 drops. Of course the recommended light level for defeating Oryx is 320, so you’ve got to have decent gear to start with. If you’ve got a good group though, this is an excellent way to gear up, especially if you throw a three of coins into the equation.

Court of Oryx

If you manage to find a group, you can always head to the Court of Oryx for some fairly easy loot drops that now have a chance at being lvl 320+. Just remember that you only get the drop if you are the one initiating the fight with your rune. The tier 3 runes by far have the best chance of rewarding you with some good gear.

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Last Updated: Apr 18, 2016

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