Chapter 7 – Where to

1-8 The Isle

6-10 Oakmyst forest
or other newbie zone of your choice, plenty of quests.

10-15 Head out to Antonica, there is lotsa mobs roaming around. The gnoll caves are always a good choice for grouping.

10-15 Solo –
Badgers, Deer, Wolves, Bears just east of the Scarecrow fields.

10-15 Solo – Also
Forest Ruins, quests in Baubleshire for this area's mobs (Thanks to
Tirana of

16-20 Group -
Heroic Gnolls are scattered all over Antonica. Mostly along the paths and in the forest. With a good group you can head
into Blackburrow or Stormhold.

16-20 Solo – Anything wandering in Antonica. In these upper levels you can try your hand at some of the yard trash in Thundering Steppes as well.

21-25 Group –
Thundering Steppes there is so much you can do here, Centaur groups,
you can
control the crowd nicely, and Giants are the same situation. There are
scarecrows here, skeletons, sirens. Just put up your LFG tag and
explore a bit
you should be able to find nice group

21-25 Solo –
Thundering steppes there are small snakes, hawks and beetles located
tower 2 which can be seen on the map once you find it. Its not hard if
follow the path from the entrance.

Low 20's -
"Undead Education" in TS. Camp at wall near T4 and kill all undead. A
group can get a level in 2-3 hours. (Thanks to Tirana of Unrest)

Mid 20's - Camp
fire giant pit in TS near Skindancer gnolls. Get a "mystic message"
(or something like that) on rock quest and get ready for killing
goliaths. Xp
are amazing and spawn rate incredible fast. (Thanks to Tirana of Unrest)

Mid-late 20's
-Visit condemned catacombs in Antonica. Fun zone, great xp and doable
gives you +8 int and +29 power earring. (Thanks to Tirana of Unrest)

Late 20's to 30's -
Ruins of Varsoon, great xp and some good quests. (Thanks to Tirana of

30-35 Group -
Runnyeye, this is just off from Enchanted Lands, lots of great quests
plenty of experience.

40's- Everfrost, Lavastorm, and Rivervale are some great

50's- You are going to want to pick up the Desert of Flames
expansion for this level range.  Tons to do in Sinking Sands and Pillar of
Flames.  Very nice grouping to be had in the heroic zones, such as Clefts
of Rujark, or the Silent City.

60's- Up, up, up!  Kingdom of Sky is where you wanna
be!  Grab a group and roam the interesting islands floating high in the
air.  Tenebrous Tangle is perfect for upper 50's and lower 60's explorers,
with nice grouping in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn.  Mid levels, you'll
want to head over to the Barren Sky and slay the Aviaks o' plenty, or drag your
friends into the Palace of the Awakening or the Nest of the Great Egg. 
Upper level set might wanna check out Bonemire and if you got back up, hit the
Halls of Fate!

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