Chapter 3 –
Character Atributes

Here is what I chose from the order above and reasons why on each.

Nimble: Higher Agility makes your spells miss less often this
is an
important thing for an Illusionist. I could have gone with more
however mezzes (One of our most important jobs) Seem to be rarely
resisted from
me. Intelligence will raise your power pool, make spell cost less power
and be
resisted less often. Either would be a good choice. This goes
throughout the
trainings. It’s the same for each ones, just different names.

Enemies: Pick whichever you find you fight the most. These
are the ones I picked:

    Gnoll, Skeleton, Giant, Goblin, Nightblood.

I dont find I use any of these very often, as an Illusionist I dont
find myself as much of a damage dealer and more of a untility expert

Character Trait, Increase to resistances. Being a casting
class, I’m
under the mindset, If I am going to get hit, I am going to die. You are
control and that takes place in groups, rarely do I find myself
soloing. Its
possible, but slow xp, and wont use many of your spells. What does that
us? Chests, I don’t know where I heard it but chests are the number 1
most people are killed by. These are most common by Disease and Poison
as far as I know. So I switched off one then the other as given these

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2 - Quests

3 - Training Spells & Spell Upgrades

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7 - Where to Hunt

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016