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Utgarde Keep is a commonly run heroic dungeon level 80s often
use to gain reputation, Stone Shards, Emblems of Heroism, and gear. As
a hunter, you will be expected to dish out damage and sometimes trap
specific enemies with your Freeze Trap or Freezing Arrow skills. At
times you may need to go from a direct damage dealer to an Area of
Effect damage dealing role via the Volley skill. This is all dependent
upon how your group chooses to engage this dungeon and we'll talk about
each here and what you need to know as a hunter while crawling this

style="color: rgb(29, 66, 136); font-size: 14pt; font-weight: bold;">Trash

In Utgarde Keep you will very often have pulls of multiple mobs. Most
groups prefer to have a good tank hold aggro while the damage dealers
blast away with area of effect (AoE) spells. If this is the case in
your group, feel free to unleash death with your Volley attacks. Just
make sure this is the approach your group is taking to avoid any
accidental crowd control breaks or crazy aggro bounces. In some groups
you may be called on for a little crowd control. The best way to handle
this is by using Freezing Arrow to fire your Freeze Trap where needed
from a safe distance.

style="color: rgb(29, 66, 136); font-size: 14pt; font-weight: bold;">Prince

Prince Keleseth is a battle where you will have a couple of different
tasks. When battle is joined, Prince Keleseth will periodically encase
one of your group members in a Frost Tomb which will immobilize that
member and deal a huge amount of damage to them over time. When this
happens, you will need to aid that trapped member by immediately
attacking the Frost Tomb encasing them. Around the same time, Prince
Keleseth will summon 5 skeletons to aid him in battle. Once the Frost
Tomb has been dealt with, you can turn your attention to the prince and
his newly summoned minions. The minions are fairly weak and can be
downed pretty fast with AoE attacks, so Volley can be useful here. Once
they're all dead revert back to your basic DPS rotation and wait for
the next Ice Tomb and minion round. Repeat this a few times and the
prince will be out of your way.

The basic ranged attack rotation used by most hunters in heroic
dungeons is effective in dealing with Prince Keleseth. However, don't
waste mana casting Concussive Shot as he and the other bosses in this
heroic dungeon are immune. Keep focused on breaking any Frost Tombs
cast and using your basic DPS attacks and a Volley now and again for
the adds and you won't have a lot of trouble with the prince.

Note: Making a macro to /target
Frost Tomb can help get you quickly on the target that's iced up when
it happens.

style="color: rgb(29, 66, 136); font-size: 14pt; font-weight: bold;">Skarvald
and Dalronn

When you attack Skarvald & Dalronn your group will either have
everyone go all out and fire at will on a selected target, or take both
enemies down to near death so they die at roughly the same time. The
reason for this is that when one dies their spirit will return to keep
fighting. The problem with this is that the spirit works differently
with aggro. By differently I mean it attacks anyone it wants to. This
can be problematic if your team can't kill quickly and the spirit goes
after your healer. Causing a rather simple fight to end with messy

Hunters will want to try and stay as close to the tank as you
can at your minimum ranged distance. This is to hopefully avoid getting
charged and knocked down by Skarvald's charge attack which seems to go
off at random targets. From here you can either use your standard
Steady Shot, Serpent Sting, and so on attack rotation depending on your
build or Volley if it's all out AoE DPS. One important thing to
remember is that if you are using the method of bringing them near
death and killing them at roughly the same time is to keep control of
your pet. The last thing you need to have happen is your pet killing
the target before the group is ready. Not only can this end badly, but
it can earn you some scornful looks and words from an unhappy group.
That or you'll all have a good laugh. It depends on the crowd.

style="color: rgb(29, 66, 136); font-size: 14pt; font-weight: bold;">Ingvar
the Plunderer Phase 1

Ingvar is the last major battle you'll come across in Utgarde Keep and
he has two parts. The first part is rather simple. Just stay at maximum
range and use your standard attack rotation. If you get to close you
run the danger of getting hit by his Cleave, Staggering Roar, and other
fun attacks. Just pour on the damage and stay at a safe distance for
the first part and Ingvar part one will be over rather fast.

style="color: rgb(29, 66, 136); font-size: 14pt; font-weight: bold;">Ingvar
the Plunderer Phase 2

The second half of this battle comes after Ingvar falls. Annhylde the
Caller will appear in the sky above him and spew out something about
Ingvar having to serve the Lich King. He will then resurrect Ingvar as
an undead version of himself. The main thing hunters have to worry
about at this stage is Ingvar's Dark Smash attack. However, if you keep
your distance and use the surrounding pillars when needed to break line
of sight, this is very rarely an issue. Just stay back and unload on
him. If by chance Ingvar throws his axe attack at you, don't just stand
there as the pretty swirly axe of death revolves around your body
slowly cutting it into a fine paste. Make sure you move. The last thing
to watch out for is Ingvar's Roar. Cease fire when this happens or
suffer the consequences of an 8 second skill/spell lockout. Make sure
to call your pet back when Ingvar gets ready to Dark Smash. Chances are
he will be hit and in most cases become fertilizer and spill over
damage to your group.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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