The Skyburner Chest is one of several special chests on the Dreadnaught that can only be opened after completing a certain set of tasks. The overall goal is to get the Skyburners security pass so that you can open the security door located in the crashed Cabal ship in the Mausoleum area of the Dreadnaught.

Step 1 – Kill Some Cabal

The first step is to kill some Cabal on the Dreadnaught. Nothing specific (although they cant be taken cabal) and eventually one will drop the Skyburners Command Beacon.

Step 2 – Activate the Beacon

After loading into the Dreadnaughts patrol mode, head straight for the crashed Cabal ship in the Hull Breach area. After entering the doorway there should be a small control panel. Use this control panel to consume the command beacon, which will start summoning several waves of Cabal. Clear them out and the Ultra that spawns at the end and collect the Skyburner Deployment Codes off of his body.

Step 3 – Activate the Deployment Codes

Once you’ve got the codes head back to the mausoleum area and jump up to where the security door is located. Beside it should be a control panel that will let you activate it with the codes.

Activating the codes will start off a 3-part mission some of which is timed so be ready to go. The first step is not timed and requires that you clear out enemies in the mausoleum area so that they can get a better signal on the cabal location.

When that’s done you will have less than 2 minutes to run to the crashed cabal ship in the Hull Breach area and scan a room. You will receive waypoints during the timed phases so just follow them.

Step 4 - Kill the Cabal Leader

The third and final phase requires that you run back through the Mausoleum and into the area through the door at the bottom left. Keep following the waypoint until you come across the hive/ cabal firefight. The leader (your target) will be marked, so take him out and the mission is complete. Once he’s down the key should have also been added to your inventory allowing you to open the door and the chest within!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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