How to kill Mayong Mistmoore

Note by RadarX: The following is a strategy (strat) for beating Mayong Mistmoore in the Mistmoore Inner Sanctum. The advice was compiled by myself and a number of sources who wish to remain anonymous. This is not claiming to be the most effective, nor only way to kill him, just a successful one. So without further ado, we give you how to kill Mayong.

In EQ2, the current standard by which a guild is considered “uber” or a “top” raiding guild by most of the EQ2 raiding community is whether that guild has been able to able to defeat the three hardest encounters currently in game, not just claim they are on EQ2 Flames. Those encounters are:

  • Any one of the eight different Avatars, which are not gods themselves, but which represent a specific diety in a Norrathian form.
  • The dragon Woushi, the boss mob of the Emerald Hall zone.
  • The vampire Mayong Mistmoore, the boss mob of the Mistmoore Inner Sanctum zone.
  • I believe the above encounters are ranked in the order of difficulty that most experienced raiders would place them.

    So, you want your guild to join the ranks of the “uber” guilds in EQ2? Well it won’t be easy, and you’ll need to start your attempts with a well geared and disciplined raid force, plus a strong raid leader. Assuming you have these things already, I’ll now give you detailed instructions on how to beat the easiest of the above encounters.

    How to kill Mayong Mistmoore

    The Mayong encounter is the final encounter in the Inner Sanctum instance. You must kill all other named monsters in the zone before attempting Mayong, since he calls for them while you fight him, and they will run across zone to assist him if they are still alive.

    A. Don’t forget the Wolfbane!

    To have a reasonable chance at beating Mayong, especially as a guild who hasn’t done so before, you must have a supply of Tunarian Wolfbane. It’s possible to kill Mayong without it, but it would be much harder, since he will spawn additional adds if nobody in the raid has one in their inventory.

    You can get Tunarian Wolfbane from one of three different sources:

    1. A half dozen or more drop every time you kill Woushi (this is the hard way).
    2. You will get one Tunarian Wolfbane when doing the Tunare cloak quest (this is the easiest way, just have all your Qeynos members do the quest and get a bane before your attempt)
    3. Buy it from the broker – many guilds able to kill Woushi will sell extra banes at extraordinarily high prices on the broker – generally, 50 plat per bane or more.

    Before fighting Mayong, make sure nobody has more than one bane in their inventory – it’s never happened to me, but rumor is Mayong will take the entire stack instead of just one bane from a player with multiple banes in inventory.

    B. Location, location, location!

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    Mayong Mistmoore

    When you enter Mayong’s room, you will see him standing at the top of a staircase. Start by rushing left into the room and killing the pair of armor suits that attack you. Mayong won’t attack until you get in his agro range, which is about ten meters, and doesn’t extend to the bottom or extreme sides of the stairs.

    After killing the armor suits, proceed up the left side by killing the multi-mob encounters in your way first. Ok, that’s done, now it’s just you and Mayong. Have your raid hug the left stair wall and, when on the last step, before touching the floor that Mayong is standing on, jump up- onto the left side. They can now hug the walls and move around and behind Mayong.

    Picturing Mayong at the center of a clock dial, facing him, you’ll want to position your MT group healers at 9:00 on the sides within the 20 meter heal range, and your dps and offtanks at high noon, or at least next to the coffin that’s directly behind him.

    For best results, I recommend that your MT rush and fight Mayong exactly where he is standing.

    Mayong will spawn 2 vampire adds at a time every 30 to 40 seconds during the fight. You must have a couple players assigned to handle these when they spawn. The players assigned to adds must pull them away from the MT and Mayong, to the rear of the room when they spawn, or odds are that they’ll run to your healers, ae stun or daze them, and your raid will wipe.

    C. A Touch too much!

    To beat Mayong Mistmoore, someone in your raid will need to time and call AEs to the rest of the raid, and especially his most deadly ability, Mayong’s Touch.

    He casts Mayong's Touch every 38 seconds. It Touch deals minor mental damage, and includes a power drain. Most importantly, however, it reduces the target’s level by 10 adventure levels. He will often succeed in one shotting your MT if he is able to hit him before the Touch is cured.

    So with someone counting down Mayong’s Touch to the raid, at three to five seconds before it lands, every healer in your raid should start spamming arcane cure on the MT (arcane cure cures it). Also, just when the Touch is supposed to land, your coercer should cast Daze on him, which hopefully will give your healers a few extra seconds to cure the Touch before Mayong is able to one shot your MT.

    D. Timing is everything!

    Mayong has two other pesky AEs.

    He will cast “Soul Paralysis” every 42 seconds. This AE is inconvenient, and will stun and deliver cold damage to everyone it hits within a small range of Mayong.

    His next AE, “Blanket of Eternal Night” is the fun one. It’s on a 60s timer, deliver’s mental damage, and includes a power drain. The AE will deliver less damage to players that are farther away.

    The critical thing to know about Blanket of Eternal Night is that when this AE hits anyone INSIDE 10m, it heals him for 2% of his total health. So ONLY the MT should be within 10 meters of Mayong when this AE hits, and the rest of the raid MUST be jousting, based on the timer that’s being called for it.

    If your guild is well coordinated and the person timing the AEs and Mayong’s Touch is on the ball, you can kill him MUCH faster by jousting based on the “IN” and “OUT” calls. Despite this, many guilds range this fight, just because it is safer and because Tunarian Wolfbane is so precious, and one will be removed from the inventory of someone in your raid each attempt. I recommend jousting, and calling everyone out ten seconds before Blanket of Eternal Night is expected to land.

    E. But wait, there’s more!

    This encounter is challenging for one additional reason. Mayong will randomly charm someone inside the raid. This can mean your MT, and while it's probably funny the first few'll get old. Unless you have a very sharp and fast second tank to take over, you can count on wiping, thus wasting a Tunarian Wolfbane.

    If you succeed, you will generally get 2 class set breastplates and another random item. Everything Mayong drops is considered top shelf loot.

    Good luck to you and your raid!

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    Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016