style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">Chapter 6 –
Methods and Techniques

6.1 – Solo

When Soloing, my casts tend to look like this:

  1. Send Clone in to attack.
  2. Send in Construct

  3. Buff Clone
  4. HO

  5. DD (Timer is now running on the HO)

  6. Daunting Gaze, or Stupefy (Depending
    on which symbol the HO needs)

  7. Root (Might get agro)

Using that pattern the mob stays away, takes plenty of damage, and
you're cooking the root spell again the mob is stunned. After
I run
out of Stuns to cast, I do a root and DoT’s then a root again. The
Longer he
stays where he is (away from you) the longer you live. Using this
method I was
able to solo Talon Grunts in Zek (level 30-31) when I was level 26,
these were
Orange/Red cons to me, and without a ton of fizzles and a little luck
you can
do well also. And using this pattern, at level 48 I was able to solo
groups of
4 mobs (solo, not heroic) level 50’s by using mezzes so that the only
mob awake
is the one my clone is attacking.

6.2 – Grouping

Grouping – Our bread and butter.

Techniques all depend on the group your in: do you have a lot of
overactive fighters
that break all creatures you’ve mezzed, do the other mages insist on
AOE DoTing
every mob right from the beginning? Healers…Healers don’t cause us
problems they are normally too busy healing people to affect us.

Okay, so you have a good group who lets you mez the other creatures.
Send in
your pet to assist the MT, he will do the damage for you while you use
your mez
spell on each additional creature the tank is not attacking. After
creatures are mezzed, feel free to go and apply your dots on the
creature that
everyone else is attacking. Your mezzes don’t last forever, you might
need to
mez them again for good measure.

Stifles, Stuns, and Power Drains come in handy for boss mobs and
heroics, the most common battle I am in the enemies don’t last long
enough for
stuns and stifles or power drains to come into play. But really can
turn the
tables for that almost impossible boss mobs.

6.3 –
User Interface

So Okooo, what do your hotbars look like? I have 4 rows of
constantly in use at level 50

Top Row

1: Scorching Beam (DD)

2: Aneurysm (DD+Stun_

3: Empty

4: Empty

5: Empty

6: Devitalizing Stare (Power Transfer)

7: Stunning Array (AOE Stun)

8: Drain Will (Power Drain + Stun)

9: Empty

0: Mind Drain (Power Drain)

-: Dynamism (Added Mental Damage To Attack)

=: Celerity (Haste)

Alt + 1: Capture Mind (Long Duration Mez)

Alt + 2: Convincing Regalia (Shorter Duration Mez)

Alt + 3: Phantasmal Grandeur (AOE Mez)

Alt + 4: Mez Macro (%T Is Mezzed, You Break It You Bought It)

Alt + 5: Empty

Alt + 6: Prismatic Strife (Added Damage Per Hit Buff)

Alt + 7: Dismay (Debuff)

Alt + 8: Psychotic Spectrum (AOE Damage and Interrupt)

Alt + 9: Color Shower (AOE DoT)

Alt + 0: Wither Hope (DoT)

Alt + -: Lobotomize (DoT)

Alt + =: Arcane Augur (HO Button)

Ctrl + 1: Sprint (Fast Run at cost of power)

Ctrl + 2: Terrifying Vision (Root)

Ctrl + 3: Construct Of Logic (Temporary Pet)

Ctrl + 4: Empty

Ctrl + 5: Empty

Ctrl + 6: Empty

Ctrl + 7: Sunbolt (Vampire DD)

Ctrl + 8: Master Strike (Which Ever You Have)

Ctrl + 9: Master Strike (Which Ever You Have)

Ctrl + 0: Master Strike (Which Ever You Have)

Ctrl + =: Master Strike (Which Ever You Have)

Magi's Shielding (Self Only Buff)

Aspect Of Mind (Group Buff)

Seal Of Comprehension (Group Buff)

Insight (Breeze Upgrade)

Cure Arcane

Illusory Mask (Group Invis)

Veil Of The Unseen (Self Invis)

Personae Duplicate (Clone Pet)

Fleeting Sentiment (Short Duration Group INT Buff)

Siphon Self (Converts Health To Power Spell)

Barrier Of Intellect (Decrease Threat)

Blink (Decrease Threat)

I find this setup allows me to do all my tasks without too
many buttons. I Know I am using some of the lower level spells to which
I have spell Upgrades to, however they have been upgraded to Master 1's
and 2's So the previous version is sometimes better than the new adept
1 spell.


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