Inquisitor Alternate Advancements





Enhance: Emergency Reactives - Improves the reuse
speed of Radiance and Evidence of Faith
Enhance: Condemn - Improves the resist reduction of
Condemn and its higher level upgrades. This enhancement also makes it more
difficult to outright resist this spell
Invocation Strike - This alternative to Invocation
and its upgrades is most appropriate for admonishing a foe at close range
Enhance: Repentance - Increases the damage
of Repentance and its higher level upgrades
Enhance: Resurrections - Improves the casting speed
of your resurrection spells
Enhance: Deny - Increases the attribute reduction
of Deny and its higher level upgrades
Writhing Strike - This alternative to
Torment and its
upgrades is most appropriate for applying discipline at close range
Enhance: Heretic's Doom- Increases the
damage of Heretic's Doom and its upgrades
Enhance: Sacred Armor - Improves the
health increase of
Sacred Armor and its upgrades
Enhance: Forced Obedience - Increases the offensive
skill reduction of Forced Obedience and its higher level upgrades
Strike of Flames - As an alternative to
Purifying Flames, you can use Strike of Flames as a melee attack
Enhance: Vengeance- Increases the trigger count,
and duration of Vengeance and its higher level upgrades
Enhance: Fervent Focus - Improves the reuse speed of
Fervent Focus
Enhance: Disorientation
- Improves the reuse speed of Disorientation
Litany Circle - As an alternative to Litany,
you can use Litany Circle as an area effect melee attack
Enhance: Heresy - Increases the damage of Heresy
Enhance: Redemption - Improves the reuse speed of
Enhance: Tormenting Conversion - Improves the casting
and reuse speed of Tormenting Conversion and its upgrades
Enhance: Act of War- Increases the trigger
percentage of Act of War and its higher level upgrades
Enhance: Verdict - Adds an additional effect on
Verdict that reduces the hit points of the target when they reach a
certain health threshold
Reach of Faith - Increases the range and
radius of all your
Enhance: Incarcerate- Improves the casting speed and
reduces the chance to resist Incarcerate and its upgrades
Strike of Corruption - As an alternative to
Smite of
Corruption, you can use Strike of Corruption as a melee attack
Punishment - For each Punishment spell
that triggers on an enemy, that enemy is force to heal
the nearest of the Inquisitor's allies
  Maladroit -
Maladroit reduces the target encounter's chance to double attack
Enhance: Fanaticism- Reduces the power
cost of Fanaticism
    Battle Cleric - Increases the
Inquisitor's crushing skill and armor mitigation, and reduces power cost
of Battle abilities

Shadows Advancement Abilities

These abilities are available once the specified amount of points have been
distributed to the Shadows General, Priest, and Cleric lines.

Weakened Will Grants the Inquisitor the ability to debuff the
target's wisdom when the Deny line of spells is used.
Vile Recovery Reduces the recast timer of Divine Recovery.
A critical attack will grant
the inquisitor's group a chance to proc additional
divine damage for a short duration.
Devoted Following Adds an additional effect to Inquisition so that
when the target radiates heals they will be more powerful.
Despotic Healing Improves the casting time and heal amount of the
Fanatical Healing line of spells.
Atonement of Sins Grants additional healing and critical amount of
the Alleviation line of spells.
Persecution Grants the Inquisitor additional melee critical
damage, melee damage, and spell damage. In return, the casting time of
beneficial spells will be slowed and heals will be less effective.
Redemption of Faith Allows the Inquisitor to cast faster and improves
the amount their spells heal for. In return, hostile spells have
increased power and lower damage.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are over level 81.

Forced Submission Adds additional defensive based skill reductions
to the Forced Obedience line of spells.
in Combat
Increases the base combat art
damage of the Inquisitor.
Fanatical Endurance Increases the health benefit from the Fanatic's
Faith line of spells.
Combative Healing Inquisitor has a chance to heal their group on a
successful melee attack.
Purging of Sins Improves the base and critical healing of
Malevolent Diatribe.
Chilling Inquiry Improves the power amounts and trigger chance of
Chilling Invigoration Grants the Inquisitor powerful reactive heal and
damage shield on a long recast.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016