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Note: you MUST have mastered Giant language to obtain this quest.

This quest starts in Everfrost. Talk to the giant Krindal on an
island in the icegill area at 499.37 -35.64 -1,595.41. This area is
north of the Permafrost zone in.

You must slay five rare spawns in Permafrost to obtain the
necessary updates. They are:

- Commander Keg's Key - Commander Keg at southeast corner of courtyard,
-95, 0, -130

- Skullsplitter's Crux - Teerok Skullsplitter at -114, +20, -125

- Chillwind's Hinge - Kerhn Chillwind at 0, +40, -247

- Frigidbeard's Shard - Ador Frigidbeard at +57, +60, -322

- Gyrok's Band - Gryok Deepfreeze at 0, +60, -384

These are heavily camped at times, and are rare spawns. Check on
their status often and be sure your group is ready for a hard fight
with each one.

After killing each return to Krindal to be granted access to Drayek's
Chamber (a level 50s raid instance).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016