Knowing how the new Infusion system works in the Taken King is extremely important, as it is the only way to increase the attack power and defense of Legendary/ Exotic gear to the highest levels possible. The concept of Infusion is very simple. You take a piece of lower rarity (or same rarity) but higher attack/ defense than the piece of gear you want to keep (a legendary with good perks and stats or exotic) and infuse it, granting the piece your keeping with 80 – 90% of the attack/ defense of the piece you used to infuse.

Infusing a weapon can be done by going to its details page and looking for the yellow infusion icon on the left hand side. If you hover over it you can see the required materials for each infusion.

Legendary weapons will cost motes of light, armor/ weapon components, glimmer, and legendary marks; while exotics cost the same but replace legendary marks with an exotic shard.

Only year 2 exotics and legendarys can be infused with another weapons power. Only year 2 rare, legendary, or exotic weapons can be used to infuse another weapon.

Rules for Infusing Weapons

  • Weapons to be used in infusing must be year 2 and be rare or higher in quality.
  • The item you choose to infuse a weapon or piece of armor with must have a higher attack/ defense value that the piece you are infusing.
  • Infusing cannot be reversed once it is completed.
  • The weapon/ armor used to infuse another is consumed in the infusing process.
  • Weapon/ armor’s perks are not reset by infusing them. You will retain all experience levels on the item.
  • Weapons do not need to be the same type to be used for infusion but must be of the same slot (heavy for heavy, primary for primary). IE a machine gun can be used to infuse a rocket launcher.
  • Armor must be of the same type to infuse with. IE a head slot item with a head slot item.
  • By selecting an items infusion icon from the details view you can see all of the available weapons/ armor that can be used to infuse that piece (if there are any).

By using weapon and armor infusing you can keep those legendary/ exotic items you love using relevant by using blues with high armor/ attack ratings to buff them up. Just remember that the process is permanent, so double check you’re not accidentally using something that you want to save to infuse something else.

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Last Updated: Apr 22, 2016

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